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Kurdistan–A Geoplotical Wildcard but Whose?

Irbil - the old capital of Kurdistan

Importance of the Kurds in Geopolitics of the Mid East – Part-1

… by  Stanislav IvanovNew Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


St. Petersburg in a fabulous photo

[ Editors Note: We are introducing new NEO writer Mr. Ivanov today, who is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Kurdistan does not get much coverage in the US, so Americans consequently know very little about it very complicate situation in a region undergoing great turmoil now.

Gordon Duff is the only one on our VT term who has worked there, so we appreciate NEO’s writers for helping us with good material off the areas we usually write about.

VT readers come here for help in connecting the dots in these complicated geopolitical situations which can sometimes have consequences rightback here, like the price of our gas at the pump. 

Iraq is ‘in play’ now, with Saudi Arabi seeming to be rolling the dice on becoming a major power via terrorital expansion…or fading away into the sands of time as they say there. And in that regard we could say that American is “in play”. 

Will it continue its forward deployment aggression, replacing American troops with those from proxy nations, with terror brigades seeming to be the most sought after fighters? Will Russian and China, the countries being targeted, sit back and just watch all of this happen without responding?

And when will the American people really have their say about foreign aggression by those proclaiming that they are protecting our ‘interests’, but they are very vague on describing exactly what those interests are?… Jim W. Dean ]


– First  published  January 24,  2014  –


Kurdistan - a fractured country

In recent years, the Kurds have been playing an increasingly important role in the Middle East region. The Arab Spring of 2011 set in motion the broad masses and has been accompanied by irreversible, often bloody and tragic, events in the Near and Middle East.

Ruling regimes were forcibly changed in Tunisia, Egypt (twice), Yemen and Libya; a fratricidal civil war was unleashed in Syria.

There was a wave of mass protests and uprisings in Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, the Sudan, Djibouti and Western Sahara. There were intensive armed clashes and rocket attacks along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

It would be premature to draw even the most approximate conclusions on the Arab Spring, which is still under way both in terms of the depth of the political processes taking place in each of the above countries and in terms of the increasing number of states being involved in the sequence of “revolutions”.

There is a real threat that the crisis might even spread beyond the Arab world, in particular, to Turkey, Iran, the Transcaucasian and Central Asian countries. Prerequisites for such developments do exist.

In the situation that is emerging today, an increasingly important role in the region is played by the Kurds – a 40-million people that, due to the force of external circumstances, has been deprived of its statehood and divided by the borders of four states: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

A few million Kurds live in Europe, the Trans-Caucasus and the CIS countries, including Russia. Until recently, the Kurds constituting national minorities in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria have been, in every possible way, oppressed by the central authorities, which have been pursuing the policy of their forced assimilation and relocation, imposing severe restrictions on the use of the Kurdish language etc.

Halabja - The Kurds have been a long suffering people

The Iraqi Kurds (about 6 million people) were the first to get rid of the status of second-class citizens by making sure that their status as a federal entity with broad rights and powers was enshrined in the new constitution of Iraq.

The country’s three northern provinces (Erbil, Dahuk and Sulaymaniyah) making up Iraqi Kurdistan are developing rapidly and confidently, restoring the infrastructure, economy, agriculture, the systems of livelihood, health care and education; they are successfully solving social problems.

There is a favourable legislative climate conducive to the influx of foreign investments, the accreditation of new diplomatic, trade missions and transnational corporations.

In 2014, it is planned to independently produce oil and gas and export them via Turkey to the world market. The region has become a kind of oasis of stability and security against the backdrop of the ongoing terrorist war between the Iraqi Arab Sunnis and Arab Shi’ites.

Moreover, president of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani has acted as a mediator in the settlement of the protracted government crisis, which had been going on in the country for nearly a year, and contributed to reaching consensus between the major Iraqi political blocs of the Arab Shi’ites and Sunnis.


The Kurds have quite a decent representation in the central authorities in Baghdad. The President of Iraq is one of the reputable Kurdish leaders Jalal Talabani; the Kurds hold 6 ministerial posts, including the post of foreign minister, and have established a substantial Kurdish faction in the federal parliament.

According to the existing law, the Kurds are entitled to 17% – in proportion to their number – of the total export of Iraq’s hydrocarbons.

You cannot say that there are no problems or contentious issues between the region and Nouri al-Maliki’s government, but all most acute contradictions are discussed at the negotiation table and have not so far taken the form of open conflicts. The leaders of the Iraqi Kurds look at the situation in the country and region realistically and are not advocating for their secession from Iraq.

The Kurds could be prompted to proclaim independence only by a further deterioration of the armed confrontation between the Arab Sunnis and the Arab Shi’ites or by the natural collapse of the state due to the ethno-sectarian divide into three enclaves (northern, central and southern).

Paradoxically, the civil war in Syria has significantly improved the political position of the Syrian Kurds. In the face of the possibility of losing power, the government of Bashar al-Assad had to make significant concessions for their Kurds (whose number is estimated to be about 2.5 million people).

At last, the Syrian citizenship was granted to the 300 thousand Kurds who had been stripped of it during the rule of Hafez al-Assad. Hundreds of Kurdish political prisoners were released from prisons; the government troops were withdrawn from almost all areas with compact Kurdish population.

Parts of Kurdistan are in four countries - like Palengan

These measures contributed to the fact that the Syrian Kurds adopted a position of neutrality in the inter-Arab conflict in the country and even created self-defence forces in order to prevent Islamist militant groups from invading their territories.

Recently, the national movement of the Syrian Kurds has consolidated considerably. Before March 2011 Syria had about 20 Kurdish political parties and social organisations that were acting separately and in a semi-legal manner.

They have now consolidated into two main political blocs: the Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party (its military wing – the People’s Protection Units).

Thanks to the help from Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani, it has been possible to establish the Kurdish Supreme Committee, the board of which is trying to coordinate the activities of all Kurdish political forces in Syria. Besides, some of the leaders of the Syrian Kurds belong to foreign diasporas and live permanently in Europe and the United States.

The most radical of them, such as, for example, representative of the leadership of the Democratic Union Party (DUP) Salih Muslim, advocate for the establishment of a Kurdish autonomy in Western Kurdistan or even a federal entity of the Iraqi Kurdistan type. One of the autonomous Kurdish districts has already been declared in the area of Qamishli.

Kurdistan at the cross roads

But the majority of the Kurdish activists look at the situation in the country realistically (fragmentation of the Kurdish enclaves) and are calling upon their fellow tribesmen to continue, if possible, adhering to neutrality in the inter-Arab conflict.

The Islamist militants’ attacks and reprisals against the civilian Kurdish population have further consolidated the Syrian Kurds in the struggle for their rights and freedoms and accelerated the process of creating self-defence forces. However, their leaders are not refusing to participate in the Geneva II peace conference and continue the dialogue with the supporters of Bashar al-Assad and the opposition.

The Kurdish leaders are hoping that, whatever the outcome of the civil war, they will

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Jewish Genome Myth Busted–A Dramatic Reading


A New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Snordster

The Snordster

The Snordster

[ Editor’s Note: We first ran this back in March of 2013. I knew this was a good piece, not because it was a new story…it was not. 

The pretend-a-jew issue, in regards of the blood line hoax, and the fraudulent claim that “God gave us the land”, had been exposed for quite a while, and of course ignored by mass media.

But we had an Israeli genticist at John Hopkins who chose to be true to his profession and his science, and debunked the myth in a manner that could be used as expert testimony in court. Such days do not grow on trees, although we have a good number of them over a year here at VT.

But hearing this done in a Snordster reading gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, not having known he had done an earlier one. What had happened is what we calling ‘leveraging’ in the media business, where a different kind of delivery of exactly the same words can attract a whole new batch of readers, which it did.

Our articles get copied a lot arount the planet onto other websites and blogs, so our readership count here is just a fraction of the total for the ones that take off. The only way we have to gauge how much, is to track the Google count on the article title as you get an exact count of how many places it has shown up worldwide.

This posting on VT of Snorster’s reading was up to 70,000 Google hits in about two weeks, a hell of a surprise, and one we were glad to have followed the numbers on. It showed us that even though the mainstream media ignored it, the Internet did not, and many of those we wanted to be aware for it, were. That is how we often measure our success. Did ‘the target’ get the message.

So on this Saturday night we will salute Patrick Willis and his niche artistry that he has carved out for himself, and with much gratitude from those of us who he has honored with his dramatic readings. His work will last forever, and our work will also, thanks for his extra boost. Thanks Patrick. And thanks to all the readers who spread it around…Jim W. Dean ]


–  First  published  on  March 5,  2013  –


When a Founding Myth becomes a PsyOps

My Jewish genome piece based on Dr. Eran Elhaik’s new study released in December, 2012, seems to have gotten some wind back into the story’s sails.

The report got internet distribution internationally on websites and blogs interested in the field, but virtually no American corporate media coverage. Surprise, surprise.

Although this debate will ongoing for years to come we here at VT saw a tipping point being reached.

First, we knew that Intel agencies the world over invest significant resources in all founding myths which they feel gives them some emotional leverage control buttons to use when they wish.

For anyone out there angry at hearing about that, welcome to the real world. It’s been going on forever.

As I mentioned in my article I had a personal interest in this story as I was always amazed at how easily the world swallowed the story about a bunch of communist atheist Jews shooting their way into the Holy Land under the moral cover of ‘God gave us the Land’.

Remember now that the holocaust had not morphed yet in the a new pseudo-religion for secular Jew, which will take a separate article to cover.

Militant Zionism has always planned to cleanse the Arabs out the Land and try to pull most of the Diaspora Jews there to populate a future super power. When the ink was not dry onIsrael’s birth certificate the Zios were launching their WMD programs.

A psyops was needed not only to hustle money out of the Disapora and entice them into immigrating, they also wanted provide a smokescreen for all the nasty things they were going to be doing. ‘Coming back to the homeland’ became the founding smokescreen.

We did our usual double pump with an initial run on Press TV and another a few days later on VT. On Press TV the story started slow but picked up steam by day two. The Google count title stats on day one were 800 … 11,800 on day two, and today were 14,000 on the Press TV version and 7900 on VT, not too bad for a story on a new genetic study.

Can new genetics research uncover Founding Myth scams?

Of course we suspected the doctor did not want to wade into the geopolitical swamp, but we were only too happy to do that.

It was time, and he gave us some good openings, particularly his accusing past researcher of rigging their science. This dovetailed perfectly with what we knew had been going on behind the scenes.

But the purpose for this piece today is to highlight that we, VT, did not and cannot do this alone. We can trigger a bigger look at a story but it has to be picked up and carried by others to have any game changing impact.

Snordster quickly made this dramatic reading Youtube video of my original article. It picked up 3000 views and we have it on Gordon’s YouTube channel now.

This is a classic example where with some coordination we can leverage each other’s work to get a one and one equals five, or even ten impact out of it.

Dr. Elhait added to previous studies, I found the story in late February, Press TV and VT both posted, we got 20,000 cross postings around the Net including this great video reading from Snordster… and we have you our readers. That’s a good day.

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Money, Money Everwhere–but Hang onto Your Underwear


USA–China: The last battlefield – Bitcoins

… by Sofia Pale, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

St. Petersburg - a fabulous photo

[ Editors Note: Dear Readers, We are happy to bring you today this fabulous geo-financial article from Sofia Pale, one of NEO’s newest writers.

As part of VT’s strategic growth plans we are adding more career based professional scholars to our content. Our readers have clearly shown they do not trust mass media commentators due to their questionable loyalities to the financial elites.

The easiest way to do this was to find someone who already had a big pool of geo-political writing talent and NEO has turned out to be a treasure trove. Sofia is a Phd. candidate and research fellow at Russia’s prestigious Institute of Oriental Studies, founded in St. Petersburg in 1814.

Many of their other writers come from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Between the two they represent what would be our Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown Universities…the gold standard. We are going to have a lot of cross-pollination going on here, and will be all the wiser and stronger for it.

The far East is an area where we have been weak on coverage, so when I spotted Ms. Pale’s new article on NEO it was an instant decision to bring it over. We look forward to many more as we continue building bridges to key talent so we are not dependent on spin media here in the West.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Your input is valuable to us as our readers are part of our vertical integration. Thanks, … Jim W. Dean ]


– First published January 22, 2014 –


Who started the economic wars...and why?

In recent years, China has made a transition from a “soft” force to launching a rather rigorous offensive on the leader of the current global economic system – the United States.

This was facilitated by the financial crisis of 2008, which started in America and spread across the whole planet, as well as the slow response of the Western world, in general, to the skilful manoeuvres of the Celestial Empire’s Eastern policy targeted at the gradual shift of the dollar from its dominant positions, and in quite original ways.

To begin with, China demonstrated positive dynamics of its economic growth in the crisis years and proposed to its partners to trade with it directly in the yuan, bypassing the “middleman” dollar. Russia was the first to respond by the launch in 2010 of trading in yuan/rouble at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), which also became the yuan’s first stock exchange outside China and Hong Kong.

In the middle of 2013, direct trading in the Chinese yuan began in the Australian stock exchange, and in December of the same year the yuan was declared the world’s second most traded currency behind the US dollar, leaving the euro in third place.

The most intense economic fighting developed in the geostrategic zone where the American-Chinese interests match – the Asia-Pacific Region, where by 2004 China had established a FTA with a number of ASEAN countries, Hong Kong and Macao.

In 2009, trying to strengthen its position here somewhat weakened after the crisis, the USA – faced with the growing influence of China and Russia in the region – started promoting the concept of Trans-Pacific Partnership with thirteen most developed APR states, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. The Chinese side responded with the establishment of the world’s largest ASEAN-China FTA in 2010.

The USA pulled its socks up, and, in 2012, after five-year negotiations, South Korea agreed to ratify a FTA agreement, which had become the USA’s biggest trade agreement since the signing of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) agreement with Canada and Mexico in 1994.

When does market competition become war? When military power is used to close the deal...Jim W. Dean

Earlier on, the geostrategy had led China to the signing of FTA agreements with the USA’s Latin American partners – Chile, Peru and Costa Rica.

In 2013, a battle unfolded between China and the USA for the European market, with the American side is only planning to establish a FTA.

China has already started this process by deciding to make the London Stock Exchange the main trading platform for the yuan and by having signed, in practice, FTA agreements with Iceland and Switzerland, for the first time in the history of European-Chinese relations.

At the same time, China has been firmly pursuing the policy of forcing the US dollar out of the mediation in the international trade and signed swap agreements on national currency exchange (bypassing the US dollar) with two dozen states around the world.

In 2012, Beijing concluded agreements on direct payments in the national currencies in the bilateral trade relations with Russia, Japan, Brazil and Indonesia. In 2013, they were joined by Great Britain and Australia, with the latter agreeing to fully promote the yuan as the world’s reserve currency – the status which the Chinese leadership has been dreaming of in recent years.

Among the biggest of the latest currency swap agreements is the agreement with the European Central Bank, signed in October 2013, for a maximum amount of 350 billion yuan (45 billion euros).

In the ASEAN and BRIC blocs, these agreements have led to the creation, at China’s initiative, of relevant impressive funds which operate avoiding the American-European IMF.

On top of that, the Celestial Empire has been actively accumulating gold and currency reserves, which, during the 2004-2013 period, increased to such extent that they are now large enough to buy the gold reserves of all the world’s central banks twice.

When there was no slightest doubt in the yuan’s strength left anymore and the US FRS’s unlimited dollar printing started arousing a “sports interest”, a fundamentally new concept of money – bitcoins – emerged for economists to judge.

Allan Greenspan's opinion is not worth the paper it is printed on

These electronic currency (cryptocurrency) and electronic payment system appeared on the Internet in 2009 thanks to developers hiding their identity under a Japanese pseudonym.

People began to assign to virtual bitcoins, which were not tied to any currency rate, all sins and virtues at the same time.

Economic “guru”, former Chairman of the FRS of the United States Alan Greenspan has recently assured that bitcoins, which are not supported by anything, are a mere “bubble”.

However, all the world’s leading mass media began regarding bitcoins as the “murderer” of the US dollar and, thus, have largely contributed to creating frenetic interest around this fundamentally new phenomenon in the international economy.

No matter what bitcoins are, there is no doubt about one thing: their value has increased from 10 dollars in 2012 to 1,200 dollars in November 2013. The blame for such a rapid growth of demand is on China, whose trading platforms have concentrated approximately 60% of the total amount of bitcoins.

The US FRS is to blame to a significant extent as well – on seeing the cryptocurrency’s potential, the Federal Reserve Service decided it was a legitimate financial instrument. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch also actively supported the new type of money.

Chairman of the US FRS Ben Bernanke cautiously pointed out that electronic money could present certain risks for law enforcement and financial oversight bodies. At the same time, it can also have certain advantages in the long term in that case if virtual currencies are able to offer a more rapid, secure and effective payment system.

Will JPMorgan Chase be the fox in the chicken coup if it comes into the cryptocurrency markets? Who would stop them?

Finally, at the end of November 2013,



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Heart of Darkness–Black on White Crime in America



This is not pleasant, but needs to be seen by those with courage to face it. Mass Media will not touch this with a ten foot pole.

 …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

The 'attitude' can start young

The ‘attitude’ can start young


The first TV appearance I ever made was up in Nashville, in 1999 I think. I had been invited up by a Southern Heritage crew who had a half hour public tv weekly show there.


They shot all four of them during one Saturday studio booking on the Univ of Tenneessee campus where they actually had the key to the place…which blew my mind.

Due to the long ride up from Atlanta, after I had said yes, I later called back and asked it I could do two of the half hour slots, and they said sure, as then they only have to get two more people booked to have their month covered.

What triggered my second call is my having finished reading  Michael Hoffman’s  They were white and they were slaves, a short but heavily footnoted book with a huge bibliography, which by the way got me hooked on buying rare books.

It laid out in spades the history of white slavery in America, primarily in the 1600′s when most of the ‘settlers’ brought here were acutally white slaves, despite the smokescreen term of ‘indentured servant’. In the dictionaries of the time slave and indentured servant were synonyms. And in the letters they sent home, they referred to themselves as slaves.

It was a shocking book, and I felt it to be one of America’s deepest, darkest secrets, so I decided to use one of these TV show slots as a focus group test audience. The crew called me about a few weeks later and said they had gotten more audience responses from that show than everything else they had done in total up to that point.

That was the turning point for me. I had come back to the US becauce I had been ahead of my time in seeing that the internet was going to revoluntionize publishing, and that Bardados was kind at the end of theInternet world at the time.


Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches

Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches

A few months before I left the Bajan phone company, fearful of losing their nice juicy fax income stream from the business community decided…are you sitting down…that they were going to charge their regular international long distance rates for a connetction.

Pirate blood still flowed in Barbados at the time.

They liked selling those nice juicy T-1 lines for $7000 a month, but not so much the regular folks being able to have an Internet connection that killed their fax business. So their position was that folks were welcome to use the Net all they wanted…at $1.20 for the first minute, and 90 cents after that. I kid you not.

I know this because I helped Ian Worrel start a bootleg Net access company by tapping into someone’s T1 line in the next office through the ceiling, with their permission, so we could use it in the evenings and on weekends when they were not in. This was technically illegal as the T-1 contract strictly prohibited sharing, but we did it anyway. You can’t blame me…with America Rev War and Confederate ancestors. It’s in my blood.

We charged $30 a month Bajin…$15 US for an evening/weekend connection, and had the balls to advertize the service in the newspapers. Customers rolled in and the phone company cops never showed up.


A new government had recently been elected, throwing out the retards, and the new Prime Minister realized that $1.20 for the first minute then 90 cents after would leave Barbados in the Internet Stone Age. He gave us the wink and a nod to go ahead until he had time to change the phone company policy.


My missive above might rank as my longest lead in. I shared it with you as it is part of the history of my evolution into media via the Internet, by overcoming the brain dead phone company people in Barbados who did not give a crap about their community…or country for that matter. They just wanted their money.


Charley - in one of his non crazy poses

Charley – in one of his non crazy poses

You are about to watch the most cold blooded interview of a murderer that I think I have ever seen, excepting Charley Manson who is in a class by himself.

To those who migh think I am disparagaing black folks by airing this you are joining the Bajan phone company with that attitude. Our prayers are with the victims, not with the perps.

I will ruin part of the surprise for you. This Youtube was not uploaded by a psyops white supremacist group to help the ADL with it’s next fundraising campaign, but a black community tv guy who was using it as a shocker for what ‘no father in the home’ can create…monster children.

But this kid is not a child. When he stands up in the end you will see he could almost dunk a basketball standing on his toes.

Yes, there is a tie-in to my missive above. The epidemic of black on white crime in America is also  one of America’s  deep dark secrets. The civil rights community, their loving buddies in the media, academia, and our politicians prefer that it just never be acknowledged. Why?  They have this pitiful excuse that it my have a negative effect on civil rights in America.


The real negative effect is actually black on white violent attacks is off the charts and has been during much of our tremendous civil rights progress. Rather than acknowledge and honor the victims, and have a national campaign to stop the slaughter…the victims, solely because they are white, have been flushed down the toilet.


Somebody's children

Somebody’s children

The rate of black on white rape is like 50 to 1…the numbers from federal crime stats that are published each year, buried and totally ignored. This ‘kid’ you are about to see will give on a good dose of the ‘in your face’  attitude behind this crime epidemic.

For anyone with sensitive ears you might want to take a pass on watching this. You are going to see a human being who is actually an animal, that ended up in a human body.

This kid obviously spent his formative year in a child care center, masquerading as a public school system. The ignorance you are about to see is off the scale, and must have been somewhat noticable by everybody that came into contact with him.

How many more are out there like this? You probably don’t want to know, but the anti-gun crowd wants to make sure you are an easy target.

This video was sent in my through the myriad of helpers that suggest material, who know we don’t shy away from the rough stuff. Veterans Today has printed stories that no one else would touch with a ten foot pole.

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