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The Ultimate Zero Sum Wargame

The Ultimate Zero Sum Wargame

By Jim Kirwan

Behind, beneath and beyond the global-events of this moment: What is being played out is utterly impossible to ever achieve.

The so-called new world order is calling for the entire world to subscribe to only ONE of everything. One bank, one military and one global-police-force, just a single authority – which everyone on the planet must have permission from: Before anyone is ALLOWED to do anything—ever again!

The NWO is on-view for everyone to see. In the current case of the Eurozone, it’s clear that their BANKS are NECESSARY to those that have declared war upon the rest of us. They are using their Banks to BANKRUPT the entire planet. These criminal institutions are sounding the death knell for the whole of Europe. “What’s Next” will be followed by the rest of the planet, in lockstep: Unless the Eurozone is dissolved back into the nation-states that preceded this totally criminal-association.

When the USSR was mired in the height of their own failures they had just one department store, just one of virtually everything, especially when it came to political ideology or private thought. That system was a colossal failure. The communist system that’s being forced upon the world right now is the same one that brought down the USSR and many of the FASCIST-POLICE-STATES, from Franco’s Spain to Mussolini’s Italy.

The artificial creation of the Eurozone is just the latest version of all the failures from the recent-past of humanity—that cannot work in any world where human-life is still possible.

From European crisis-central we are being told:


But “IF” this ‘criminal-takeover’ succeeds,

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