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Girls Who Love Guns – and Why

Girls Who Love Guns – and Why

How do They Love Them? – Let Me Count the Ways

Meet the Lady With Her AR-15 Named ‘Sprinkles’ Below


[Note: This first ran on April 12th of 2012 and did very well. I thought it was time for some relaxation from the heavy stuff this week to learn things like why girls like guns. Like a lot of things in life there is more to it than you think. And any of you out there that really know women, you know exactly what I mean. I have added Sprinkles’ concealed carry demo for the ladies at the end, as I think it might help demystify some of the anti-gun propaganda.]


        … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Girls just love guns. They really do. And they come in all shapes and sizes…the guns and the girls.

Many of us might tend to think the girls are just living mannequins when it comes to things like gun shows where they very effective traffic stoppers. But they are also serious gunslingers that the market is chasing after. So why the change?

Well, we have all heard of the cutbacks in police budgets and the slowdowns in response times. In more rural areas police seldom arrive to an incident until after it is over.

And then the coroner is next on the scene.

I experienced this up close and personal at the Fox Theater in downtown in the early 80′s Atlanta. After the concert I advised my date that we just sit and wait until the traffic cleared out from the deck parking. Going out with the rush was a right side up version of getting off the Poseidon Adventure, the movie where the ship inverted and the law of the jungle prevailed in the panic to get out.

We finally left and went down the parking deck stairs to our level with just a few cars on it and began walking to the other side to my car.

Then, out of the stairwell on the other side poured a group of black teens 7 or 8, walking toward us and not talking to each other which was not a good sign. I whispered to my date that no matter what happened to stay close to me and scream as loud as she could.

As I veered to not be walking directly toward them they veered also to stay right in front of me, bad sign number two, so I put both my hands into my long sport coat pocket. Then they quickly split into two groups and went left and right to encircle us with just one in front, the shortest one actually.

It was decision time. Even with my little gun, if a couple of them were armed and all around me, the odds were not good for a favorable shoot out…and I had the girl there. One always has to assume the father will kill you even if you survive and the daughter get’s hurt. So plan number one was to try to bluff them if I could get hold of one.

And then the angels smiled on me. He stepped right up to me, pulled out a cigarette and asked I had a light. I couldn’t believe he was offering to lean over for me. I replied that I sure did.

I grabbed his afro by my left hand and I pulled my gun out at the same time, a little 25 automatic, and put it right between his eyes and had a very short conversation with him about what was going to happen if I counted to three and could still see any of his buddies.

They vanished like ghosts, and then he got his three count and vanished, too. Then she and I got the hell out of there.

At that time in Atlanta they had had a gang kidnapping couples leaving nightclubs, robbing them and gang raping the girl.

It would be many years later before I learned that black on white rape was an epidemic and the statistics were ignored by everybody….35,000 a year versus 100. I will be doing a feature article this summer on this ongoing and censored tragedy.

My date later told me that if she knew I had even owned a gun she would have stopped going out with me as ‘only rednecks and inferiority complex people carried them’.

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