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Maryland Mall Shooting Israeli Mossad behind attack; Israeli Sub off Coast


By Stew Webb

I was given Intel information several weeks back that the Israel Zionists are unhappy with America.

American Military has stopped the Syria War and Iran War, Israel wanted us to wage in their behalf.

They are behind the recent Bombing in Russia to interrupt the Olympics and payback Russian President Putin for his role in stopping the War with Syria.

Is Netanyahu Getting Back at Putin with Volgograd Bombings?

I was told AIPAC the Treason Illuminati Zionist Punks who control the US Congress and Senate and have infiltrated the US Government at all levels who would orchestrate attacks on shopping malls and sporting events real soon.

Could the Super Bowl be next?

They have begun with this Maryland Mall shooting that just occurred.

There is a Israeli Sub off the coast of Washington, D.C. plotting an attack on the Whitehouse with a cruise missile and they will blame the Arabs and Iran.

Empty threats, sad day for America

The Saudi Royal Family and George HW Bush are behind the Israeli Mossad and financing these attacks and future attacks using Arab kids as a cover.

More will be posted here on as information is warranted.

Stew Webb

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