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Has Brzezinskis terror come back to America

Has Brzezinski’s terror come back to America?

By Jim Dean


Jamestown is part of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, which began in 1999 when the Neocons were rolling out their new post Cold War replacement plans. The membership is a Who’s Who of American elitist imperialists, with of course Ziggy Brzezinski as chairman. It is filled with Jewish Lobby Zionists and the pre-emptive strike crowd, and national security threats to everybody. They should be in jail.

As I type the claims and counter claims of who co-opted and manipulated who continue. The public can no longer remember bomb drill or Craft Security and the massive security failure in allowing two kettle bombs to be walked into the finish line area of the Boston Marathon.”

The manhunt for the suspected Boston bombers has ended…sort of. Now America’s great game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ cranks up as to who to blame for motivating the Tzarnaev brothers. The purpose of all this of course, is to distract searching for the real culprits.

The whole horrid event has become a hundred ring circus of self appointed performers. You have people claiming that some of the victims were actors, without explaining to us why wouldn’t the all first responders and volunteer triage medics have reported who the fakes were. Were they all hypnotized or something?

The flood of false flag theories became almost like a sweepstakes where last minute buyers jostled each other to grab any that had not yet been claimed. Much of this was due the deluge of photographs so quickly uploaded onto the Internet which were available for instant detectives to interpret for us. Although most was non malicious, much of it was silly.

As Iranian academic Dr. Salami with his Phd in Shakespearean studies would say, “Aye, there’s the rub!” The well meaning amateur ‘who done it’ analysis was quickly followed with an organized cover and deception effort by professionals, the usual suspects, who have done this before.

There are always two key aspects to modern day false flags. First you have to make sure that initial coverage does not focus on any key clue threads which would point in the right direction of who the real culprits were. And second, you have to flood the public airwaves with as many crazy claims as possible so the public becomes numbed out to paying attention to any real revelations that might come out that are true. What we call controlled opposition always plays a key roll here.

Two key issues are firmly in the rear view mirror of the Boston bombings.

The first is how quickly and effectively the confirmed bomb drill was erased from the story. This was legitimate fuel for conspiracy theories because it does takes a conspiracy to do this.

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