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Inside the beltway Part II: Gangsters ‘R Us

by Preston James



The USG is now a large “Round Table”, comprised of numerous quite divergent criminal groups, some even avowed enemies.

All such special interest groups have been able to buy a seat at this table to obtain protections and privileges for themselves and those folks they represent.

Unfortunately they have become the world’s second largest RICO crime syndicate.

Gangsters are best defined as gangs or groups of armed thugs who either buy, bribe, or through use of force, coerce and tyrannize others to do their will and attempt to keep their dark, evil means and acts shrouded in secrecy because full public exposure eventually leads to their take-down, one way or another.

Gangs of RICO criminals fear complete public exposure and that goes for those who occupy the top leadership positions in the USG, the SSG, DHS and various American intel agencies and other foreign agencies which have deeply infiltrated into American Intel. And now it is pretty obvious that the USG has morphed into one big Gangster Government.

As it has been said, the United States of America has the worst government the most money can buy and it is constantly for sale for those who have big piles of cash to spend and it doesn’t matter if it is from illegal drugs, weapons, theft, bank fraud or any criminal activity or world terror activity.

To better understand how this USG Round Table of Gangsters really works, watch this video clip in which Everett Stern disclosed how HSBC keeps functioning criminally, with a mere  hand-slapping fine as a normal and accepted cost of doing business.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Retired DEA officers have stated that many major wall street banks would go bust within 30 days if all drug money laundering was stopped due to the elimination of the cartels and illegal drug trafficking into America. Obviously many of the American Intel agencies as well as the FBI know all about these RICO crimes but do nothing because they have upper management which partake at some level in these crimes.

In the well respected book, The Underground Empire, by james Mills Dennis Dayle of the infamous Centac anti-trafficking group which was disbanded for being too successful said every major drug trafficking operation linked back eventually to the CIA. (1)

The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has a secret plan to use the USG to morph American into a police state, Gaza II and then the whole world next. (2)

The overall SSG plan is to use the Department of Homeland Security, a neo-Bolshevik NeoCon mishpucka run organization to subdue and enslave all Americans followed by use of the American military and US Petro Dollar debts to then pull the whole world into a Sabbattean NWO system.  This plan will ultimately fail, but the odds right now are about 50/50 they will succeed initially for a while in their first stage of world take-down, the morphing America into a complete police state, a new Gaza 2 before the new world populism which is now arising stops them cold accompanied by the death of the US Petrol dollar as the world reserve currency.

Yes, if they are able to succeed their goal of establishing a complete American police state, a Gaza II, it will be short-lived and it will eventually be derailed permanently due to the spontaneous emergence of a new worldwide populism which parallels the rise of the worldwide Internet and emerges from it.

Folks are starting to figure out the SSG’s modus operandi which is to maintain a strategy of tension by engineering economic breakdown, high unemployment, rolling weather disasters, wildfires, and staged false-flag Gladio-style mass terror events. All these actions are designed to justify massive increases in central government police state power which presents as unConstitutional tyranny accompanied by a near complete loss of the Rule of Law. Of course all such actions are claimed to be necessary to keep the American public safe.  Actually the quickest road to safety is the complete exposure of all the secret crimes and false-flag attacks of the SSG, because the removal of secrecy will undoubtedly erode their power and will bring them down, completely down.

One essential part of the SSG’s game-plan is to use its various USG agencies and agents to “Provoke and Punish”.

The USG has a secret agenda which is to provoke its citizens to act out criminally so that the USG and its agents can then punish them, shame them and dirty them up. Individuals who are discredited in such a way by the state are essentially disenfrachised and often transformed into folks without a country. This is all part of their overall agenda to create chaos and disorder through promoting criminal networks under their control which can then be used to create huge problems justify great increases in USG expenditures accompanied by great increases in taxation. yes, their secret is that they have become the world’s biggest gangsters.

Doubt this then just consider their handiwork all around the world: serial perpetual wars, all illegal, unprovoked, undeclared, and unConstitutional and now fraudulent legislation to supposedly justify torture, kidnappings to black prison ship and foreign sites, extra-legal executions even of American Citizens, unwarranted spying, and imprisonment forever of anyone the USG deems with any legal rights, attorney, trial or warrant as long as there is a signed finding that such an individual is a “national security threat.  This of course does not apply to those who staff these high USG, SSG and Intel positions who would all immediately be kidnapped and forever imprisoned under these faux laws if they were enforced upon them.If these folks engaged in honest law enforcement they would arrest themselves for RICO and surrender themselves to the nearest US Magistrate.

Despite the USG’s use of a boot in your face 24/7 to enforce its plethora of illegal, unConstituional laws, any such law is immediately null and void upon passage.

We know from the classical case Marbury vs. Madison proved, unConstitutional laws are just plain null and void from the get go. And yet the USG enforces the faux laws by use of its alphabets, DHS, and local LE as its agents and enforcers to keep a boot in the face of America 24 hours a day seven days a week which

And as many now realize with all the recent major intel leaks from numerous folks like Edward Snowden, Russel Tice, Mark Novitsky and many others some well known, many not known by the pubic at all, secrecy is being rapidly eroded at every level and posted all over the worldwide Internet.  And add to that the complete breech of American intel secrets by private Israeli Intel contractors who have infiltrated and hijacked much of American intel including the NSA and in turn sold such secrets to other nations including Red China, secrecy is now in the process of ending and with the advent of advanced quantum computers, will no longer exist in the future.

Thanks to the worldwide Internet many folks around the world and especially in north America are catching on fast to USG Rico crimes and this is accompanied by a spontaneously emerging creeping populism that now poses a direct treat to the USG’s RICO crime syndicate which is massive and massively illegal.

Despite all the successes the SSG have had with numerous false-flag events such as Murrah, the first Twin Towers Bombing, 911 and all the staged MKultra type mass shootings, many folks are starting to catch on.  Clearly these odds are now beginning to drift decidedly in favor of “we the people” as many begin to wake up in mass thanks to the almost complete obvious buffoonery of the US Administration over Benghazi and now Syria.

It is estimated that when approximately 12% of the people are fully awake, the USG’s tyranny cannot succeed. Within the last two calendar years, the approximate rate has become a strong 10% and is probably 11% by now. The SSG knows this and is in a tizzy fit about what to do. They have a number of options but each one carries significant risks. Certainly the staged Benghazi kidnapping caper blew up in their face and made the US Administration look like doofuses.

It is now clear that due to emerging world populism, the NWO will undoubtedly fail at some point sooner or later.

It is now pretty certain that the NWO will fail in its attempt to enslave the whole world and this will be due to the staged elicitation of a new worldwide populism emergent from the worldwide Internet which will also occur simultaneously inside America but will perhaps be driven by a deterioration of the value of the US Petro dollar.

And the staged gas attack by CIA supplied Syrian rebels was another failed gambit which the Administration and its key cheerleaders McCain and Senator Closeted are trying hard to resurrect. One wonders what was done to entice or manipulate these folks into assuming such absurd arguments. Not a problem explaining Kerry’s actions for we all know he is a Bonesman. But when Senator Closeted starts talking about a nuclear terror attack on the port at South Carolina and tries to link it to Syria’s Assad and Al Que Da, one really wonders what has happened inside this man’s head to bring him to such a twisted and absurd position, unless he knows more than he is admitting to (much, much more). Is he communicating a false-flag warning or an actual false-flag threat to USG officials that they better attack Assad or else?

Has the innermost control agents of the USG at its highest level gone berserk, or have they been expertly mind-kontrolled by another Third Force?  have they been set up to bamboozle themselves and bring themselves down and to shame instead of the American people?

Absurd positions of the US Administration regarding Syria are driving the rats from the ship of Government at an astounding rate.

The positions the Administration have taken over Syria are so patently and obviously absurd, so clearly false, that even the diehard “support the USG no matter what” folks are abandoning the USG ship like rats swimming away from a sinking ship.

How could this happen? How did the US Administration and Executive lose its moorings and take such obviously false and absurd positions that have resulted in their complete and final discrediting?

Were these folks manipulated into such with NSA blackmail, or tricked by alien provided mind-kontrol? It is well recognized by intel insiders that the Beltway is the most densely pulsed beam micro-waved and scalar long waved area in the world, so mind-kontrol is always a big possibility here. But it is also known that the Beltway is the most human compromised, pedophile, honey-trapped and blackmailed area in the world, with the exception of the UN Headquarters in NYC. Remember honey-trapping is still the number one social control mechanism used to manipulate and control politicians and officials and has a long and illustrious and very successful track record in all the intel agencies of the world. Pure muscle is always available if other human compromise means fail, but normally such is not necessary unless you are a federal whistle-blower or a former intel officer or asset deeply involved or quite knowledgeable about top secret, deep black or beyond black (unacknowledged) national security state matters.

When the USG refers to “National Security” it is really talking about protecting its own personal security from “we the people” taking back their government.

And as many are now starting to realize for the first time thanks to the worldwide Internet alternative mass media, whenever the USG, US Politicians and their American Controlled Mainstream Mass Media (CMMM) uses the phrase “national security” what they really mean is their own personal security, that is, the security of their “National Security State” which by definition is completely unconstitutional, highly illegal and if fully exposed would result in a complete revolt and revolution by “we the people” in a few months.

And many now realize that no area of the world has more special interest money, bribes and coercion money being passed to pols, officials and K Street agents than the beltway. Therefore, it is fair to assume that the Beltway has become a cesspool of corruption. Yes, that is a fair assumption based on the facts. But wait, it is actually much worse than even that when one considers the secret, hidden national security state aspects of the Beltway.

The US Government (USG) has slowly but surely morphed into a Gangster based National Security State that would make Al Capone and the Chicago Outfit blush. And this has been accomplished by the financial horsepower of the private offshore controlled central Banksters franchised out of the City of London financial district, a separate nation-state with its own ambassadors like the Vatican and Washington DC, the capital of the first NWO Corporation, created and incorporated secretly in 1913, soon thereafter followed by its support agencies the IRS, it’s private collection agency incorporated in Puerto Rico and the various enforcement agencies such as the US Treasury and the FBI. As many now realize the Secret Service is run by the Treasury Department which is under the authority of the World Bank and thus all president’s safety and well-being is directly controlled by the Banksters operating out of the City of London.

Unfortunately, the USSG has become a big roundtable of criminal gangsters and is constantly “for sale”.

Quite like the London Roundtable, the table of control of the USG is a big one, always open to any group, criminal or otherwise which has big money and is willing to feather the bed of key political power brokers, Congresspersons, Federal Judges and top USG officials. This is called “Open Government” where anyone with big money who is willing to “invest it” or “buy” these power brokers can play. Those with big money typically invest big bucks in the candidates of both major political parties and even opposing power brokers in order to cover all possibilities.

What this means in practical terms is that any large gangster group, including foreign intel agencies, large drug cartels, wealthy foreign families and dictators can buy a seat at the Table of Government, get sweetheart legislation inserted inside long bills (easily hidden from view) and various types of executive privileges such as “get out of jail free” privileges or hand-off policies. Doubt this then just consider the whole Mark Rich affair and other similar grants of amnesty or immunity.


The FBI was started as a first stage of enforcement for the Banksters and involved the appointment of a completely compromised cross-dresser and pedophile, a man Roy Cohn later provided young boys for, some of which ended up dead and buried on Cohn’s farm to prevent leaks. Because J. Edgar Mary was so heavily compromised he had to accept the Chicago Outfit and their controllers the Mishpucka as supposedly non-existent. And it is interesting that Meyer Lansky was not present at the infamous Appalachin meeting, but is reported to have been the one that “dropped a dime” to New York state police who showed up at the home where all the Cosa Nostra crime Council was meeting. La Cosa Nostra was absorbed by the USG and became its partner in many joint ventures such as Asian narcotics trafficking and the French connection.

Appalachin was the turning point for organized crime in America.

Appalachin was the turning point for La Cosa Nostra, the time when they began their joint ventures with the USG, partly as a survival means and partly as an attempt to bribe and buy influence at the highest level which even to this day is for sale if you have a great deal of money to spend inside the beltway.


When the police showed up the gangsters started running away and this prompted the police to arrest them, but actually they had done nothing wrong. It was at this point that Lansky was, on behalf of the Mishpucka, able to assume control over the Cosa Nostra which has been started by Manzini in Italy as a part of interlinked occult groups. Of course the ultimate power advantage of the Mishpucka over the Cosa Nostra and its Chicago franchise the Outfit was provided by its linkage to and support from the Private Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury Department.

The Central Bankster’s enforcer agencies brought the mob under their influence and control and began many joint ventures with them, because the mob provided perfect cover and deniability.

It was the US Treasury Department and its henchman the IRS that brought the Cosa Nostra and the Outfit to its knees, largely ignoring the Mishpucka which was able to hijack Hollywood through Sidney Korshack of Chitown. And as many now realize it was the IRS and the US Treasury Department along with Bankster co-enforcer the FBI which reduced the Cosa Nostra to a group of USG and CIA crime partners. Some have stated that this USG control over the Cosa Nostra is so strong that over half of them are functioning as USG informants on each other while technically serving USG interests and doing things for the USG which are deniable.

The USG absorbed Las vegas and used FBI and IRS muscle to become partners with large international corporations.

Las Vegas was never really cleaned up when the Mob was supposedly driven out with the big Kansas City bust, instead the USG went into a joint venture type business with large offshore organized crime and Intel related international corporations. As long as they were able to have their taxmen present to get their immediate share in the counting rooms at the casinos, they were happy to allow these large offshore corporations to continue the gaming business at a grand scale.

Those who hijacked America by first hijacking the American money system have utilized the black arts and Babylonian money-magick accompanied by pernicious usury.  This has provided immense income from interest to use debt-notes, a very crafty way to steal wealth from hard working Americans and redistribute it all around the world and to their various intel agents who can then buy almost any politician they can.

Those who rule the world money changing system run out of the City of London Financial System used the Dark Side to gain absolute control over all societies and to set the stage for a NWO system controlled by them under the power of their “Black Arts” and the “mystery Religions” of Lucifer.

Those folks that control the world, the occult network, the Old Black nobility Chieftains decided long ago to manifest their power through use of the “Dark Side” using the Black Arts to infiltrate societies, merge with and then take over criminal networks, thus providing themselves with maximum cover and deniability and a lethal force stronghold over even the highest levels of society. And of course since central fiat banking (Money-Magick) is a Black Art from ancient Babylon, those who controlled it already were committed to using the Dark Side to obtain power. And when you understand this you will understand why the National Security State operates Black Programs and specializes in daily practical applications of the Black Arts to attain their goals to mind-kontrol the masses, destroy normal sex roles and the family, and completely restructure American society by smashing borders, language and culture.

Criminal networks are captured, facilitated and used by the secret Shadow Government.

Many years ago it was decided in the highest councils of the “Occult Network” in Europe, aka the Old Black Nobility (OBN) that criminal networks would be used and even facilitated as means to penetrate and eventually hijack any nation-state and create a secret government in parallel. So you have the feds busting crime family members but giving them immunity if they go to work as secret informants. They are allowed to keep doing their crimes as long as they assist the USG in their crimes and illegal covert operations. It’s like Sam Giancana, Godson of Sam Giancana and Chuck Giancana, Momo’s brother said in their very revealing book, Doublecross, the mob and the CIA have become two sides of the same coin.

True origins of tyranny and gangsterism in America started with the FBI, aka the Federal Blackmail Institute.

Technically speaking, the FBI was truly the actual start of the Secret Shadow Government and the true origin of the forces leading to the creation of DHS and the attempts to impose complete tyranny and mass murder upon the American people.

Consider the typical case of Congressman Neil Gallagher who was threatened, hounded and eventually imprisoned because of blatant FBI and Justice Department corruption. He was battling the SSG’s efforts to deny Americans their Constitutionally guaranteed privacy and lost that battle when the FBI resorted to blackmail, coercion and RICO acts. The New York Times served as a tool of J Edgar Hoover and published a clearly false story about a mob body taken out of Congressman Gallagher’s basement.

He spent two years in prison as a punishment for his unwillingness to stay quiet about the serious incursion of human rights and privacy by the FBI and SSG. The following video is long and for those who have time quite revealing of how the FBI really works, even today. Only today it has the HRT team which frequently brags it is “honed to kill” and has proved such in numerous times attacking and murdering innocent civilians like Randy Weaver’s wife and son and the women and children of the Branch Davidians. After an HRT Assassin shot unarmed Vicki Weaver in the neck killing her while holding her baby daughter, the FBI agents were so excited about this second “clean one shot kill” they put up a sign at their campgrounds that night calling it “Camp Vicki” and celebrated. Of course at Waco an HRT sniper, perhaps the same one was in a black helicopter circling above and shot and killed four men through the top of their head down htrough the jaw, men who had served on Bill Clintons security team and knew too much, which was blamed on the Davidians, pure coincidence I’m sure.

For those who want to skip directly to the most revealing parts, I will list them below the video.  This is one of the most important and powerful interviews ever made available to the public by a political insider who took his oath to the Constitution seriously. Congressman Neal Gallagher is unquestionably a great American Hero.   If you want to find out how the inner workings of Congress really operate even today this video lays it all out, and nothing has changed since Neal Gallagher left Congress, things have only gotten worse and the human compromise, blackmail and murder have only increased. While you watch this video keep in mind that thanks to the worldwide Internet this type of forbidden truth is now out in the open available for all to see.  Without the Internet you would be denied this truth by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).  More such disclosures are coming soon and many will be quite shocked at what is going to be exposed in the near future in “last testimony” video interviews such as this. (3) Stay tuned because the disclosures coming in the next few months will shock many.  yes, secrecy is being eroded by the day and will eventually no longer be able to exist, except for the launch codes and with the advent of quantum computing it is only a matter of time for them too.

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