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Israel Who Loves Ya Baby

Israel, Who Loves Ya Baby?


Times of Israel Cites World Condemnation of Israeli Criminality

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A recent BBC poll showing Israel to be one of the world’s least love nations was published in every Israeli paper. The reason? If Israeli’s aren’t afraid, hated, if they don’t believe in a world of gas chambers and concentrations camps (other than their own), they might look inward at the criminal tyranny they have created.

A look at the “bottom of the heap” shows a curious brotherhood, North Korea and Israel. I use the term “curious” as, for those nations that don’t have a controlled and propagandized press, the relationship between North Korea and Israel is one Americans aren’t allowed to know of.

You didn’t think North Korea built her own nuclear weapons did you?

Graphic supplied by BBC

The rest of the world sees it.

Is it the victimization mythology of “anti-Semitism” or simply that most people in the world belief that peace and justice can only be achieved if Israel is no longer a racist apartheid police state? Ask around, the BBC did.

Toward that end, we wish to cite the Simon Wiesenthal Center, AIPAC, the ADL, Abe Foxman and the Southern Poverty Law Center for incessant war mongering, for their ties to organized crime, for racism and for their efforts to destroy the United States through supporting domestic terrorism, government spying and the outrageous police state that their efforts have helped create.

“The monsters in Washington couldn’t have done it without you.”

From the Times of Israel, a publication managed and edited by their intelligence services, kind of like a “Veterans Today” gone bad:

Israel ranked third… for ‘negative influence’ in BBC survey

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