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Scientific Mold Expert Attacked by Insurance Industry


By Stew Webb


I interviewed Dr. William Croft, DVM, PhD pathologist in Madison, Wisconsin the other day. He was granted a DVM or veterinary degree in 1970, and PhD in 1975 as a research pathologist. Dr. William Croft is a Consulting Scientist who specializes in environmental chemical poisonings with an emphasis on human and animal health problems relating to toxicology, anatomical pathology, carcinogenesis involving Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis (toxic mold), arsenic, asbestos, pesticides, and chronic wasting disease in humans and animals based on cellular changes.


Dr. Croft has been studying the cause and effect of highly poisonous chemicals concerning humans using animal models, and monitors the community concerning new developing diseases. He has been successful in identifying illness utilizing anatomic pathology for over 38 years, during which time the scientific community has requested assistance regarding 7,500 sick people and their physicians in successfully diagnosing toxic mold, arsenic, petroleum, asbestos, and Chronic Wasting Disease.


He has obtained over $900,000 in research funds from the NIH, EPA, and other agencies during 1980 and 1983 while he was an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin.  Dr. Croft studied many toxic chemicals that could cause cancer. He studied fibrous asbestos within dairy cattle and that clearly demonstrated that the dairy cattle developed mesothelioma after drinking asbestos in water. He also demonstrated that homes that were using contaminated asbestos water with 1.5 asbestos fibers per liter in the air were observed.


The normal homes were negative. Dr. Croft received a grant from the EPA to study mesotheliomas in dairy cattle. Today over 250,000 miles of asbestos cement pipe remain in the ground, or 1/3 of the United States drinks from asbestos contaminated water. This study took place in the early 1980’s. To replace one mile of a/c pipe with plastic or ductile iron will cost one million dollars per mile and does not cover the cost of mesothelioma or other health problems in humans.


He was placed in prison for one year for theft of human services, or misappropriation of funds, not by him but by the department chairman, especially when the cost of replacement of a/c pipe was 25 trillion.  The insurance company just needed a scape goat to blame, so Dr. Croft became court fodder. What happened to allow such behavior?


The early research work within the shipbuilders demonstrated that fibrous asbestos was causing mesothelioma.  Asbestos was used as insulation and represented a health hazard with exposure to asbestos fibers in the air.  Industry claimed that exposure to asbestos fibers in the water from asbestos cement pipe did not cause a health problem because it was not in the air, which was a false claim because asbestos fibers were found in the homes that were using the asbestos cement pipes.


Dr. Croft has also studied petroleum exposure in dairy animals from underground contaminated water wells, underground storage tanks and pipe line leakage causing poisoning and cancer in humans and animals.  The pathological effects of benzene and other solvents were recorded in dairy animals, large hog farming operations that were observed within contaminated water lagoons, buildings, and human exposure from working in contaminated environments.


Using anatomical pathology the expression of benzene and asbestos exposure in US military fighter jets, F16s, was also established in army personnel that developed mesothelioma and phenol poisoning resulting in death from gasoline exposure. Dr. Croft’s diagnosis is based on anatomical pathology and has been accepted by the Department of Defense. Dr. Croft has always tried to help the men and women in the armed services.  Phenol, a metabolite of benzene that has also been established in military human tissue, has also been demonstrated in his laboratory using gas chromatography.  Phenol is q very elusive vapor. In his studies Dr. Croft clearly demonstrated that the EPA 8020 method of determining phenol in water is 40,000 times off, so it would not detect poisonous phenol  levels saving the petroleum industry large amounts of money in insurance settlements.


Dr. Croft has also been involved in demonstrating the poisoning effects of arsenic, chromium and copper.  These metals were exposed to humans in ashes as dust and from improper release of wet wood vapors (treated wood used on outdoor decks) allowing humans to become intoxicated, which caused severe acute and chronic health effects. No warning labels were placed on this treated wood that allowed for the exposure to such toxic and carcinogenic products.


Dr. Croft and his team have studied toxic mold for over 31 years and he is regarded as a world expert in the “Trichothecene Mycotoxins”. These toxic fungi produce the most poisonous neurotoxin in the world today.  This neurotoxin was identified in the 1940’s in southern Russia when the snow came early and did not allow the grain to be harvested. This event resulted in the death of over 250,000 people and the acceptance by the third countries as a poison with great magnitude. The mycotoxin shuts down the cellular factory so repair, maintenance or reproduction of cells cannot occur.  Ingestion of the mycotoxin results in bleeding to death through the skin.  Inhalation of the mycotoxin will cause the loss of intestinal mucosa and result in death from starvation.


In homes where this mycotoxin is generated results in the home being filled with this poison via gas chamber effect.  The mycotoxin is cumulative in its health effects and over time will cause the organs to shut down leading to the demise of the person.





Trichothecene Mycotoxin is the most poisonous neurotoxin in the world today.


The Defense Department has reported that Trichothecene Mycotoxins are used as a war weapon today. The publication of “Airborne Outbreak of Trichothecene Toxicosis, Atmospheric Environment 20:549-552, l986” was the first publication in the North American Continent by Dr. Croft.  This Scientific publication has been referenced by other scientists over 218 times, which establishes Dr. Croft as a World Expert and indicates acceptance of the data by other scientific investigators.


The publication of this paper by Dr. Croft and other scientists led to the “sick building syndrome” which put the insurance industry into a panic mode.  A jury awarded a family in Texas $32 million for their human health damage. The insurance industry proceeded to totally deny the sick building syndrome and this highly poisonous mycotoxin as a cause of human disease or poisoning.  The American Medical Association does not recognize Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis as a disease and it is not taught in medical schools across the country.  Therefore, when people are sick and seek out their doctor to help them determine the cause, they are told that they do not know what it may be, or suggest they seek the help of a psychiatrist.  People will be persistent and seek other doctors with little help.  Today the mycotoxins are infecting 50-55% of the population.


The presence of this mycotoxin in a family represents a public health emergency and may even can be called a “breach of national security”.





Urine sample demonstrating high levels of Trichothecene Mycotoxins. Please note the dark surface of mycotoxins and the protein on the bottom of jar.


Dr. Croft’s team developed a Urine Assay to detect Trichothecene Mycotoxins in the urine of humans and animals that have been exposed to these mycotoxins.  (This method has been patented: U.S. Patent No. 6,703,244—Method for Confirming the Presence of Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis in humans).  In 2003, the National Academy of Press recognized this Urine Assay as the only biomarker in existence at the time for the detection of mycotoxins in humans.  The test correlates the concentrations of the Trichothecene Mycotoxins to the various stages of the disease found in the respective human patient.


The Urine Assay is still being used as a great research tool to study toxic mold, and recently has shown a way to establish what is called “Connective Diagnosis” based on the observation of the finger print of mycotoxins found in the ambient environment and in the clothing worn by humans. The fungi growing organism in the ambient environment will generate mycotoxins as a vapor and cause depression of the immune system and display a mycotoxin fingerprint. The inhaled fungal spores shed the outer coat and then generate a yeast coat that invades the body and settles within the small arteries.  Extracting the urine of infected person will display the same fingerprint of the outer fungi within the building.


Because Trichothecene Mycotoxins have been used as a biological weapon, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded a grant to Dr. Bruce Jarvis, and his colleague Dr Croft, to study the pathological fingerprint to establish the diagnosis of toxic mold.  The U.S. Army now recommends the use of such urine tests to determine the exposure of humans to Trichothecene Mycotoxins (as noted in the Field Manual Treatment of Biological Warfare Agents Casualties).  The reliability of the urine test was validated in the study conducted by W.J. Rea, et al.: Effects of Toxic Exposure to Molds and Mycotoxins in Building—Related Illnesses, Archives of Environmental Health Vol. 58.)  This urine assay is the only determination of the 180 Trichothecene Mycotoxins and the amount expressed in mg amounts on strong scientific basis. Other urine assays are qualitative but do not measure quantities in the sample and are not accepted by the FDA.


Dr. Croft and his team have conducted research of toxic mold in humans and animals. He has developed a method to detect the Trichothecene Mycotoxins within urine. 


He has developed an animal model to study the direct effects of this Trichothecene Mycotoxins development a pathological finger print to study the histological effect in humans. He has developed the lethal exposure in people at 500 parts per billion per kilogram for adults and 0.500 parts per billion per kilogram.  Dr. Croft has studied the mechanism of action of this mycotoxin in humans and animal as to the method oF exposure. If the person is exposed to the Trichothecene Mycotoxin via ingestion or within the food, the person will die from bleeding from the skin or small arteries within the body.  If a person inhales the Trichothecene Mycotoxins, the person will have the mucosa slough off the intestine and the person will starve to death.


Dr. Croft has put together the pathology concerning man of how these mycotoxins affect the tissue in each organ.  Dr. Croft has also studied the toxic effect of the Trichothecene Mycotoxin with regards to how it attacks the human body, attacking the cellular body.  The epoxide binds to the endoplasmic reticulum (cellular factory) and shuts it down.


Dr. Croft also has studied the effects of chlorine on the 9-10 unsaturated bond to form a molecule similar to chlordane, in molecular action to a cause brain tumors. Dr. Croft also knows how to neutralize this war weapon with no effects to the human.





(Young baby in ammonia bath to neutralize the Trichothecene Mycotoxins very safe for the child as shown by her mother resulting from Dr. Croft’s Research)


Mother was a US Marine Corps Sergeant.


Dr. Croft’s research is discovering more information about this war weapon and getting people to understand this disease.  The insurance industry is attempting to shut the door on this disease, so they will not have to pay claims concerning toxic mold.


Attorney Kim M. Kluck from the Department of Safety and Professional Services, which is a service for medical doctors to keep them in order, claimed that Dr. Croft was practicing medicine.  Ms. Kluck stated “It just sounds like he is practicing medicine as a pathologist.”  Ms. Kluck came from American Family Insurance Company in Madison, WI and is now working in the Department of Safety and Professional Services, so the action concerning Dr. Croft is coming from the insurance industry again.


Dr. Croft attempted to explain that he was a scientist and not a medical doctor and people came to him for help with their illness because their doctor had no idea of what they were suffering from. A hearing was scheduled and the finding of the judge was that he was practicing medicine.  Ms. Kluck used the rules related to the medical society, not the federal rules regarding a scientist.  She used the wrong playbook and he had no chance of winning that hearing because the cards were stacked against him. In any event, the result of the hearing was that Dr. Croft was practicing medicine and then he applied for another hearing.  Ms Kluck did not recognize the fact that Dr. Croft had a PhD in pathology, which is required to do research on human disease.


Dr. Croft requests a new hearing based on the following:


  1. A.    Exception of Practicing Medicine Pursuant to 448.03(2)(k)
    1. After reviewing the referenced statutes, an exception is provided that is applicable to Dr. Croft pursuant to 448.03(2)(k) that is applicable to any persons, other than physician assistants or perfusionists, who assist physicians.  This exemption removes Dr. Croft from practicing medicine that was not accepted by the ALJ (judge) decision.
    2. Dr. Croft has not practiced medicine as a medical professional but has assisted licensed physicians by providing research data and reports as requested by the physician.  Conclusions, diagnoses and treatment that their patients receive are determined by the physician.  The physicians receiving the information use the report at their discretion, with no force or coercion from Dr. Croft. Since physicians are prohibited from doing animal research and research directly on humans, they have no other way to obtain such information other than through research studies, of which Dr. Croft is a Research Scientist (Pathologist) and therefore, they ask for his assistance.  Dr Croft feels that when assisting physicians, he has a fiduciary duty to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in providing the information on a scientific basis to the physician.  In providing information, Dr. Croft has never harmed any patient in releasing this data to a physician. It is the physician’s responsibility to the patient as to the diagnosis and treatment and as to whether they accept Dr. Croft’s science and scientific diagnosis.
    3. Dr. Croft generated a scientific report concerning the cause and effect relationship to Dr. Sprouse, medical doctor that requested Dr. Croft assist her by providing his research that he has conducted over the last 29 years after Dr. Sprouse learned of Dr. Croft while attending international meetings. PL 107-188, sec. 123 grants Dr. Croft full access to the human tissue. No laws were found involving these specimens requiring Dr. Croft to be licensed as a medical pathologist, for Dr. Croft is a Research Scientist not a Medical Doctor. Examination of biopsy specimens are allowed during the cause and effect to transfer the animal’s data to the human data so advancement of human disease can be accomplished, which Dr. Croft has reported many times at international meetings and as publications in the scientific literature.


4.      In the conclusions, AlJ found that Dr. Croft’s ability to give expert testimony at trial does not permit him to engage in the practice of medicine. PL 107-188, sec. 123, inhibits the direct study of toxic agents in humans,   therefore, animals must be used.  These studies are carried out in animal species applicable to the human enzyme composition and are demonstrated within the animal tissue.  The biopsy of human specimens are allowed to compare the animal to human when that type of exposure happens in humans.  This process occurs on a scientific basis, process and procedure.  This scientific data is reported, in report form for study for the scientific community to observe and give to the medical world for them to assist their patients if they so desire.


When Dr. Croft does a study on a scientific basis, he does the study that would apply to a scientific protocol that all actions would be accepted by the court and the scientific community. 


Dr. Croft works in the scientific community not the medical community, but has the exception of 448.03(2)(k), assisting medical doctors, that removes the accusation of practicing without a license.  Federal law 107-188, sec. 123 also allows Dr. Croft to evaluate to transfer the cause and effect observation from animal tissue to the human tissue, which is not practicing medicine. The Scientific method is clearly demonstrated by his description of the biopsy and the autopsy tissue that was described and presented.  Henry C. Pitot, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Oncology and of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine testified that in his opinion Dr. William A. Croft is a pathologist qualified to diagnosis and study the pathology of human tissues. Respondent’s Affidavit, page 2.


  1. B.    The state did not prove their case that Dr. Croft was practicing medicine.
    1. Petitioner’s experts were not qualified to render opinions that Dr. Croft’s actions constituted the practice of medicine.
    2. There is a peer review process among scientists and any scientist can review and comment on Dr. Croft’s findings.  If parties are in disagreement of the scientist data, research must be done to confirm or disagree with the data. Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Eastman and medical doctors are prohibited from doing research on humans PL 107-188, sec. 123, and cannot perform research on animals for they require a DVM, and therefore, they are not qualified to render Dr. Croft’s studies invalid.  The exception pursuant to 448.03(2)(k) allows Dr. Croft to assist physicians by providing scientific research.  The acceptance of his research by the physician is up to the physician.  Whether or not Drs. Mitchell and Eastman accept or disagree with Dr. Croft’s scientific research is for the individual doctors to determine.  However, the fact that Drs. Mitchell and Eastman are not in agreement with Dr. Croft’s scientific research does not mean that they have the final determination as to whether or not Dr. Croft’s science is valid.
    3. Dr. Mitchell’s medical education in clinical pathology National Board of Medical Examiners test was required for licensure.  Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Eastman are not medical doctors and require licensing to allow them to practice medicine. Their function is to help deal with ill humans on a clinical level, not conduct research, for they are not trained in scientific methods and do not qualify as Research Scientists for they do not have a Ph.D.
    4. Drs. Mitchell and Eastman are not board certified in toxic mold because it is not accepted by the medical society, not taught in medical school, and they have no knowledge of the mycotoxins as they have admitted. (T. Page 80, 20-23,  T. Page 119- line 2-20).  Dr. Croft is an anatomic pathologist as a Research Scientist that studies human and animal disease and has spent five years in graduate school obtaining the tools to study human and animal disease.  Board certification does not grant the doctors information on the same level of understanding as the PhD, making Dr. Croft a highly schooled and accepted scientist around the world.  Dr. Croft has conducted numerous animal studies and correlated with human disease as allowed in the federal law PL 107-188, sec. 123. Dr. Croft has published over 30 research papers on toxic chemicals. Dr. Croft has published the first reporting on toxic mold in the North American continent, cited in the scientific literature 206 times indicating acceptance of the data. Dr. Croft has published many other scientific papers on toxic mold.
    5. Drs. Eastman and Mitchell testified “examining into the fact, cause or conditions of human health or disease.” And accumulating clinical history, looking at the gross appearance of surgical specimens, preparing microscopic descriptions and offering a scientific diagnosis is standard scientific protocol as medical doctors does not mean they are practicing medicine.  When examining the pathological reports by Dr. Croft a complete anatomical description of what the biopsy represented based on the study of cause and effect relationship represents scientific protocol.  MD pathologists have no basis to describe the tissue they observe, so they usually use one word to render their diagnosis, not a scientific diagnosis based on scientific data.
    6. Again, based on rule 702, these doctors were not qualified to testify regarding Dr. Croft scientific data: 1. They were not scientists nor qualified to evaluate the scientific data in these reports, 2. They had no pathological knowledge of the illness that they were testifying to on a scientific basis, 3. They had no scientific principles that they expressed in this study, for they are not scientists, but expressing medical falsities, 4.  They falsely concluded that the words reported in the three reports involving using pathological examination of fluid and tissue was the result of medical observation, when in fact was data based on the scientific process, 5. the data presented was the result of cause and effect study in animal and human correlation data , 6. It is unethical for Drs Eastman and Mitchell to render an opinion concerning such a study as reported Pl 107-188, sec.123. Drs. Eastman and Mitchell are not qualified to testify reqarding scientific data generated by Dr. Croft.  Dr. Croft has shown that the medical doctors are not qualified to testify regarding scientific data, and were prohibited by law from doing so. In rule 104 it is clear that the predominance of the evidence demonstrates that they are not qualified to testify.
    7. This autopsy case was completed, the dissection was by a medical pathologist , but the family wanted a second opinion because,“The pathologist reported that there was essentially no remarkable pathology reported in the deceased”.  According to the family, the deceased was exposed to chemical poisons within his contaminated environment. Therefore, the family requested Dr. Croft to review the autopsy tissue  because of his scientific expertise concerning chemical poisons because this death could represent a possible public health emergency for his son Tom who was very sick during this time. The review of tissues was based on animal pathology related to the cause and effect relationship, which is the normal course of study as a scientist. Dr. Croft completed 25 human autopsies as a requirement in graduate school, teaching Dr. Croft how to review human disease on a pathological basis.  Dr. Croft did not do any dissections concerning autopsies since that time.  Dr. Croft has reviewed 14 cases concerned with Toxic Mold over the last 29 years of study. Reviewing autopsy tissue is a primary method by which scientists obtain information on human disease.
    8. In contrast to Dr. Croft, Drs. Erik Mitchell and James Eastman are not experts per se concerning Trichothecene Mycotoxins at their own admission when they testified that they had no knowledge concerning these mycotoxins.  Drs. Mitchell and Eastman even admitted that they did not have any pathological or experimental experience working with mycotoxins (T. Page 80, 20-23,  T. Page 119- line 2-20).  Therefore, it can be concluded that Drs. Mitchell and Eastman are not qualified to testify under rule 702 and 104 since their testimony was not (1) based upon sufficient facts or data, (2) is not the product of reliable principles and methods, and (3) the witnesses did not apply the principles and methods reliably to the facts of the case. It is unethical for Drs Eastman and Mitchell to render an opinion concerning direct research in humans as reported Pl 107-188, sec.123.  This process itself clearly demonstrated that there was no medical practice performed by Dr. Croft based on in the fact the medical doctors were not qualified to testify regarding scientist data, and were inhibited by law in doing so. Dr. Croft does have the proper creditionals to function as a Research Scientist.
    9. Therefore Dr. Croft was not practicing medicine as first determined by the ALJ.  The interpretation of the data by ALJ is in error and Dr. Croft’s objection should be accepted, for Dr. Croft was not practicing medicine.




  1. 1.     An exception is provided pursuant to 448.03(2)(k) that is applicable to any persons, other than physician assistants or perfusionists, who assist physicians.. 448.01(9)(a), and (d) provided a pertinent part of the practice of medicine excluding the flowing activities of the practice of medicine and were not applicable to Dr. Croft.
  2. Dr. Croft is a research pathologist, the highest position of study in the human world and is allowed to do direct research in animals and then determine the cause and effect relationship in human tissue by observing the skin biopsy tissue. This is not considered practicing medicine because this is a scientific process, not a medical process. Direct exposure is unethical to be tested in humans and requires an animal study to complete the safety procedure for humans. PL107-188, sec. 123.
  3. It is unethical for Drs. Eastman and Mitchell to render an opinion concerning direct research in humans as reported Pl 107-188, sec.123.  This process itself clearly demonstrated that there was no medical practice performed by Dr. Croft based on in the fact the medical doctors were not qualified to testify regarding a scientist data, and were inhibited by law by doing so. Dr. Croft does have the proper creditionals to function as a Research Scientist.
  4. Based on rule 702 and rule 104, these doctors were not qualified to testify regarding Dr. Croft’s scientific data.
  5. Based on the above data Dr. Croft was not practicing medicine, has done nothing wrong and should be free to function as a research pathologist


Then Ms. Kluck reported Dr. Croft to the United States Attorney to put added pressure on Dr. Croft.  Dr. Croft wrote a letter to the US attorney in response to Ms. Kluck accusations.


June 20, 2013




Assistant U.S. Attorney


Suite 303, City Station


Madison, Wisconsin 53703-4703


Dear Peter Jarosz:


Under the umbrella regarding human health there are two communities, Research and the Medical.  In the research community we work under federal law that requires one to have a Ph.D. as a scientist in pathology because all disease has a histological diagnostic fingerprint identifying the poison or the causative agent. Direct research on humans is unethical so the research must be initiated in animals to identify the diagnostic fingerprint using that data to establish safety.  Additional information is accomplished in the human and animal to understand the causative agent.  The data is collected on a scientific basis and then is published in the appropriate journals. I do have the credentials to study human disease. Since animals are used a veterinarian is required to determine which animal model is the best to use for the study. I completed all the required course work including completing 25 autopsies complied in a report as to cause of death and the histological changes identified for graduate school.  I was granted a PhD in Pathology from the Medical school University of Wisconsin in 1975.  Since that time I have conducted numerous animal studies to determine safety of human exposure.




By the authority granted under Public Law 107-188-June 12, 2002, TITLE 42—PUBLIC HEALTH Sec. 85a.7: Imminent dangers, Title 21, Chapter 1, Part 2, sec. 2.5, Imminent hazard to the Public Health.  


The Office of Public Health Preparedness directs HHS Operating and Staff Division implementation of a comprehensive HHS strategy to protect the civilian population from acts of bioterrorism and other public health emergencies.  The OPHP will work with the OPDIVS and STAFFDIVs to ensure the adequacy of HHA strategy for preparing, preventing, responding to, and recovering from acts of bioterrorism and other public health emergencies.  





Congress clearly authorizes that Research Pathologists are qualified to determine Efficacy, Safety of New Drug and Biological Drug Products, and issue a final diagnosis in human disease, and has the final rule or decision. To promulgate the rule or put the law into formal public announcement, In Public Law 107-188, 2002 is observed.


“(B) …prioritizing counter measures required to treat, prevent, or identify exposure to a biological agent or toxin pursuant to section 351A:


“(C)… facilitation of the awarding of grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements for the development, manufacture, distribution, supply-chain management, and purchase of priority countermeasures;


SEC.123 Issuance of Rule on Animal Trials:


Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall complete the process of rulemaking that was commenced under authority of section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and section 351 of the Public Health Service act with the issuance of the proposed rule entitled “New Drug and Biological Drug Products, Evidence Needed to Demonstrate Efficacy of New Drugs for Use Against Lethal or Permanently Disabling Toxic Substances When Efficacy Studies in Humans Ethically Cannot be Conducted” published in the Federal Register on October 5, 1999 (64 Fed. Reg. 53960), and shall promulgate a final rule.


Using the correct animal model, comparing the pathology observed in humans and animals, the cause-and-effect can be and must be studied on a scientific basis.  We study diseases that are caused by toxic chemicals to determine mechanism of action, metabolism, and whether they are direct acting or if they need metabolic activation to affect the tissue cells.  We study different routes of exposure, i.e., inhalation, dermal exposure and ingestion of substances causing disease.  We study if other influencing toxic chemicals increase the toxicity of these substances.  We study the scientific literature to understand other scientific information on other human exposure by other scientists. We complete autopsies and obtain biopsies to determine the terminal stages of death in an attempt to understand the pathogenesis of the disease.  Human tissues and specimens from ill people are taken and compared to animal specimens to establish scientific data concerning a human disease.  This process is consistent with normal research or scientific methods used by a research pathologist in the scientific community.


The Medical community’s main function is to help as many people as they can with what information they have.  They are not scientists and cannot conduct cause and effect relation studies in every case.


It is unethical for anyone from the medical community to interfere or dictate behavior to the scientist from the scientific community on how to conduct scientific research or his interest concerning human disease especially a bioterrorist’s mycotoxins.  People within the medical community are not scientists and are not aware of protocols within the scientist community. This includes anyone working within the medical community, including doctors, med techs and including attorneys who do not understand the process.


If someone disagrees with the scientific data then they must generate a scientific study to establish their point and then discussed between the parties.


Forcing a scientist to conform to statute 42 USC. 263a(b), which pertains to the medicine clinical operation concerning the medical community is unethical.  Because the scientific community uses a process that is much more accurate based on science, why would they go back to an archaic method. This is a good example of interference by the medical community. The medical society is using medical laws to falsely charge the scientific community.  The scientific community uses animals and a research pathologist to determine the cause and effect, and the method is many times more accurate to determine cause and effect. Congress put into law 42 USC 263a(b) to strengthen the work completed by the personnel working in the medical community.  You phoned me and stated “that all were included”, which meant all those in the medical field, not the scientific community for the scientific community already had much more accurate procedures backed by federal laws.  This type of behavior by the medical community is totally unethical.  I work in the scientific community, why am I being dragged back into the medical community? I believe it is to interfere with the research that I am conducting, especially to toxic Trichothecene Mycotoxins.  I must be doing something significant othe wise Ms. Kluck would not be interested in me.


We have been asked by the U.S.Department of Defense to conduct research on Trichothecene Mycotoxins.  We have received a small grant and in response have put together “The Pathology of Trichothecene Mycotoxins at Autopsy.” This scientific data is important, for these mycotoxins which are the most poisonous neurotoxins on the planet, and are considered a bioterrorist agent.


This process of scientific study of human disease has not changed at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, where I trained as a research pathologist.  I was on the facility and obtained over $900,000 in research funds to conduct scientific studies.


“(C)…facilitation of the awarding of grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements for the development, manufacture, distribution, supply-chain management, and purchase of priority countermeasures;


(b) Use of Animal Trials.—A drug for which approval is sought under section 505(b) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or section 351 of the Public Health Service Act on the basis of evidence of effectiveness that is derived from animal studies pursuant to section 123 may be designated as a fast track product for purposes of this section. 


Also, please note, we obtain our authority to work as a scientific Research Pathologist from federal law as stated above to observe and study human tissue and disease working in the scientific community. The medical community does not have the ability to study human disease directly, cannot study human disease using animals, and they are not scientists. Introduction of medical processes would be considered interference by the scientific community and is unethical.  What determines a laboratory as research or clinical is just another case of interference from the medical community.


Congress has clearly authorizes that Research Pathologists are qualified to determine Efficacy, Safety of New Drug and Biological Drug Products, and issue a final diagnosis in human disease, and has the final rule or decision. To promulgate the rule or put the law into formal public announcement, In Public Law 107-188, 2002 is observed.


Therefore, I will remain a Scientific Pathologist and study human and animal disease as I have over the last 35 years. I am asking the medical profession to stop their action against me.


Dr. Croft did not hear anything from the state or federal government for seven months, then in mid February the veterinary board was going to do disciplinary proceedings against him.  Dr. Croft asked for 30 more days to get legal opinions  before the State of Wisconsin suspended his veterinary license, and requiring him to pay for their investigation, a sum of $850.00, to be paid in a specific time.


On May 14, 2012, the administrative law judge issued a special order stating that Dr. Croft was not supposed to become involved in any manner with people concerning their illness.  On or about October 2012, Dr. Croft was contacted by a Worker involving a Workman’s Compensation case to help establish his case in court. Dr. Croft visited the Worker and observed the home and the occupants within. The worker’s grandchild was severally poisoned with Trichothecene Mycotoxins as he demonstrated severe autism and brain illness.  At this time in my mind this family became a public health emergency.  The worker provided a urine sample and pathology slides for Dr. Croft to examine to confirm the diagnosis and the cause of the illness.  The case for the worker was settled out of court and the man wanted his money returned for testifying in court.  It appears Dr. Croft was set up, but he was concerned about his grandson that was severely poisoned with the mycotoxins that he brought home on his clothing via cross-contamination.  When children are exposed to Trichothecene Mycotoxin they only survive 10 years and about 3-4 years have already passed.


Under federal law Congress clearly authorizes that Research Pathologists, are qualified to determine Efficacy, Safety of New Drug and Biological Drug Products, and issue a final diagnosis in human disease, and has the final rule or decision. To promulgate the rule or put the law into formal public announcement, In Public Law 107-188, 2002 is observed.


“(B) …prioritizing counter measures required to treat, prevent, or identify exposure to a biological agent or toxin pursuant to section 351A”.  Remember at this point the medical society has not even accepted the toxic mold as an illness and does not even teach doctors in medical school about the poisoning. 


In any event Dr. Croft’s Veterinary license is suspended indefinitely. Where does he go from here?  He never thought he would ever be destroyed by terrorists in the United States of America. He never thought that the insurance companies would be pushing and assisting the terrorists. That is why one should read the book that my editor and I wrote to inform the public about the disguised disease. They tell how single handedly the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance dealt with terrorists in generating disease that draws attention from the real cause. As a pathologist Dr. Croft uncovered the real cause of these diseases that would not have been uncovered without a highly skilled pathologist.  You can order the book called “Operation Synapse” on Dr. Croft’s website,


I Stew Webb highly recommend the book and you will be glad you did get it.  These scientists are attempting to inform the people and the United States as to what is happening in the world.


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March 17, 2014

Kim Kluck

State of Wisconsin

I would like an immediate response to the below detailed article. What is your and the State of Wisconsin’s position on the material evidence and the charges filed by you and your agency against Dr. William Croft?

I await your reply!

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Scientific Mold Expert Attacked by Insurance Industry


Seattle TV Will Wilson interviews Dr William Croft and Stew Webb


Seattle Television Will Wilson interviews Dr. William Croft and Whistleblower Stew Webb (1 hour)

Dr. William Croft

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Seattle TV interviews Dr William Croft and Stew Webb



Seattle Television interviews Stew Webb and Dr. William Croft 1 hour March 11, 2014


Dr. William Croft

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist

Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today

Stew Webb Youtube

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In Memory of Space Shuttle Challenger Whistleblower Edward Laughrin (murdered)

Space_Shuttle_Challenger Space_Shuttle_Challenger_1_.JPG

In Memory of Space Shuttle Challenger Whistleblower Edward Laughrin (murdered)

By Stew Webb

Federal Whistleblower

January 28, 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger was reported to have exploded in midair. This was the U.S. Governments official report in mid 2011 I met Whistleblower Edward Laughrin who contacted me and had been following my work for a few years. Ed and I became friends over a period of time and talked daily for nearly a year until his murder in may 2012.  I had not heard from Ed in several days and had tried to contact him and could not. Finally after 2 weeks and several calls I talked with Ed’s wife who told me what had happened. She stated “Ed had answered the cell phone and someone stated they were going to rape his wife in front of him and kill him after they were through”.  Ed, according to his wife discharged the phone from his hand as though he had been shocked and within a minute Ed fell to the ground and had a massive obviously induced heart attack.

His wife, a nurse revived him, called 911 when they arrived he flatlined on the porch before being transported to the hospital.

Ed did the interview below with Kerry Cassidy, about the Space Shuttle Challenger and how his Naval Ship pulled up to the Challenger floating and beginning to sink and he saw someone alive waving from the cockpit of the Challenger his crewman began the rescues with hooks and cable to keep the Challenger from sinking when they Ships Commander got a call to abort and chase off a nearby Russian Vessel they questioned the orders from higher ups and then followed the orders while crew members saw the Space Shuttle Challenger sink.

Rest in Peace my friend Ed Laughrin and see you on the other side one day.

Uploaded on Nov  6, 2011

Ed Laughrin is a retired ex-Navy/intelligence specialist with a background in ballistics who in his spare time has thoroughly investigated the Kennedy assassination. In this recorded phone call he describes the exact trajectory of the bullets fired during the event.
This audio interview was recorded without pretense or preparation due to an impending operation Ed was about to undergo where he wanted to make sure that his testimony was taken by someone who would document for the public the areas of his research.
From that point we moved onto the Challenger disaster because as it happens, he was onboard the first Navy vessel to encounter the downed capsule when it hit the water after the crash. What he reveals here is clear evidence of supreme negligence on the part of NASA which leads to the possible conclusion that there was malice and intent in this lack of action to save our astronauts.
This testimony brings into sharp relief evidence of a organization working toward a particular agenda that does not safeguard the well being of Americans and specifically our astronauts under circumstances whereby the agenda they are working with takes precendence. This is unconscionable.
Prior evidence of the hidden mission behind NASA is well documented by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara in their groundbreaking book “Dark Mission”. Highly recommended.
Given the rough quality of this impromptu testimony with regard to the Challenger disaster evidence of negligence obviously requires a great deal more investigation. I encourage researchers to take this testimony and investigate further. There must be others out there who were on board the Navy vessel and witnessed the events causing their ship to be turned away from attempting to rescue the astronauts at that critical juncture.
As we move into the future whistleblowers from within the Matrix who have witnessed events where the agenda of the PTB swings into play and alters the world from that point forward should begin to surface. History was made but it was also witnessed. Those witnesses are everywhere. They are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers… As awareness grows they will begin to come forward and the real truth behind the curtain of secrecy will be revealed provided they have the courage to realize that they have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot November 6, 2011… Written transcript now available here: A written transcript is available now as well.  Go to:… –Kerry, Project Camelot


Edward G. Laughrin, 60, of Warren, Pa. died Thurs-day, May 3, 2012 at UPMC Hamot, Erie, Pa. He was born April 1, 1952 in War-ren, Ohio to the late Ed-ward William and Margaret Ellen Butler Laughrin. He has resided in Warren since 1988. He was a 1971 gradu-ate of Gerard High School, Gerard, Ohio. While in high school he earned his pilot’s license flying light aircraft. He had served in the U.S. Navy as a E4, serving in El Salvador in 1985, Persian Gulf in 1986, and with Spe-cial Operations in 2002. He earned a Sea Service De-ployment Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star Navy Achieve-ment Medal, U.S. Coast Guard Unit Commendation with operational device. He served in the Civil Air Pa-trol 304th Squadron. He was employed with the Warren State Hospital as a psychiatric aide and basic life support instructor retir-ing from there on Sep-tember 11, 2002 after 13 years of service. He was previously employed as a design draftsman from 1973-1984. He graduated from Madison University from the College of Social and Human Relations where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Hu-man Relations with a 3.6 grade point average. He was a member of the War-ren American Legion Post 135, a member of the form-er North Warren V.F.W. Post 747 where he had served as Past Commander, a member of the Clarendon V.F.W. and was a 3rd de-gree member of the Warren Knights of Columbus.

He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Ann McKee Laughrin whom he married March 7, 1988 in Titus-ville, Pa., 1 son – Edward R. Laughrin and wife, Niki of Austin Town, Ohio, 3 step-children Tina Hogue and husband, Aaron of Titus-ville, Pa., Rusty Smith and companion, Wendy of Centerville, Pa., Barbie Baker and husband, Art of Tionesta, Pa. 1 gran-daughter – Mackenzie Laughrin of Austin Town, Ohio, 6 step grandchildren – Alyssa Smith of Center-ville, Pa., Ashley Baker, twins – Tera and Tyler Bak-er all of Tionesta, Pa., Eas-ton and Brittany Hogue of Titusville, Pa.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by 1 sister – Mary Fancine Laughrin. Friends may call at the Holy Redee-mer Church gathering space on Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. when a Mass of Christian Burial which will be conducted with Msgr. John Lucas, Pastor, officiat-ing. Full military honors will follow mass by members of the Clarendon/Sheffield V.F.W. Funeral Detail. Interment will be in St. Catherine’s R.C. Cemetery, Titusville, Pa. Those wishing to place memorials may do so through the Clarendon V.F.W. or the Warren Amer-ican Legion Post 135.

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Jewish Genome Myth Busted–A Dramatic Reading


A New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Snordster

The Snordster

The Snordster

[ Editor’s Note: We first ran this back in March of 2013. I knew this was a good piece, not because it was a new story…it was not. 

The pretend-a-jew issue, in regards of the blood line hoax, and the fraudulent claim that “God gave us the land”, had been exposed for quite a while, and of course ignored by mass media.

But we had an Israeli genticist at John Hopkins who chose to be true to his profession and his science, and debunked the myth in a manner that could be used as expert testimony in court. Such days do not grow on trees, although we have a good number of them over a year here at VT.

But hearing this done in a Snordster reading gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, not having known he had done an earlier one. What had happened is what we calling ‘leveraging’ in the media business, where a different kind of delivery of exactly the same words can attract a whole new batch of readers, which it did.

Our articles get copied a lot arount the planet onto other websites and blogs, so our readership count here is just a fraction of the total for the ones that take off. The only way we have to gauge how much, is to track the Google count on the article title as you get an exact count of how many places it has shown up worldwide.

This posting on VT of Snorster’s reading was up to 70,000 Google hits in about two weeks, a hell of a surprise, and one we were glad to have followed the numbers on. It showed us that even though the mainstream media ignored it, the Internet did not, and many of those we wanted to be aware for it, were. That is how we often measure our success. Did ‘the target’ get the message.

So on this Saturday night we will salute Patrick Willis and his niche artistry that he has carved out for himself, and with much gratitude from those of us who he has honored with his dramatic readings. His work will last forever, and our work will also, thanks for his extra boost. Thanks Patrick. And thanks to all the readers who spread it around…Jim W. Dean ]


–  First  published  on  March 5,  2013  –


When a Founding Myth becomes a PsyOps

My Jewish genome piece based on Dr. Eran Elhaik’s new study released in December, 2012, seems to have gotten some wind back into the story’s sails.

The report got internet distribution internationally on websites and blogs interested in the field, but virtually no American corporate media coverage. Surprise, surprise.

Although this debate will ongoing for years to come we here at VT saw a tipping point being reached.

First, we knew that Intel agencies the world over invest significant resources in all founding myths which they feel gives them some emotional leverage control buttons to use when they wish.

For anyone out there angry at hearing about that, welcome to the real world. It’s been going on forever.

As I mentioned in my article I had a personal interest in this story as I was always amazed at how easily the world swallowed the story about a bunch of communist atheist Jews shooting their way into the Holy Land under the moral cover of ‘God gave us the Land’.

Remember now that the holocaust had not morphed yet in the a new pseudo-religion for secular Jew, which will take a separate article to cover.

Militant Zionism has always planned to cleanse the Arabs out the Land and try to pull most of the Diaspora Jews there to populate a future super power. When the ink was not dry onIsrael’s birth certificate the Zios were launching their WMD programs.

A psyops was needed not only to hustle money out of the Disapora and entice them into immigrating, they also wanted provide a smokescreen for all the nasty things they were going to be doing. ‘Coming back to the homeland’ became the founding smokescreen.

We did our usual double pump with an initial run on Press TV and another a few days later on VT. On Press TV the story started slow but picked up steam by day two. The Google count title stats on day one were 800 … 11,800 on day two, and today were 14,000 on the Press TV version and 7900 on VT, not too bad for a story on a new genetic study.

Can new genetics research uncover Founding Myth scams?

Of course we suspected the doctor did not want to wade into the geopolitical swamp, but we were only too happy to do that.

It was time, and he gave us some good openings, particularly his accusing past researcher of rigging their science. This dovetailed perfectly with what we knew had been going on behind the scenes.

But the purpose for this piece today is to highlight that we, VT, did not and cannot do this alone. We can trigger a bigger look at a story but it has to be picked up and carried by others to have any game changing impact.

Snordster quickly made this dramatic reading Youtube video of my original article. It picked up 3000 views and we have it on Gordon’s YouTube channel now.

This is a classic example where with some coordination we can leverage each other’s work to get a one and one equals five, or even ten impact out of it.

Dr. Elhait added to previous studies, I found the story in late February, Press TV and VT both posted, we got 20,000 cross postings around the Net including this great video reading from Snordster… and we have you our readers. That’s a good day.

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist
Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today
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Seattle TV all day live interviews Dr Preston James and Stew Webb


January 16, 2014 Will Wilson interviews Dr. Preston James and Stew Webb subject the Alien agenda.

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist
Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today
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Seattle TV Call 4 Investigations interviews Dr William Croft and Stew Webb


Program will air January 21, 2014 on Comcast Channel  77 in Seattle Tuesday 10:00am and 10:00pm

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist
Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today
Stew Webb working 24/7 for you
Donations always welcome
The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!
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Meteor Storm Brewing March-May 2014


On May 24, 2014, Earth will plow through a dense stream of dust particles shed by Comet 209P/LINEAR. Dynamicists think the crossing could result in an intense meteor shower — maybe even a “storm” — and North Americans will have front-row seats.
Over the past two decades, celestial dynamicists have gotten very good at divining when meteoric activity will spike. Their computer models can track how dust ejected by a comet near each perihelion pass gets distributed into strands of particles over time. Their calculations show that dust tends to stay concentrated close to the nucleus, and that the strands themselves often converge in space close to the orbit’s perihelion.
Now these number-crunchers are telling us make sure May 24, 2014, is circled on our skywatching calendars. On that date, we might experience the most dramatic display of “shooting stars” in more than a decade.

Orbit of Comet 209P/LINEAR

According to predictions, a little-known comet will pass perihelion in early May of 2014 and, two weeks later, sandblast Earth with dust particles spread along its orbit.
NASA / JPL / Horizons

The source of all this buzz is a little-known periodic comet called 209P/LINEAR. Discovered by an automated sky survey in 2004, it follows a looping but relatively tight path that carries it just inside Earth’s orbit every 5.04 years. According to dynamicist Syuichi Nakano, Comet 209P/LINEAR’s next perihelion occurs on May 6, 2014, at a point 0.969 astronomical unit from the Sun and with Earth not far away.
Just 18 days later, we should cross through dozens of particle streams shed during past orbits. The predictions are still rough, but three different models suggest the sky show could be spectacular. “All the trails ejected between 1803 and 1924 cross Earth’s path in May 2014,” notes Jérémie Vaubaillon (IMCEE, France). “As a consequence, this shower might as well be a storm,” with the potential to see more than 1,000 meteors per hour under ideal conditions.
That’s the same conclusion reached by Russian meteor sleuth Mikhail Maslov, who thinks at least 100 to 400 meteors — and quite possibly many more — should rain down per hour. But he cautions that Comet 209P/LINEAR is small and hasn’t been observed much. Moreover, outbursts of meteors linked to this comet haven’t been noted in the past.
The potential for a strong showing in 2014 was first pointed out by meteor specialists Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens, but detailed calculations by Vaubaillon and Maslov have heightened the anticipation.

Where to view 2014's predicted meteor

This perspective shows the hemisphere of Earth that will be facing the incoming dust particles from Comet 209P/LINEAR when the activity peaks on May 24, 2014. Skywatchers in southern Canada and the continental U.S. will be especially well positioned to watch the sky show.
Mikhail Maslov

The best part of all this prognostication, at least from a U.S. perspective, is that the meteor display should peak between 7:00 and 8:00 Universal Time on May 24th — it’ll be dark across virtually all of North America. The meteors’ apparent point of origin (radiant) will be quite far north in declination (in Camelopardalis, says Vaubaillon), again favoring the U.S. and Canada. And the Moon will be a narrow waning sliver just a few days from new. Everything is “go” for the best meteor display since the dramatic Leonid showers of the late 1990s.
So what will it take to refine estimates of how many “209P-id” meteors we might see? More observations of the comet’s nucleus will certainly help. Unfortunately, right now it’s well beyond the orbit of Mars and a dauntingly faint 22nd magnitude. But with such a dramatic performance predicted for 2014, don’t be surprised if professional astronomers start slewing their best weapons its way in the coming months.

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist
Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today
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Mind Control in the 21st Century Science Fiction and Beyond





Mind Control in the 21st Century—Science Fiction & Beyond




… by  Steven DiBasio




[ Editors Note: Dear Readers, we have a special treat for you today, a mjajor piece of work. I won’t lead any of the enjoyment so I will let you jump right in. Steven is a writer, attorney, and sometime musician. He lives in the Midwest. And more will be on the way… Jim W. Dean ]




Is it coming to a home near you?

Is it coming to a home near you?


                            Conspiracy Theory?




“Mind control” is a topic commonly perceived as “conspiracy theory” or “X-Files” fare. That is, it is seen as possibly not “real,” and certainly not something about which one should be “overly” concerned.


This attitude at least partially arises from the widespread belief or assumption that the human brain is so complicated—(“the most complex entity in the universe” is a common formulation)—that it has not, and perhaps cannot, be comprehended in any depth.


One writer, for example, describes the brain as of “perhaps infinite” complexity,[1] while another, David Brooks of the New York Times, writes that it is “probably impossible” that “a map of brain activity” could reveal mental states such as emotions and desires.[2]


Similarly, Andrew Sullivan, blogger and former editor of The New Republic, opines that neuroscience is still in its “infancy,” and that we have only begun “scratching the surface” of the human brain, and links to a New Yorker piece in support of that position.[3]


And the cover story for the October 2004 issue of Discovery Magazine entitled “The Myth Of Mind Control” advises the reader that while mind control is a “familiar science-fiction” staple, there is little reason for real concern, because actually deciphering the “neural code” would be akin to figuring out other “great scientific mysteries” such as the “origin of the universe and of life on Earth,” and is therefore hardly likely.[4]


According to the article, as the brain is “the most significant mystery in science” and quite possibly “the hardest to solve,”[5] mind control remains at worst a distant concern.


The underlying idea seems to be that sophisticated mind control is unlikely without understanding the brain; and we do not understand the brain.






Understanding the “Neural Code”


Of course, one might question the notion that a full understanding of the “neural code” is a prerequisite for mind control since it is not always necessary to know how something works for it to be effective. Nonetheless, the assumption that the brain is so complex that little progress has been made in “solving” it is itself incorrect.


As neuroscientist Michael Persinger has said, the “great mythology” of the brain is that it is “beyond our understanding; no it’s not.”[6] In fact, according to inventor and “futurist” Ray Kurzweil, “very detailed mathematical models of several dozen regions of the human brain and how they work….”[7] had already been developed over a decade ago.


Kurzweil also said at that time that science is “further along in understanding the principles of operation of the human brain than most people realize….”[8] While the brain may be complicated, “it’s not that complicated (emphasis added).”[9]


Similarly, an Air Force report from 1995, in a section entitled “Biological Process Control,” predicts that before 2050 “… [w]e will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated…:”[10]


One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources … that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with … memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set.  [11]


As disturbing as such “predictions” may be, is it possible that technologies to prevent (or perhaps even impel) muscular movement, control emotions, transmit suggestions, delete memories, create false memories, and so on, have already been developed?


Certainly, even a cursory review of the “open literature” reveals that various sophisticated mind control technologies already exist.[12] Indeed, it is rather shocking to realize how advanced mind control technology was, even several decades ago.


"Altering brain waves"

“Altering brain waves”


For example, there is the 1974 invention of Robert G. Malech for which a patent was granted in 1976 and assigned to defense contractor Dorne & Margolin, Inc.—for a method of “remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.”[13]


Moreover, experiments conducted over thirty years ago at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) showed that basic mind reading from EEG readouts was possible, revealing the existence of “a non-symbolic language” of “brain-wave patterns” which could be deciphered and translated.[14]


Indeed, “…[b]y the late 1960s … ‘remote control’ of the human brain—accomplished without the implantation of electrodes—was well on its way to being realized.”[15] A means of stimulating a brain “by creating an electrical field completely outside the head” was developed,[16] and it was discovered that electric pulses could stimulate the brain using far less energy than previously “thought … effectual in the old implanting technique.”[17]


Not surprisingly, with such developments arose legitimate fears of a future world where “human robots” would perform the bidding of the “military.”[18]


And one source quotes a 1970s Pentagon agency report as saying that it will likely be possible in “several years” to induce sounds and words directly into the brain (bypassing the ears), as well as to use “combinations of frequencies and other signal characteristics to produce other neurological effects….,”[19]


The report notes that the Soviets had observed “various changes in body chemistry” and “functioning” of the brain from the exposure of the brain to various frequencies.[20] Also mentioned are studies at MIT showing that “magnetic brain waves can be picked up … and amplified as if the brain were a radio transmitter,” no implants or electrodes required.[21]


Finally, an article from 1981 describes how “microwave generators” placed in appropriate locations and transmitting at low energy would create “interference patterns” out of the interaction with brainwaves (brain electricity).


These interference patterns “could then be built up by computer into a three-dimensional moving picture of mental processes”—in other words, a remote “thought scanner” (and tracking device) could be developed.[22]




Recent “Advances”


Subjected to outside influences

Subjected to outside influences


In light of these past developments, it is perhaps rather surprising to read modern articles describing supposedly recent innovations in “mind reading” and mind control technology – in which it is sometimes claimed, for example, that scanners, electrodes and proximity to the subject is required to read and “control” minds.


Such claims reflect an apparent failure of the science of “mind control” to progress as one might have expected considering the presumed interest, as well as the spectacular rate of advancement of science and technology in general in recent decades.


Of course, it would not be all that surprising if mind control technology has advanced considerably, but that research has been carried out in secret for reasons of “national security.”


CIA affiliated scientists have certainly conducted much research which they have been prohibited from sharing with their peers,[23] and inventions that implicate “national security” are routinely suppressed under Pentagon secrecy orders.[24] Also, it might seem desirable to hide research programs which sometimes “require” relaxation of ethical standards, such as that of informed consent.

That said, even ignoring the likely existence of a “secret science” of mind control, recent public advancements are quite troubling in their own right.

Some examples:


"New connections" are being made all the time.

“New connections” are being made all the time.

1)    In 2004, 25,000 rat neurons on a glass dish learned to fly an F-22 jet fighter simulator.[25] After scientists placed the neurons on the dish, the neurons quickly began “to reconnect themselves, forming a living neural network—a brain.”[26]

The lead scientist added that “one day,” though of course a “long way off,” disembodied brains might actually be used to fly drones,[27] though the current experiment was merely to enhance knowledge of how the brain works, and possibly provide “clues to brain dysfunction.”[28]

2)    In August 2013, researchers revealed that “miniature” human brains had been grown in the laboratory.[29] As is typical, any negative implications or reasons for worry were minimized, while possible “therapeutic” uses were highlighted. Thus, the breakthrough was hailed as a great opportunity to understand “developmental defects.” Though the writer does mention “the spectre of what the future might hold,” the reader is reassured that the research is “primitive territory”[30]—though one researcher did comment on the “undesirability” of growing larger laboratory brains.[31]

3)    On July 1, 2013, a magazine reported a claim by neuroscientist Sergio Canavero that it was now feasible to transplant the head of one human to the body of another and reattach the spinal cord.[32]

4)    Scientists have reconstructed random images viewed by subjects, from fMRI brain scans, in research that “hints” that “one day” scientists might be able to “access dreams, memories and imagery….”[33]

5)    The brains of two rats have been linked, such that one, located in North Carolina, responded “telepathically” to the thoughts of the other, located in Brazil.[34] The second rat’s brain processed signals from the first rat’s brain, delivered over the internet, as if they were its own. The scientist speculated about the “future possibility” of a “biological computer, in which numerous brains are connected….”[35]

6)    A brain-to-brain interface has been created, allowing humans to move a rat’s tail just by thinking about it.[36] Readers are told that while it is not yet possible to “communicate brain to brain with our fellow humans … we may be on our way to … controlling” other species.[37] But, since it is “still very early days” the writer “hope(s)” that any ethical concerns can be “iron(ed) out.”[38]  Of note, the study used focused ultrasound to deliver impulses to the rat’s brain.[39]

7)    Continuing the ultrasound “theme”: Focused pulses of low intensity low frequency ultrasound, transmitted noninvasively through the skull to the human brain, have been shown capable of producing, not only pain, but also sound, as well as evoking “sensory stimuli.”[40]Accordingly, a lab with a “close working relationship” with DARPA, the Department of Defense, and U.S. Intelligence communities, has been looking into using pulsed ultrasound to encode “sensory data onto the cortex”; in other words, producing hallucinations through the remote and direct stimulation of brain circuits.[41] Possibilities are the ability to “remotely control brain activity” and the “creation of artificial memories.”[42] Even Sony has gotten in on the act, patenting a device for using ultrasound to produce hallucinations—again described as “transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain.”[43]  Most troublingly, one source recently alleged that the NSA is using this ultrasound technology to target individuals through their smartphones.[44]

8)    A researcher was able to make a fellow researcher in a different office move his finger just by thinking about it, in the “first” demonstration of a human brain-to-brain interface.[45]

9)    A low cost means of tracking people, even through walls, has been developed. While in the past individuals could be tracked anywhere by the “military” using radar technology, this technology might enable entities with fewer resources to track people as well.[46]

How much live nano testing has gone on?

How much live nano testing has gone on?

10)   Scientists have remote controlled a worm by implanting magnetic nanoparticles into it, and then exposing the animal to a “radiofrequency magnetic field” which stimulated its neurons. The scientists suggest that their research could lead to “innovative cancer treatments” and “improved diabetes therapies,” as well as

11)  Americans can now be spied on in their homes through their internet-connected appliances, according to (former) CIA Director David Petraeus.

Petraeus made his statements at about the same time a huge microchip company, ARM, unveiled new processors which will connect home appliances such as refrigerators, washers and driers to the internet.[48]

12)  LED lights have been ostensibly pushed for their efficiency over traditional bulbs. However, LED lights are also semiconductors capable of inducing “biological and behavior effects.”[49]


“Breakaway” Science?


Nural Codes

Nural Codes

While the aforementioned public developments are quite concerning, the reality is they may not actually represent the true state of the art in “mind control” technology.

It would not be that surprising, after all, for a domain with national security implications to at some point in its development branch off onto separate “tracks,” one public and the other “hidden.”

If such a bifurcation were to occur, advancements made in secret would not necessarily be incorporated into the public sphere. Eventually perhaps, innovations and breakthroughs would result in the development of an essentially new, covert science.

An example of a domain in which this bifurcation process seems to have occurred is aviation. In the public sphere, the most advanced aircraft might well be the F-22 fighter jet, or perhaps the F-35. However, if insider testimony is credited, these aircraft seem almost primitive in comparison with flying machines developed in secret.

Perhaps the most compelling statements in this regard come from Ben Rich, former Director of Lockheed-Martin’s Advanced Development Projects, or “Skunk Works,” a Lockheed division notable for its super high-tech, top secret projects, among them the U2 spy plane and the SR-71 Blackbird.

As Joseph P. Farrell’s reports in his book Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, Rich made a number of peculiar and provocative comments at the end of his career, and following his retirement on December 31, 1990 (prior to his death five years later), comments strongly hinting at “the development of … an off-the-books physics and technology….”[50]

For example, on September 7, 1988, in a presentation to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Atlanta, Georgia, Rich lamented that he was prohibited from discussing Skunkwork’s current projects, but he did say that they “call for technologies once only dreamed of by science fiction writers.”[51]

In ensuing years, Rich elaborated slightly. For instance, while speaking to the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni Association in 1993, Rich said that “an error in the equations” had been discovered and corrected, making it possible “to travel to the stars.”[52] He added, however, that “these technologies are so locked up in black programs, that it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”[53]

Ben Rich - Who saw it it...lived it all.

Ben Rich – Who saw it it…lived it all.

Farrell goes on to relay a statement from an unnamed Lockheed

Alien Agenda III


Sharon’s Death, the Third Force and the Planned Desolation of Jerusalem

…by   Preston James

“Once upon a time”

Last week Ariel Sharon was unplugged from his respirator after 8 years of existing in a coma-like state. Does Sharon’s death signify a new turning point in the future of Israel?

However, before that can be answered folks need to investigate and gain understanding why was he allowed to die now after being kept “alive” on life support for eight years.

And they also need to understand why Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated as well as a very strange and evil Alien Agenda that is engineered to “take no prisoners”.

This Alien Agenda responsible is now being imposed on the whole world through only a few top Policy-Makers who are strategically positioned at the top positions of power that sit at the nexus of the hidden worldwide occult network and the secret shadow government.

This positioning has placed them in key positions as principal Cutouts for the Third Force which is only beginning to make its presence and power evident to the masses. Such strategic positions place them at the top of world power hierarchies allowing them to set top policies in every government of the world.

At the time Sharon entered into the coma, it certainly signified an abrupt end to the secret agreement negotiated with him on behalf of the State of Israel for a workable, true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. But why was he unplugged now rather than years ago? That is the key question here.

Sharon is finally dead

Some thought that Muslim Intel operativespoisoned Sharon as revenge for Yassar Arafat whom they believed was murdered at Sharons’ orders.

Recently evidence has emerged suggesting that Arafat was assassinated by the administration of Polonium, something Israeli Intel has been believed to have access to.(1)

Some international Intel experts believe that there was a sophisticated assassination attempt on Sharon, but it was not done by Muslims as revenge for Arafat’s alleged assassination.

They believe that Sharon was taken out of play because he had made a 180% degree turn from a fierce, exceedingly aggressive warrior to a peace advocate and had agreed in principal for a workable Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that was being promoted by the man who was the President of the United States at the time.

Sharon’s death has been attributed to extreme hawkish elements in the Israeli Defense and Intel establishment that just could not accept his recent personal changes which led him to morph from a warrior with a record of extreme military aggression into a man who wanted peace between Israelis and Palestinians. To understand this possibility and likelihood, an examination of the facts around the assassination of Rabin is certainly in order.

Several times in recent years there have been serious efforts made to create a workable Peace Agreement for Israel and Palestinians, and both sides have agreed in principal. However before such agreements could be activated, in every instance, strange events have occurred that that interfered and prevented the enactment of any workable, real Peace Agreement.

It was during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan that a real and workable Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement was at hand. Few know that A true Peace Agreement was negotiated by Presidential Secret Agent Lee Wanta with Yitzhak Rabin. Had Rabin not been assassinated, this Agreement would have been actuated.

The involvement of Rabin in changing his views and becoming willing to advocate a workable, true peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, with full recognition of both nations and the establishment of fair borders for both in a compromise arrangement is a story that has not been told before. Now for the first time you will learn what really happened, that is the true story and context that led to Rabin’s assassination and who the likely string-pullers that ordered his murder and why.

Yitzhak Rabin, the Israel Leader who became serious about establishing a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians after secret negotiations with Secret Agent Lee Wanta on President Reagan’s behalf.

Rabin had agreed to a workable Peace Agreement which was brokered by Lee Wanta as he served as President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent.

Rabin was assassinated upon the orders of radical elements of the secret command structure of the Israeli intelligence system. These highest elements within the Israeli Intel and Defense structure have been alleged to be functioning as Third Force operatives (Cutouts), knowingly or unknowingly.

The bottom line is that these top Israeli Policy-Makers maintain and have maintained a 100% policy of no true Peace Agreement with Palestinians will ever be permitted.

They will allow lots of talk and many promises but no real Peace Agreement ever. Their extreme commitment to the zionist “Greater Israel” racist delusion/compulsion/obsession and as long as they are in power will never allow Israel to make peace.

The question is why, and although the answer will seem incredulous to many who consider it for the first time, there is now good evidence to support the answer for those that are willing to take the time to examine the supporting evidence.

In 1993, Lee Wanta negotiated a true Peace Agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Involved was a 5 Billion USD aid package to each party for their cooperation in activating the Agreement.  It was a done deal, already to sign when Rabin was assassinated. Here is a copy of the letter which Rabin sent to Lee Wanta who was serving as Ronald Reagan’s secret agent responsible for negotiating this Peace Plan.






Below is a copy of the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875)] Rogers Houston Memorandum:








Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s Secret Agent and a great American hero, served Reagan under the Totten Doctrine.


Wanta’s claims are well documented and supported by facts despite coordinated efforts to wipe his past clear and bury all associated documents.  In American intel this is exceedingly difficult to do because of all the excessive bureaucracy and production and filing of multiple copies in strange locations.


For those that are skeptical of Wanta’s claims which seem quite incredulous to those who have never heard of them before or taken the time to truly examine the evidence, let me assure you there is ample documentation available to support them. (1)


This includes massive documentation included in his book, Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat, now available on Kindle in digital form in its latest edition for about $10 (2 ), or free in an earlier edition on Lee Wanta’s website. (3)


I have spent two months examining and studying the documents available which took Wanta and his biographer Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall about 5 years to recover and assemble. Fortunately two top Generals assisted by providing docs. And despite misinformation from detractors in the past, I am well convinced that Wanta’s claims are fully supported.


There is a radical Alien Agenda that has been imposed on the world and it has involved setting up and using Cutouts, best described as several top Policy Makers or “Kingpins.” Once these Cutouts have attained their ascribed goals, a later phase of the Alien Agenda involves getting rid of them and throwing these Cutout/top Policy-Makers on the trash-heap of History once the Third Force is done with them.


It has been alleged by insiders close to top policy-Makers that Marduk came down from the heavens within the last year after many years of exile, was greeted by numerous top world officials, and was crowned King of Africa at Mandela’s funeral.

Supposedly Marduk’s exile of many years ago (going back to the Enochian Epoch) was a sentence enforced on Him for violating God Almighty’s Cosmic Rules of Play.

And one of the main rules is this, unless a certain critical mass of the earth’s human inhabitants violate the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you want them to do to you” (AKA “love your neighbor as you love yourself), Marduk and such ET alien leaders cannot bridge humans sovereignty.

So obviously alien Mass mind-kontrol and Hollywood culture (AKA Hollywoodism) are major tools that have been employed to “dirty up” humans and seduce them into giving consent to the Alien ET beings who are believed to be inter-dimensional spirit beings, many regard as fallen angels, Nephilim, demons, Jinns or evil entities that live many centuries. (4 & 5)


Soon Abbadon (aka Appollyon) will allegedly come up from the “pit” though Mount Herman to bring absolute Chaos to the whole world, followed by his “complete” NWO solution after he is crowned the Caesar of the Ages in the New World Order Temple built in Jerusalem over the previous location of Salomon’s temple.




YouTube – Veterans Today –


The UN has an office on Mount Herman. Why? Preparing the way for Abbaddon to rise from inside the earth (aka the “Pit”) where he has been held captive for his earlier crimes against humanity during what many call the Enochian Epoch (as described in the Book of Enoch).


After Abbaddon has risen and deployed massive, worldwide disorder, chaos and destruction, and has cleared and depopulated the city of Jerusalem and probably most of Israel, he will then pave the way for the seating of the anti-Christ to descend (some say he will descend from a large Alien ET UFO to become seated in the New World Order Third Force Temple at Jerusalem as the Caesar of the Ages).


There is considerable disagreement of Marduk’s part in all this.  Some believe that Marduk was crowned King of Africa and will serve as the great prophet that will prepare the way for the NWO Caesar of the Ages, others suspect Marduk will rise again and then descend in an ET UFO for the masses to witness on worldwide Television, and will himself become seated and crowned as the New Caesar of the Ages in the NWO Third Force Temple in Jerusalem.

Before Abbaddon can be crowned Caesar of the Ages in a new temple in Jerusalem built on the Temple of the Mount, first Jerusalem must be made desolate, and it is likely this will be done some some new type of nuclear device.

Some believe that Israel will also be depopulated and most Muslim countries weakened economically to the point of collapse. Perhaps a nuclear exchange will decimate Jerusalem, Israel and much of the Arab Middle East, creating radical depopulation in those areas hit.

The bottom line is this, the several top Policy-Makers that serve the Third Force in secret and pay first homage to it even more than to family, nation, government or so-called peer groups. And lately they have been paying homage to the Third Force and making some astounding and surprising complete reversals and betrayals.

Zionists Kingpins and Cutouts all over the world are very confused at how the top Policy-Makers they thought were their allies have turned on them and are “cutting them loose”. Israeli leaders are confused because the Obama administration has turned against them and is pursuing its own Agenda, best described as a Third Force Agenda.

The war criminal died without suffering…a shame really.

This reversal of policy by America is a completely new phenomena out from left field, a real curve-ball to the world zionist Central Banksters and their Noahide Talmudist associates, NeoCons and top Sayanims and media mouthpieces and talking heads as well as those who own and operate  the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is little more than a USG propaganda dispenser and chronic advertiser of notably, false absurd or dysfunctional Big Pharma ads, military recruiting ads, political ads, and absurd gadget and phone sex ads.

Without these advertising scams, most at night, the CMMM would be bankrupt in short order. it is no coincidence that less than a majority of Americans believe anything the CMMM says and go directly to their favorite alternative news websites like,,, and the like.

The Israeli policy of “No Peace Ever” by the covert deployment of hijacked asset nations like America and use of Cutouts until the desired boundaries of Greater Israel has been conquered and the whole world is run by a zionist NWO government set in Jerusalem is a passing obsession and fancy that has kept the Israeli High Military and Intel command from allowing any true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians to be negotiated and enacted.  That is why they had Rabin and then Sharon covertly assassinated.

And the best evidence so far is that Sharon was kept on a respirator for all these years to serve as an ongoing warning to anyone else who might try to negotiate such an agreement as he did.

Yes, that is correct, Sharon, the most aggressive, pugilistic warrior Israel ever had, a man blamed for numerous massacres of innocents such as the massacre of hundreds of innocent Palestinians including women and children at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shotila, as well as being the primary planner for the 9/11 false flag attacks falsely blamed by the George W. Bush Administration on Middle East Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some blamed a secret team of American Intel for poisoning Sharon for his part in planning and deployed the 9/11 attacks on America with zionist assets in the USAF High Command, NORAD, the Pentagon and the White House as well as the NeoCon and Sayanims.

This is always a possibility that some deal was struck where it was agreed that Sharon had to go (these kind of high level back door negotiations actually do occur).

But the best evidence so far is that the Israel High Military and Intel Command (very top Policy-Makers) decided that Sharon had to go because he had completely changed his mind and became in favor of negotiating a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians and compliance with prior UN Sanctions and Agreements.

At the time this executive action was taken, it was rumored that it was rumored Sharon’s complete and unexpected turn-around was due to the successful deployment of ultra-high tech psychotronics and pharmacological mind-kontrol deployed with the help of Third Force alien ETs and their technology as revenge for his part in the 9/11 attacks on America.

Perhaps some day the full story will emerge because as Intel assets get old, sick and close to death, they often start talking and telling what really happened behind the scenes. But at this time it does seem likely that his own high command refused to support his complete turn-around and took executive action that they are so infamous for all over the world including inside Israel and even among their own..

Conclusion: It’s a very good guess that the unplugging of Ariel Sharon marks a serious turning point for the coming desolation of Israel and much of Jerusalem as well as some Muslim enemies who have the major military capabilities.

It appears that the Alien Agenda is is control of a very few top Policy-Makers who control the Israeli High Military and Intel Command and are working in concert, knowingly or unknowingly, with other select third Force controlled top Policy-Makers in the USG and the current Administration which has been recently throwing the world zionists and NeoCons major curve-balls and reversals of previously long standing policies toward Israel.

Israel the major Cutout for the zionist City of London Central Banksters is now being Cut-loose and thrown to the dogs in systematic, incremental fashion.  And it seems clear that the secret reason is an Alien Agenda to clear the land in Jerusalem and the get rid of the top Israeli High Command who has been serving the zionist world agenda and the agenda to amass major new lands surrounding Israel for the new greater Israel will that will now never happen.

Domination of Israel has been the desired Crown Jewel for hundred of years by the European kings and Nobility, the British Knights, and the Knights Templars because in the past alien ETs prophesized to them in secret encounters (some called them personal guides after making a luciferian blood contract) that a NWO Caesar of the Ages will be seated and crowned in a newly rebuilt temple like Salomon’s. these folks believed that taking Jerusalem and discovering its secrets would unlock eternal life and they would become Kings of the world themselves when the NWO ruler descended form the Heavens.

The world zionists have always believed that this NWO temple was to be their and it would be a Talmudic Noahide New World Order.  Wrong on all counts because once the Alien ETs are done with their Kingpins and Cutouts, they get purged and thrown on the trash-heap of History. (6) Those who have the time and want to explore the subject of alien ETs, alien/human hybrids, and the Alien Agenda can use the search bar using the subject or author name (Preston James) or by using other search bars, the best ones are proxied for privacy.

Since the days that George H. W. Bush was President, contrary to the Prescott Bush (Sherff) Immunity Agreement, the USG has been manipulated into to deployed the American military to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East at a great personal cost to thousands of fine American soldiers that were completely betrayed by their leaders and abuse beyond reason in so many ways, physically and mentally that it would fill many books to adequately describe such treason, sedition and abject betrayal.

The interesting things about this is that the few select top Policy-Makers/Controllers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is that they have covertly used alien “beyond black” technology to deploy eugenic weapons against the world such as aerosol atmospheric spraying aircraft, in their jet fuel and in higher concentration by direct spraying pumped through nozzles from tanks inside special aircraft of CIA and DOD contractors. This is worldwide as are other secret eugenic programs such as tainted water and special vaccine additives as well as GMO foods.

The most disturbing such weapon of all is perhaps

Radio: Rick and Annie interviews Dr William Croft and Stew Webb


January 13, 2014 Rick and Annie interviews Dr. William Croft and Stew Webb

Dr. Croft tells all.

Click on link below and scroll down to January 13, 2014 interview to listen to 2 hour program:


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Radio: Bill Samsel interviews Stew Webb and Dr William Croft


Saturday January 11, 2014 Bill Samsel interviews Stew Webb and Dr. William Croft

Stew Webb begins at 50.00 minutes


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Radio: Ed Slade S-4 US Scientist and Stew Webb “Aliens”


Your numerous requests have been heard and here are the three exclusive radio programs.

Chris Zucker interviews S-F Area 52 US Scientist Ed Slade and Whistleblower Stew Webb. The below three radio interviews are the most powerful interviews about the “Aliens aka Fallen Angels” ever done by insider Ed Slade who worked with the Aliens for the US Government.

Radio: Ed Slade Area 51 US Scientist and Stew Webb “Back by Popular Demand”

Click on the links below to listen to these exclusive interviews by date:
March 18, 2010 Ed Slade Area 51 Scientist and Stew Webb
Ed Slade #1

Ed Slade #2


Area 52 S-4 areal photo


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Small asteroid entered our atmosphere Jan 2 2014


Astronomers say that a very small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere on January 2, 2014, after being discovered only one day before.  They’ve labeled the object 2014 AA, because it’s the first asteroid to have been discovered this year.  The Minor Planet Center announced that the asteroid struck Earth’s atmosphere at around 05:00 UTC on January 2.  That’s around midnight, early morning on January 2 on the U.S. East.  The asteroid – which is believed to have been from about 1 to 5 meters across – is thought to have burned up over the Atlantic Ocean, probably off the coast of western Africa


Radio: UFO X-mas 12-25-13 interviews Stew Webb


UFO X-mas 12-25-13

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The Most Dangerous TV Program Ever Made


Alternative 3 – The Most Dangerous TV Program Ever Made – Guide to the Unknown Episode X-video

Edward Schooling: (If Alternative 3 the documentary is a hoax why has it disappeared of every site except this one?
Perhaps It has made it by the censor here by starting with a new title. Sol_War)
Originall I had read that the UK security-intel establishment threatened the producers that they need to tell the public it (Alternative 3) was a hoax or they would go to prison or worse.

You may have to scroll down to the Title third video down the page:

Alternative 3 – The Most Dangerous TV Program Ever Made – Guide to the Unknown  Episode X-video

Read more:

Welcome Ed Schooling a new Author here on

Ed is a former LAPD Whistleblower


Track and Report Meteors Asteroids and Comets here


By Stew Webb

With all of the activity due between December 28 through March 2014 as Earth enters into a gigantic asteroid and meteor belt and debris field the Government does not want you to know about because they are afraid you might go into panic mold and quite work and then they cannot collect taxes.

Since the Universities are under tight control by the Government and under secrecy agreements as they map out the locations and directions of these space rocks they are not going to be reporting to you anything until after one hits a major city.

As I reported before that the Gov. attached a solar sail to the two large Rocks, Ison and its sister and both were diverted from the earth.

The following website I recommend to keep up to date on the meteor activity weekly and even report if you see a fireball in the sky. Since the Government wants to keep this information from us the American People who pay them to tell us yet they do not.

Please spread this link to everyone you know and post it on your favorite social media so we all can keep tracking this activity ourselves with or without the Governments help or permission.

About AMS:


Comets Update November 13, 2013


Comets Update November 13, 2013: A large comet passed between Earth and the moon in the past 48 hours according to sources. I make this known the source is not Gordon Duff.

Sources state we are not out of the woods yet. There is still a serious threat of other comets impacting earth. This is being controlled by Military and Top Secret the Government does not want the public to panic. From now through March expect to see more and more comets coming into and striking earth smaller ones. In March 2014 Earth will enter a large Asteroid belt and it will cause chaos on earth.

A small meteor was see last week in San Diego and another yesterday in Australia expect to see even more as we enter the large Asteroid belt in March 2014. This is the best I can do for all of you who are reading this. The Government is super tight lipped on this subject (Top Secret).

What Can Now be Told: Comet Ison Update Nov. 7, 2013: US Gov. has put on the comet what is known as Solar Sails which has slowed down Ison and possible changed it course from direct impact on earth. US Sources have told me that we are now only facing a 40% possible direct hit on earth expected November 15. I also find it of interest that a Power Grid shutdown of all nuclear plants will occur November 13-14-15. CBS evening news reported a Meteor came in last night near San Diego, CA and lit up the sky. They will glow in the sky a few hours before impact.–Stew Webb

Original link:

Main Stream Controlled Media admits Comets coming November 2013

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Amber and Colin interviews Stew Webb Oct 19 Comet Ison Update


Listen and download link:

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Comet Ison (Video)



TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: Comet Ison What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind?
I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Click on link below to see report:

What Can Be Told
Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
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Mysterious Missile Launch Seen From Space Station



Last night, ESA/Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano posted some bizarre photos via his Twitter account from the International Space Station.
A mystery rocket contrail could be seen rising above the Earth’s twilight horizon.
A missile launch seen from space: an unexpected surprise! — Luca Parmitano (@astro_luca) October 11, 2013
This oddity was all the more strange as there were no scheduled launches by NASA (due to the government shutdown) or from any U.S. commercial
spaceflight company. Russia and Europe also had no scheduled launches at that time. Still, something had been fired into space.

Click on link below to read full report:

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TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: Comet Ison What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind?
I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Click on link below to read full report

What Can Be Told
Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
Stew Webb Veterans Today
The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!
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Radio Oct 15 John Stokes interviews Stew Webb Comet Ison will hit Earth


Click on link below to listen to archives:

Click on link below to listen live and scroll down page to link:

Call in number 1 888 747 1968

TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: Comet Ison What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind? I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. –Stew Webb

Click on link below to read full report:

Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News

Stew Webb Veterans Today

The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!

Stew Webb Founder Recall Your Congress and Senate

The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution! The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?

Radio Lorien Fenton interviews Stew Webb (Comet Ison will hit Earth 1-4 weeks)

TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: Comet Ison What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind?
I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Click on link below to read full report:
Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
Stew Webb Veterans Today
The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!
Stew Webb Founder
Recall Your Congress and Senate
The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution!
The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?

Oct 14 Seattle TV Call 4 Investigations interviews Stew Webb (Asteroids)


Oct 14, 2013  Seattle TV Call 4 Investigations interviews Stew Webb (Asteroids Ison will hit earth)

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TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind?
I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

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What Can Be Told

Perspectives on Recent Issues/Threats/Promises

Anomalies Near Comet Ison (Chinese Space Agency)

Anomalies Near Comet Ison (Chinese Space Agency)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

TOP SECRET Notes from Stew Webb at bottom of page:

There has been a recent flood of disinformation in all media.  Normally, systematic mythology is the “meat and potatoes” of Fox News and the New York Times.  It is now pervasive and with reason.

Events have transpired that have led to the inexplicable things we are reading about, nuclear command officers removed, nuclear weapons inventories disappearing, FEMA buying everything in sight, earthquakes off the US coast, the “shutdown,” our mysterious new “peace bomb” in Syria and with Tehran.

If you believe none of it makes any sense, you have been paying attention.  It is all related, all a ploy.


The primary concern is to the Northern Hemisphere which is threatened by the potential collision of two groups of asteroids.  One is very bad, the other is worse.

Toward that end, within the realm of what can be done and what is rational, “prepper” mode should be entered.

  • Keep vehicles fueled

  • Store reasonable water

  • Get a water purification filter system

  • Have storable and transportable food

  • Consider a “bug out bag” warm clothing, gun, compass/GPS etc

  • Decide on a survival weapon (Henry AR 7 recommended). Survival doesn’t mean “assault.”


The current thawing in international relations is related to very strong cooperation between nuclear powers toward intercepting, yes, right out of the movies, several critical threats.  Weapons systems have already been launched.  Just as President Reagan had predicted in his UN speech, nations have come together.

Toward that end, keeping damaging and insane speculation out of the press has led to a restructuring of our military, shutting down NASA and some of the FEMA activities which are not intended to be threatening.  They are simply doing their jobs.

As this is a very dramatic period and we are unable to openly discuss what should be the business of everyone, I am sorry.

Were I to write what I have been told officially, even I would lock me up.

Do not spread rumors.  Many of you out there can take this and figure much of it out.

Out of respect, I can say this:  The news media has not been informed, nor has congress and the vast majority of the military leadership.  Toward that end, were I to pass on information that seems, at best, insane or bizarre, I would be doing no one a service.


For those watching Comet Ison or following the stories about it, I was asked to mention that “they aren’t crazy, there is really something very wrong going on.”


There was an earthquake off the US East Coast a short time ago.  I am unable to confirm that it was caused by a nuclear weapon.  I am also unable to NOT CONFIRM it was caused by a nuclear weapon and I am in that loop.

“We” are told there is an issue with weather in the Northern United States and in Europe.  The prediction is “severe and extended cold.”

However, every since seeing the Clint Eastwood/Lee Marvin film, “Paint Your Wagon,” no sane person, no matter what evidence, will predict a “mini ice age.”

There is no discussion of global warming/cooling or any issues tied to this.  One can assume they are related but, were I to say that, it would be my opinion and not tied to any information I have received.

The Gulf Stream has become “unstable.”  There are “issues” tied to “correcting that.”  There is controversy about this with the operative term, “controversy” being one of the understatements of all time.

Thus, I recommend reasonable preparations that should have been done anyway.

There is talk about the government manipulating civil unrest.  There is some evidence of this.

“We” are going to look at this and if we believe this to be a threat, we will strongly question those involved in this issue, “question” or, perhaps, a “bit more.”


I recommend we keep the usual political/racial/religious infighting going.  We don’t want to die of boredom, do we?

However, be very prepared to deal with “some” adverse circumstances.  Toward that end, be prepared to live and act like an actual human being, in cooperation with family, friends and neighbors.

Quietly advise others of the prudence of simple preparations not unlike those we all learned about from Civil Defense during the 1950s and 60s.

Please, do not attempt to organize or arm for insurrection.  In reality, there is no force, police, DHS, FEMA or military that would accept commands detrimental to Americans.  However, I do not entirely rule out that we have some seriously misguided and irresponsible leaders out there.

This information is given informally and is not intended to be expanded on or dwelled upon.

Many of you will see pieces fit together and will now have more tools to use toward understanding.

Our best case;  things will be perfectly fine or even better than before.

Our worst case;  there is no reason to discuss it.  Suffice it to say, organizations exist that are capable to doing what can be done.

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TOP SECRET From Intel Sources not the author make this viral for all Humanity: What the Government will not tell you. We all have maybe a week maybe a month we have 2 large comets and 300 smaller rocks they are shooting them now with bombs, Russia also involved (Google Russia Rocket tests this week the cover story). Ison is made of platinum or gold they cannot break them up. If a semi-truck size hits yellow stone the volcano goes off. One of the 2 larger football field size is expected to hit London another to hit the Northern Hemisphere real soon. The one that hit Russia this year was the size of a refrigerator. For those Bible believers could this be in Revelation 8:11 (Wormwood) the two asteroids that destroy 1/3 of mankind?
I believe if we all came together and have faith like Jesus stated, we ourselves can move this out of harms way. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.–Stew Webb

Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
Stew Webb Veterans Today
The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!
Stew Webb Founder
Recall Your Congress and Senate
The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution!
The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?


Carnegie Mellon University Beats the NSA


…by Jonas E. Alexis

While the NSA has been snooping on Americans and much of the Western world, and while Google says that it will include your face in its advertisements next month,[1] Carnegie Mellon University has been producing what seems to be an alternative to those Zionist night prowlers.

“Carnegie Mellon University researchers claim they have created a smart-phone messaging app with security that not even the National Security Agency can break.

“The app is called SafeSlinger, and is free on the iTunes store, and Google play store for Android phones.

“In a press release from CMU’s CyLab, programmer Michael W. Farb said, ‘the most important feature is that SafeSlinger provides secure messaging and file transfer without trusting the phone company or any device other than my own smart-phone.’”[2]

If the project happens to be a success, it will certainly mean that the NSA and other Zionist outlets and technological devices, though powerful and ubiquitous, can be challenged. SaefeSlinger intends to restore balance where balance ought to be:

“Users regularly experience a crisis of confidence on the Internet. Is that email truly originating from the claimed individual? Is that Facebook invitation indeed from that person or is it a fake page set up by an impersonator? These doubts are usually resolved through a leap of faith, expressing the desperation of users.”[3]

When all the NSA lies are finally crumbling, most specifically the colossal lie that the NSA actually thwarted numerous terrorist plots,[4] an alternative certainly was needed, and Carnegie Mellon University, at least in this case, begins to implant the idea that an alternative to the NSA is not only possible but plausible.

If CMU can challenge the NSA within a short amount of time, surely other universities and institutions can get involved.

Where are the intellectual children of the West? The West certainly can use those fearless men at this critical time, particularly when the court itself has already given the NSA the go-ahead to continue to spy on Americans,[5] and particularly when Skype is currently under investigation for passing data to government agencies.[6]


NSA stoogesThe West has not abandoned reason completely, and even when the Zionist mob still wants to invade Syria, the vast majority of people in the West do not want an invasion.[7] (The neoconservatives, in order to propound more lies, summon the idea that Syria’s chemical weapons were a threat to America.[8] America!)

NSA director Keith Alexander has recently intoned, “Shutdown Snowden? I’m with you on that one.”[9]

The intellectual children of the West should provide a parody of this statement: “Shutdown the neo-Bolshevik/Zionist/neoconservative/Mephistophelian machine? We are all with you on that one. Shutdown ‘born-again neocon’ Obama’s covert war on the Constitution?[10] We are all with you on that one.”

Certainly all Americans need to wake up. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon recently declared that the NSA has “damaged the U.S. economy so badly that Americans ‘should be in the streets with pitchforks.”[11]  For the next three years, the NSA industry could cost about $35 billion.[12] All that money will come from the tax payers, not from the oligarchs and corporate greed like Goldman Sachs.

Wyden continues to say that “If a foreign enemy was doing this much to the economy,” people would be upset to the point that they will demand that the NSA be shut down.[13]


The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law has recently put out a study declaring that 9/11 was the linchpin for the government to snoop on virtually every American.[14]

If men of the West would actually concentrate on that study and move on to bravely reveal that Israeli spies were actually accomplices in the 9/11 attack,[15] the Zionist business would be in big trouble.  We know for example that the NSA is largely an Israeli cell. In other words, the 9/11 attack gave the Israelis a political platform to snoop on all Americans.

Moreover, if men of the West can just stop the media propaganda for just one year and get to work, the Zionist machine would be out of business in just a few months.

Because the Zionist empire is based on colossal lies and fabrications, it doesn’t take a genius to deconstruct it and politically expose it to the entire world. All it takes now is a fearless politician (more precisely a president) who will care less about the consequences of exposing the Zionist empire.

Obama has already nominated Janet Yellen as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Who is she? Well, you guessed it: she has become part of the long line of Jewish bloodline that has come to dominate the Federal Reserve; she has become part of what Patrick Willis would have called “the specter of the dreadful few.”[16] She has replaced Ben Shalom Bernanke. Neoconservative magazines such as Commentaryhave already given her great accolades.[17]


Let me just say in passing that men of the West simply have no choice but to get involved in this ideological war. If they think that they will be spared when the Zionist machine controls everything, they need to think again. Perhaps a few lines from The Lord of the Rings will help here:

TREEBEARD: The ents cannot hold back this war. We must weather such things as we have always done.

MERRY: How can that be your decision?

TREEBEARD: This is not our war.

MERRY: But you’re part of this world! Aren’t you? You must help. You must do something.

TREEBEARD: You are young and brave, master Merry. But your part in this tale is over. Go back to your home.

PIPPIN: Maybe Treebeard’s right. We don’t belong here, Merry. It’s too big for us. What can we do in the end? We’ve got the Shire. Maybe we should go home.

MERRY: The fires of Isengard will spread. And the woods of Tuckborough and Buckland will burn. And… and all that was once green and good in this world will be gone. There won’t be a Shire, Pippin.

The Zionist fires have already been spreading all across America, the Middle East, and much of the Western world. If good and decent men just stand there and watch as if the fires will not affect them, they are again underestimating the ideological strength of Zionism. They do not realize that Zionism wants to seal their doom and unleash the hounds of hell across much of the world, if you’ll pardon the language.

Slowly but surely there seems to be a small voice throughout the West that indicates that the power of Benjamin Netanyahu is slowly waning, despite the fact that he continues to use the same old lies.

The Jewish Daily Forward has recently declared that “Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning on Iran falls flat.”[18] The New York Times has said that Netanyahu took “a lonely stance denouncing Iran.”[19] Iran, indeed, continues to be a crook in the Zionist’s throat because Iran demands rational dialogue.[20]

In other words, the world is slowly waking up from their “dogmatic slumber,” to use Emmanuel Kant’s words. When Netanyahu is saying meow, we can ignore him because he has political lies but not political teeth.


jerryNetanyahu got caught with his pants down when he said that if Iranians were really free, they would be wearing blue jeans and listening to Western music.[21] The New York Times itselfresponded by saying, “The problem is that Iranians do wear jeans and manage to listen to whatever music they want to listen to, just like people almost anywhere, except maybe in North Korea.”[22]

One Iranian responded, “Netanyahu, here are my #Jeans and #Western music.”[23] Another Iranian later tweeted, “Netanyahu, three days ago I bought a pair of jeans.”[24]

But let us suppose that Netanyahu is true. Let us follow his logic to its own “logical” conclusion. According to his argument, Rabbis in Israel aren’t free because they do not wear blue jeans and listen to Western music.

But let us leave that aside for the moment and examine what Netanyahu seems to have suggested here.

As we have obliquely noted in the last article, the current music industry is largely Jewish and Masonic.[25]People like Jay-Z and his “all the single ladies” wife are covert members of the illuminati club, which is largely Crowleyan in tradition,[26] which is Masonic in nature,[27] and which is Jewish or Qabalistic in ideology.[28]

Aleister Crowley himself was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), which “drew heavily on fraternal lodge practice, borrowing fraternal (especially Masonic) methods as a basic vocabulary of ceremonial working.”[29]

Crowley ended up influencing L. Ron Hubbard,[30] who established The Church of Scientology, and the Church of Scientology ends ups having a lasting effect on celebrities of various stripes: Tom Cruise, Juliette Lewis, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Kirstie Alley, Erika Christensen, Jennifer Elfman, and countless others.[31]

By Western music, Netanyahu surely does not mean the classical Western tradition, which includes people like Bach, Handel, Hayden, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorak, Liszt, etc.

Those men developed highly intellectual and highly orderly music, which in turn produced a culture that was conducive to the moral order. Even prior to the birth of Christ, music was used in Asian countries such as China as a vehicle to produce harmony and cultural docility and civility.[32]



An appeal to both the intellect and reason has always been a central theme in developing classical music. As Bach himself put it, “The end of all music should be the glory of God and the refreshment of the human spirit.”

Moreover, classical composers were largely Christian or were working within a Christian framework or culture. Take for example Richard Wagner, who previously produced disorganized and confusing music such as Tristan and Isolde.

But as soon as this “cranky and desperate decadent suddenly fell helpless and broken on his knees before the Christian cross,” to use Friedrich Nietzsche’s words,[33] Wagner’s music began to take a radical turn, and Wagner began to produce something radically different. This was the breaking point between Nietzsche and Wagner, and Nietzsche eventually hated Wagner for prostrating before the cross.[34]

Moreover, surely Netanyahu is not oblivious to the fact that Iran has also produced classical composers such as Ali Rahbari, Aminollha Hossein, Anoushiravan Rohani, Behzad Ranjbaran, Fereidoun Farzaneh, Hormoz Farhat, among others.

dionysosIn a nutshell, what Netanyahu indirectly ends up saying is that Iranians will be free if they start listening to Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Madonna, KISS, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Mariah Carey—people who have already given their allegiance to the Masonic and Crowleyan ideology that has come to dominate much of the music industry.

Netanyahu is not that stupid. Surely he knows the ideological consequences when a culture indulges itself in nihilistic, subversive and dysfunctional music. And surely he knows very well that music has been used as a form of subversion in the twentieth century.[35] It was Jewish revolutionary Vladimir Lenin who declared that “One quick way to destroy a society is through its music.”[36]

It was Jewish revolutionaries such as Jerry Rubin who ended up playing an influential role in the counter-culture revolution. It was Rubin himself who penned the book Do It!: Scenarios of the Revolution, which became a sort of Bible for many. Rubin, co-founder of the Yippie movement and who called kids to leave their homes and burned down schools, declared in psychoanalytic terms:

“The new left sprang from Elvis’ gyrating pelvis…Hard animal rock energy beat surged hot through us, the driving rhythm arousing repressed passions…Affluent culture, by producing a car and a car radio for every middle-class home, gave Elvis a base for recruiting.

“While a car radio in the front seat rocked…young kids in the back seat were (having sex) to the hard rock beat. The back seat produced the sexual revolution, and the car radio was the medium for subversion.”[37]

Rubin probably knew what happened in the Soviet Union. By the 1920s, the Marxists-Leninists in Russia knew pretty well that the arts, particularly music, could be used as a form of subversion.[38] Jewish scholar Theodore Levin himself notes that

“Soviet policies aimed to recast popular culture and peasant culture no less than the fine arts, and these policies were implemented not only throughout the vast territory of Russia itself, but in every republic and region of the Soviet empire.”[39]

It was Scottish writer Andrew Fletcher (1655-1716) who wrote that

“If a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation. And we find that most of the ancient legislators thought they could not well reform the manners of any city without the help of a lyrick, and sometimes of a dramatick poet.”[40]

By mentioning “city,” Fletcher probably had ancient Greece in mind, where Plato and Aristotle talk about the same issue. Plato himself said in Laws that

“Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong in music — that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave . As it was, the criterion was not music but a spirit of law-breaking.”

Plato also suggested that the improper music has the potential to create dissonance, which “corrupted everything…”[41]

The study between the relationship of music and the state continues. Neuroscientist Richard Pellegrino noted back in 1999:

“Many songs that ring up large sales not only produce endorphin highs but relate so well to listeners’ emotional lives that people create strong and long-lasting associations between those songs and other events and people in their lives. The songs become anchors. They trigger a flood of emotions and images: some from experience, some from daydreams.

“These images have the ability to instantaneously produce very powerful changes in emotional states… Take it from a brain guy. In 20 years of research, I still cannot affect a person’s state of mind the way that one single song can.”[42]

In a nutshell, Netanyahu, like his Jewish predecessors who sought to destroy cultural harmony in places like Russia, would like to subvert the Iranian culture. Once the culture is seduced by Jewish ideology, then Iranians, like many Americans, would be blind to recognize the actual enemy.


FeinsteinZionism has already tried to take away the rights of every citizen to bear arms, a right that is ingrained in the Constitution.  Fear has certainly got the best of men of the West. It is fear that keeps the West from reporting the crimes committed by the Jewish state. For example, on October 8th,

“Masked Jewish settlers burst into a school Wednesday, vandalizing cars and torching olive trees during a rampage that forced schoolchildren to remain locked in classrooms to keep safe… The settlers smashed the windshields of several cars outside, and then lit a fire that burned through a nearby olive grove…”[43]

How is that possible without a universal outcry? Well, “Israelis believe Jews should be privileged, [and] non-Jews should not decide major issues.”[44] Moreover, “One-third of Israeli support wartime concentration camps for Palestinian citizens.”[45]

After all, didn’t Ovadia Yosef declare that “all these evil people [Palestinians] should perish from this world”?[46]  

In response to the passing of Yosef, New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio twitted, “Millions of people around the world lost a leader today in Rabbi Chacham Ovadia Yosef. His wisdom, charity and sensitivity were legendary.”[47]

De Blasio could not tell us what those “wisdom, charity and sensitivity” actually were. Maybe he was referring to the following wisdom from the mouth of the great Rabbi himself:

“Goyim (gentiles, non-Jews) were born only to serve us [Jews]. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”[48]

This is not hate, but if you stop to ban circumcision in Europe, that is hate and anti-Semitic.[49] Recently, Lair Lapid told Charlie Rose that “about 3 million Palestinians is problematic to the Jewish identity of Israel, and I want to live in a Jewish state…”[50]

The Arabs, Lapid continued, is an existential threat in Israel, “And we have to make sure that everyone will be participants in the Israeli game… So yes the internal threats are more threatening to me than the external.”

Instead of chastising Yosef for his obvious bigotry, Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to England declaring that Iran must stop calling for the destruction of Israel![51]

Yosef’s thesis only makes sense within the framework of Talmudic reasoning. But if George Bernard Shaw is right, that indifference is the essence of inhumanity,[52] then the Zionist movement cannot go unchallenged and unchecked.

Unless the Zionists are dethroned from their political power, they will continue to create chaos in much of the world. Consider for example the rebels/terrorists. Human Rights Watch has recently detailed the many atrocities produced by those rebels. Those atrocities include “executions, indiscriminate shootings, and hostage,” and the killing of civilians, which led to carnage against Alawite villagers.[53] The rebels slaughtered at least 190 civilians in that region last August.[54]

But what is an Israeli double agent such as Isabel kershner of the New York Times to do? Here’s the title of her recent article: “Israeli Man Fatally Bludgeoned in West Bank.”[55] The Jerusalem Post reported the same thing.[56]

One Israeli man will certainly make it to the New York Times, but 190 civilians cannot. If one Israeli man dies, the Western world has to know that. But if 6,000 civilians lost their lives in Iraq in the past 10 months alone,[57] the public just needs to be blinded by watching Lady Gaga being literally prostituted on stage.


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Inside Beltway III: Creating Cover for Big Shift

by Preston James









Inside the beltway, it’s doofuses ‘R us and perhaps the world’s biggest collection of gangsters, liars, criminal psychopaths and incompetents.

And now it’s getting exposed, even in the major mass media and the alternative Internet Media is going wild exposing the dark criminal underbelly of the USG and American Intel leaders who have now lost all the respect of “we the people” and have damaged their agencies beyond repair.

Good work gentlemen, you have now terribly harmed America with your crimes and treason, and are still lying through your teeth and breaking the laws while violating the Constitution and your Oath to it which even makes this damage worse.

You just never thought that you would get caught. But you did and it’s time to resign and stop your crimes against “we the people”. If you had any self-respect, personal honor or any respect for the rule of law you would immediately arrest yourselves and surrender to the nearest US Magistrate. You seem to have no trouble prosecuting thousands for victimless crimes and falsely trumped up framed charges to discredit honest whistle-blowers as well as your assets and operatives involved in Iran/Contra and other such black operations (you filled several federal prisons with them, Vacaville is but one example). Time for justice and Rule of Law to be applied to you for your criminal acts while in official office. You should be extended the same amount of mercy you have extended to your victims which is none.

For the average American to be willing to allow American Sovereignty to be taken away and the United States of America to be folded into the NWO, the political process is being manipulated to make USG officials appear to be either gangsters, incompetents or insincere “human compromised” doofuses and shills (which they actually just happen to be),  thereby destroying any respect Americans hold for these USG politicians and officials and now also America, the nation-state as it currently is.

Thus when  a NWO one-world Government is presented in a time of engineered major breakdown, Americans should be suitably motivated to accept the new system with open arms, unless this spell is broken from too many people waking up before the Ruling Cabal aka the Powers That Be (PTB) can pull off this Big Shift to a Globalist NWO system run out of Europe.

When a major covert force that controls the world induces major cataclysmic moves in the background to engineer and stage the World’s largest Economic Restructuring and Collapse in modern history along with near complete social disintegration, it must create political cover to keep from being exposed and stopped cold before it has attained its goal.

To do this it places puppets in power that have a proven track record of public but hidden crimes and incompetencies and/or can easily be blackmailed or human compromised. Then as the system crumbles the public will just blame it on dysfunctional American politics and its incompetent and corrupt doofuses at the wheel rather than a long term conspiracy by an off planet alien ET entity or Third Force.

Expose the game, remove their cover story and their whole game-plan immediately is under a direct threat from “we the people”. That is why their major mass media is so important for their control and that is exactly what the Powers That Be (PTB) aka the Ruling Cabal have been able to do until now.  Why?  Because six major central banks own all of the major mass media making it nearly completely controlled and make sure it functions as their propaganda mouthpiece.

This Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) however is now being directly threatened by a newly emergent worldwide Internet, because the Alternative News it provides is eliciting a new world populism which is rapidly eroding any respect for the CMMM as well as the USG and all its agencies as well as the Judiciary.  Ity’s like the fable King’s New Clothes who is now openly described as being actually Naked and some of the CMMM actually publishing these stories and continuing this narrative.

Watch the Mainstream Media has now shifted gears and turned on American Intel and the Administration and is allowing it to be exposed publicly for the first time for its major crimes against “we the people”.  This is a major lane change and suggests higher powers beyond the USG are at work here to reshape American thinking about the USG into a realistic view to that of near complete political corruption and major Intel crimes against “we the people”.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

In real terms what this means is that there is a mad race now between the existing order and their CMMM and the newly emerging populism which is a direct byproduct of the Internet which in reality is a new worldwide Conscious-Collective which is gaining power by the minute.  Unless the PTB quickly institute a complete fascist stasi style lock-down, they will be overpowered by the masses and become fully exposed for their RICO crime syndicate and will be deposed.

Could it be that this mad race itself has been engineered as part of a larger plan that the current ruling cabal (PTB) do not understand and that their own demise has been engineered? Could it be that all the cutouts that have done the dirty work for the world zionist Central Banksters syndicate run out of the City of London (aka the Rothschilds) will be thrown under the bus and all cutouts even the big boys will be thrown under the bus in one of the greatest reversals and betrayals in history?

Could it be that the Third Force is now making its move and anyhow who ever claimed the Third force was loyal to cutouts once it is done with them when it no longer needs them.

Many now view this disintegration of the economy and rule of law as little more than a byproduct of the political elections trashed by the twisted, dumbed-down masses which appear to have continually elected “incompetents and doofuses” into the presidency ever since JFK was assassinated.

Of course few realize that most elections since JFK have been manipulated, some even faked by electronic vote fraud, and one stolen by a cooked Supreme Court decision which was blatantly illegal at face value.

There is a very powerful secret force at work in the world, the Third Force (1), which is busily at work to covertly entrap the whole world in a central Banksters “web of Debt” with plans to suddenly collapse it at some future point in order to end the “Old World Order” System and replace it with a “New Word Order” System.

This cataclysmic induced world wide financial collapse which has been designed around the soon to collapse US Petro Dollar is necessary in order to destroy the “old world order” and create a “new world order” that is to create a massive transformation in a short period of time using “disaster/crises economic or what Naomi Kline called shock economics in her excellent, highly respected book, Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism. (2)

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes.”

– Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

Fabian Socialism has been the method used to debase the economy and society in small, incremental steps which become “normalized” and therefore draw little attention.

Although this complete covert restructuring of the world’s economic system should have been considered cataclysmic as it has been occurring in progressive steps by anyone’s definition, it has generally been accepted as the masses as merely a byproduct of what is considered a dysfunctional political system. The actual reason is far different because this obvious systematic breakdown and disintegration of society and the associated economy has been staged in Fabian, small successive but increasing steps. And of course because the major mass media is controlled and owned by six large private central banks, the mainstream mass media is really a Controlled major Mass media (CMMM).

Bit by bit normal sex roles in America have been destroyed, also taking the normal family system with it, and all due to the quiet systematic and successive implementation of neo-Bolshevism globalist values designed to destroy America the Republic forever.

The results of the implementation of this systemic neo-Bolshevik social and economic engineering have become noticeable to astute researchers, but the actual “behind the scenes” root cause has not. In this article it will be exposed as the Third Force, some believe is lucifer a fallen angel, others believe is an long living alien ET entity which has gained great power over the earth.

The last presidents “elected” have been a CIA drug trafficker and murderer of JFK, another who ran cover for the Iran Contra Arms out- drugs in at Mena Arkansas and was rewarded with the presidency, and a sheep dipped CIA man, a complete fraud with no past and alleged to have used various fake names and over 40 different social security numbers used to obtain college aid while not having the required registration card.  All of these men have been used to very craftily manipulate the public sentiment by dividing major elements to battle psychologically against each other.  This is the age old strategy of Perfidious Albion aka “the Crown” and is commonly known as “divide and conquer” while you steal the nation blind or take down another country.

We have had complete incompetents appointed to run alphabet agencies and the US Department of Justice, and have had whole new major police state mechanisms started and staffed by NWO doofuses and criminals appointed to run them. DHS is a primary example of such RICO criminal, completely Unconstitutional Agencies.

We have heads of intel agencies which have been caught lying and committing treason publicly and Congress does nothing, and these same folks literally crucify any subordinates who blow the whistle when they discover illegal acts and honor their oaths to the Constitution. Never before in the history of America the  Repubic have federal whistle-blowers been so severely harassed, many of which have been wrongly jailed, quite a few murdered (like Michael Hastings) and most rendered jobless and destitute wit continual 24/7 surveillance and harassment.  Even the East German Stasi would have been impressed with this state tyranny and RICO abuse. We have Justices appointed to the Supreme Court that are twisted sisters, and one that is closeted and blackmailed provided by secret intel wiretaps, assuring that the new unaffordable health care plan is ruled Constitutional because it is a legal tax, one of the most absurd ruling ever made.

Mark Novitsky and Susan Lindauer are the new major victims, with both now being being re-victimized almost daily by private American intel contractors who have been hijacked by Israeli-firsters. And of course we have the most egregious  case of Barrett Brown, illegally prosecuted and jailed for legally revealing major USG RICO crimes.  All of these whistle-blowers should receive ticker tape parades as great American Heroes instead of being harassed and tyrannized beyond reason.  It is those who are criminally harassing them that should be immediate arrested and prosecuted for major RICO felony crimes, many of which are now committing Treason and Sedition, major capital crimes which can carry capital punishment as sentences for such criminal behaviors.

We now have a Congress bought and sold to any group with major funds every day and every election no matter how criminal or what their associations are. Thus we find DC as the biggest gangster town in history, one that puts Tammany hall of NYC and Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit to shame. (3)

A major Coup de Etat took place when JFK was assassinated and this started the major shift in policy to start electing criminals and pervert to potus and appointing doofuses to run the alphabets.

lyndon-b-johnson-colorEver since the JCS, LBJ, JE Hoover, A. Dulles, GHWB, Op40 of the CIA assassinated JFK to prevent the destruction of the private central banking system, the ending of the Vietnam conflict, and the permanent take-down of the Mispucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra, matters JFK was seriously committed to. JFK wanted to route out the basic systemic corruption he discovered was related to the international Money trust Monopoly of central Banksters and their associate enforcer henchmen, the CIA, the upper leadership of the FBI, and the crimes families which corrupted the unions and much of the shipping through the ports and trucking.

Some have hypothesized that JFK was secretly rebelling against his father’s known organized crime connections which helped get JFK into the White House and expected numerous favors in return, like no major Law Enforcement heat. The Mishpucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra had become part of the CIA (two sides of the same coin).

These gangsters believed that JFK would honor that partnership since the Chicago Outfit helped fix the votes in his favor in Chicago and felt that he could not have beaten Nixon without their help. They should have known from Bobby Kennedy’s work on the Kefauver Commission that this would not be possible. 01v/27/arve/G2079/035 Soon after JFK was elected, he and Bobby spent a great deal of time planning how to take down the Cosa Nostra and then their superiors the Mishpucka (aka Kosher Nostra which was fully financed by the Central Banksters and served as their business partners and enforcers as long as they agreed to fully support world zionism and the Rothschild’s personal nation-state, intel operation and army, Israel). banksters-300x207

Actually one of the greatest secrets is that there is a large worldwide secret zionist crime network which runs parallel and is a co-partner with a world-wide secret occult network of numerous interlocked super-masonic, OTO, and generally unknown esoteric groups, some of which can be extremely dangerous.

The Mispucka overtook the Cosa Nostra in power under Meyer Lanski after he dropped a dime on them at their Appalachin NY meeting which he did not attend and also because of the kosher Nostra’s close connections and support from the private central Banksters(aka the money-changers).

It was VT’s own Senior Editor Gordon Duff who predicted a couple of years ago that zionism was in its death throes and at the time this claim seemed quite incredulous since the zios had so much apparent power over American politics. Well as it turns out Gordon Duff was correct once again and his prediction was quite prophetic because we are now seeing the NeoCon zios, dual Citizens Israeli-firster traitors and infil-Traitors being fully exposed for their major part in the 911 terror attacks and many other staged Gladio style terror attacks, their hijacking of American Banking, their infiltration with groups specializing in espionage and influence peddling like Aipac, the ADL and SPLC and their duplicity in claiming anti-Semitism when they receive any criticism.

Of course the recent John Hopkins genetic research shows that 90% of Judaics living in Israel have no Hebrew bloodlines at all but have Khazarian or Ashkenazim roots and 80% of the Palestinians have Hebrew bloodlines.  Thus it is now beginning to be generally known that the Talmudic Judaic converts who are abject zionists ae he real anti-Semites and are not even Semitic at all themselves.

It is known that the Chitown zios worked with the CIA to place the current Potus in the White House.  These are the Leo Strauss, aka the neo-Bolsheviks and are a different faction than the NY faction. However, neither faction is getting what they thought they would and they are finding themselves cut-loose and thrown under the bus when they expected so much more. All this exposure is terribly confusing to these zios who deserve all the ridicule and prosecution imaginable for all their RICO crimes and violations of obamnerothe US Constitution and rule of law and massive bribery and blackmail of Congress, Judges, and numerous USG officials.

For whatever reasons and they may be exceedingly complex, this current Potus who many hoped would clean house because he is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar and his campaign speeches made such dramatic promises, has turned on almost everyone who though he would do their bidding and not followed through on all his promises which seemed very convincing at the time.  So many of us hoped he would be just the opposite of the Bush/NeoCon zio regime, but he has continued their national security spying trends and even increased them.  But the one thing he has done is to pull back from Isreal and the zio controls which has fully exposed the zio infiltration in America for all to see.  For this I am grateful.  Some say that he is turning on everyone not just the zios and his plan is the complete dis-assembly of America the representative Republic to form a neo-Bolshevik state.

And now we have the planned staging of the ultimate insider’s candidates, Hillary Clinton against Jeb Bush for the next Presidential election.  Hillary is hanging on for dear life since her part in the Benghazi mess and is having great success assembling a huge war-chest. She does however face a formidable challenge for a number of obvious reasons. The PTB provided the masses their token minority and now apparently they want to provide the women of America their own President, since their specialty is to divide and conquer as much as possible so folks do not pay attention to what they are doing in the background to destroy America the Republic. With the emerging world populism and the impending major world financial restructuring and the upcoming apparent engineered complete collapse of the US Petro Dollar, the Third Force may have other plans for America.

The overall secret game plan appears to be the use of controlled releases about the major USG crimes, abuses, but mostly incompetences in order to create political cover to mask a secret Old Black Nobility (OBN) engineered plan which is being deployed in stages, and one that has been planned for hundreds of years.

This plan is the wet dream of the OBN, the folks that really run things, and their partners in crime the Third Force, the entity which inspires, anoints, empowers, enriches, provides high status to them and protects them. The current state our USG is in is best called “rule by criminal sociopaths” yet many of these are folks who appear to be simple doofuses, too stupid to be plotting evil or blatant bloodsuckers on the body politic and “we the people”. (5)J. Edgar's son

The current means of providing political cover, that is, generative a plausible cover story or narrative for these completely dysfunctional behaviors makes it difficult for the public to understand what is happening to society, and even more difficult to figure out how to correct it. This creates massive alienation from society and major cognitive dissonance which usually causes all by the strongest to just simply go away in quiet desperation.

According to the best anecdotal evidence supplied by insiders, it appears that Top world leaders are criminal sociopaths that have sold their souls to some very powerful inter-dimensional major spirit or alien entity in exchange for power, status and vast wealth, which such entity appears to control and be able to dole out to those who contract with him.

If true, this off planet powerful alien ET entity has existed for thousands of years and been attacking humans for many years but cannot just take-over because there are certain required “cosmic rules of play” which require some degree of human consent.

If true this would explain the current USG leaders current despicable and completely ineffective behaviors and why they are really doing such evil rather than just being incompetent or run by simple lustful perversions or greed and nothing else.  If the real reason is that these leaders have made blood covenants or contracts with an evil entity which requires that they sell their souls to the Third Force in exchange for promises of power, status, protection and extreme riches, this would explain a great deal. Yes, if these folks have joined esoteric occult groups and made blood contracts with the Third Force which makes their lies, deception, murder and mass-murder seem justified under the philosophy of the “end justifies the means” or “only the strong have a right to prevail and rule, the rest deserve what they get”, this would explain a lot.

Some astute researchers believe the Third Force is simply the devil, satan or Lucifer a fallen angel. Others believe that the Third Force is an evil entity or alien life-force that lives for many hundreds of years, can breed into certain family bloodlines forming alien/human hybrids who have no human souls at all and thus cannot act human unless it is to gain something they want, or they are threatened with immediate exposure or severe sanction which would end their power and/or lives.alien-alpha-draconian

And it has been discovered that the Secret Shadow Government is now operating secret underground joint bases with alien ETs in order to develop alien ET/human hybrids for the alien ETs and receiving important alien high anti-gravity, sophisticated electronics technology, ultra high tech mindkonrol technology, and deep knowledge of quantum particle physics in exchange. (4)

The current elected politicians and USG leaders inside the beltway are doing an astoundingly effective job in destroying everything good in America, every single thing as well as driving the Mideast into mass death and mass suffering through illegal wars of conquest for the City of London, the Central Banksters, the large oil companies, the large offshore defense contractors, Israel and the SSG.

Ever since JFK was assassinated the so-called elected politicians have been doing an effective job destroying basic rule of law, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the War Powers Act, the economy and basic family structure as well as a workable educational system, instead dumbing kids down and creating a huge population of unemployed or underemployed college grads that will be lifelong debt slaves to high interest college loans which provide huge profits to Banksters.

So we end up with a government of wolves in sheep’s clothing, only these sheep appear as dumbed-down doofuses. But folks should not be fooled by this because it is all part of a well-conceived plan to place dumb looking stooges in high office that will create a plausible reason for the society and economy becoming so terribly messed up.

But do not be fooled by this because this has all been somehow carefully orchestrated to fool the masses and create a logical reason for the progressive, catastrophic destruction of the “old world order” so that the “new world order” can be implemented.

As the actual effects of these increasingly traumatic economic losses are felt at the street level for most, dramatic political games have been instituted ever since the JFK Assassination to create political cover and plausibility.

What this means is that absurd incompetent doofuses, perverts, sociopaths, sadists, and complete criminals have been placed in power as puppets of the SSG in order to create a visible reason for the masses to view so they can blame their society’s demise of these incompetents and evildoers, rather than blame the “hidden hand” in the background which has been engineering this progressive destruction of western society and economic stability.

Don’t be fooled by this massive deception.

Dianne-Feinstein-6402Most of these leaders are hand-picked because of a proven track record of being human compromised or have a well-established occult or criminal background. This means they are usually quite easy to control because should they “go off the reservation” (aka go outside their allowed parameters), they can quickly be exposed by an owned, controlled mass media and knocked out of office very quickly. This is why almost no one who is not dirty is ever allowed in any high position of the Executive, Congress, the Judiciary Intel or the Alphabets, or the Military. And as many know the US Dept of State (aka “old foggy bottom”) has terrible track records of corruption, incompetency and cronyism. And as many know USAID has always been a nest of spies around the world.

peter-t-king-wideThe Bottom Line to all this is that motivating American Citizens to reject the USG and accept a NWO Globalist one-world government run out of Europe set the stage increasing the ease at which Americans can be conned into rejecting their own Republic in order to enter the NWO Globalist system now being set up in Europe..

Consider all the seemingly stupid lies that the USG has been caught making lately. (6)  Intel leaders lying and committing obvious perjury in public on camera, A secretary of state lying through his teeth and being fully exposed in his dumb lies just like Potus. Have these people been selected to screw up, or are they being manipulated or asked to do this? At this time it is not known by researchers, however it does seem that the result is a massive loss of respect for all these related USG entities and agencies and a massive emotional rejection of the current administration as well as the whole Congress by approximately 80-90% of the Citizens surveyed by reputable pollsters.

ap_graham_imm_130313_mnWhen even the CMMM has exposed the current administrations and intel massive lies, you can bet that some higher power is likely manipulating these USG folks to appear as lying criminals and completely incompetent. (7 )  They have been caught in such terrible lies and deceptions it is near impossible for these agencies to ever regain any respect from mainstream America and especially the younger folks who get all their news from Internet Alternative News like  It is now known that many of the active military top and middle ranks, as well as many inside Intel and numerous USG policymakers now use Veterans Today as a frequent source of news.

In order to motivate the average American to be willing to allow American Sovereignty to be taken away and the United States of America to be folded into the NWO, the political process is manipulated to appear incompetent and run by doofuses thereby destroying any respect American held for the USG and America the nation-state. Then when the “Big Shift” occurs from the “Old World Order” to the “New World Order” in response to a staged world economic crises, folks will be motivatyed to accept the shift and become loyal NWO citizens.abc_benghazi_senators_121127_mn

If the Third Force is crafty enough to make most Americans disrespect their own government and view them as part of an incompetent, uncaring, corrupt, group of criminal, doofuses or incompetents, it becomes much easier for Americans to reject their own government in favor of a Globalist NWO one-world government that appears honest and caring about everyone.


This all seems so cut and dried.  However the worldwide Internet is a wild card and has even the playing field. Some insiders have claimed that if the masses awaken and withdraw consent to these staged pretexts and this coming shift, it cannot be successfully attained. And it seems as if thanks to the Internet the people are waking up more and more each day. Once 12% are fully awake the gangster system inside the beltway can no longer function.  It appears that we are now just about at 11%.

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America’s “Dark Program” Militarism

Secret technology pushing US into military adventures

The file photo shows a child survivor of the US atomic bombardment of the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.The file photo shows a child survivor of the US atomic bombardment of the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“Now that America has these things (modern clandestine technologies), they now want to use them and what better place to test non-existent technology than Syria?”


Related Interviews:
The development of military technology, beginning with the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Reagan presidency, has given the US capabilities that have remained “dark,” not just secret but “deniable” as well.

The US can simulate any intelligence source, any terror attack, small or large, or even influence public opinion, push groups to follow insane ideas or drive individuals to acts of unspeakable horror.

The best part of this, for America’s political leaders at least, is that they aren’t officially informed. Key congressional leaders like McCain or former Senator Kerry know all of it, know but aren’t talking.

They were the proponents that pushed these technologies, some costing tens of billions of “black budget” dollars, to fruition.

Now that America has these things, they now want to use them and what better place to test non-existent technology than Syria?


America’s new addition is to its new generation of nuclear weapons developed at Livermore labs after 1991.

New weapons can be dialed to achieve little or no blast. It is impossible to determine if any large explosion is nuclear or conventional. Nuclear weapons, when used, are claimed to be conventional weapons that hit “arms caches” or “fuel depots.”

Some weapons known as Minimal Residual Radiation (MRR) weapons produce ionizing radiation for only a few hundred yards and all detectable radiation is gone in 72 hours.

Other nuclear weapons are “tuned” to destroy particular materials. Some can destroy steel, turning it into a powder. These are designed to be used on naval targets.

ScreenHunter_2276 Sep. 23 08.47

Other nukes are “tuned” to destroy chemical weapons without spreading toxic materials for miles as happened in Iraq. These weapons are now on the Tomahawk missiles deployed in the Mediterranean to be used against Syria.

This is one of the reasons President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been so “cryptic” in discussing their attack plans, how large, how long?

This is why “boots on the ground” is considered unneeded. “Nukes on the ground” is what is planned instead.

Historically, these weapons have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan many times. There are also reports from nuclear weapons experts that the Marine barracks in Beirut may have been hit with a nuclear weapon, another used in Oklahoma City and another still in Bali.

There is clear proof one was used outside Damascus on May 4, 2013. When videos of the mushroom cloud and ball lightning went viral, there was no attempt at a denial.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Control and spin

A key component of a “secret nuke” strategy is calling any reports that contradict official mythology “conspiracy theory.” Pundits and comedians like Jon Stewart, Wolf Blitzer or Rush Limbaugh are key players.

Other totally controlled outlets, Murdoch’s Fox News and Wall Street Journal are, perhaps, the worst followed by and Newsweek, Jane Harmon’s AIPAC propaganda rags.

The newest entry is the Huffington Post, saturated with sex and “celebs,” used yesterday to attack Russian videos of Syrian rebels lobbing sarin shells.

A report of a nuclear attack, no matter how much science, as Dr. Chris Busby can attest, will ever hit the western press.

However, a Syrian rebel can film a gas attack, brag about doing it on video and post it on Youtube and it is virtually invisible.

Controlled news has driven the US into using unthinkable weapons, into staging horrific acts of terror and, if possible, being exceeded in every way by Israel.

Targeted individuals

There is mounting evidence that individuals known as “targeted persons” are subjected to attacks that include stalking, threats, staged incidents (accidents and murder/suicide among these) but also use of secret technologies.

The individuals are test subjects, possible security threats, whistleblowers or “Oswald” types. The US has an inventory of several thousand “targeted individuals” who, on command, as in the Charles Bronson film, “Telefon,” are ready to commit acts of terror.

Supporting these operations are “crisis actor” groups, coincidental “security drills (often Israeli companies but others are used too), and a slew of “alphabet soup” agencies, ready to plant evidence, silence real witnesses or commit the acts of terror themselves if the chosen targeted “patsies” fail in their mission.

Ft. Hood, Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook and the Navy Yard are but a few.

John Anthony Hill was criminally charged in Britain for exposing the 7/7 terror attacks and found not guilty in a trial that was based on substantiating his claims, proving “7/7” was false flag terrorism.

Brain attack tech

Most have heard about MK Ultra or the film “Men Who Stare at Goats.” This mixture of “conspiracy theory” and disinformation media humor is used to limit public knowledge of decades-old programs that have cost endless billions.

What programs?

Here is a partial list:

– “Neural communications”: This capability is meant to allow troops to talk to each other by thought alone, through receptors in their helmets. Sounds crazy? This is an ongoing DARPA project with billions spent, but there was never an intent to use this as authorized. This pure “thought control” project has already yielded results that we may well have seen in the recent terror shootings across the US.

– “Induced psychosis”: Remember the US invasion of Panama? President Noriega was subjected to “rock music” played at unimaginable levels. Today, Israeli companies openly market energy weapon technologies that are capable of causing everything from physical pain to feelings of panic and even suicide. Soon you will be buying them on EBay. The real systems, first developed for use through mobile communications by Ericsson Corporation, are capable of inducing severe psychosis, paranoia and triggering violence.

– “Death rays”: The most advanced “black programs” are capable of inducing ideas but also of causing death. Most common is suicide, sometimes tied to induce terrorist acts.

– “Full Scale”: Targeted individuals most often have their own private “crisis actors.” The important ones are assigned mentally disturbed or abusive “partners,” selected to play on personal weaknesses such as guilt or excessive kindness. Attacks often include induced illnesses, most often fatal cancers or aneurisms, the killing of pets or staged accidents or suicides involving children or grandchildren.

The existence of these programs is fully confirmed, but it is the scale that is frightening. These aren’t programs, they are an industry.

“We got it, let’s use it!”

Breakthroughs in quantum physics have facilitated capabilities unimagined, far beyond simple extrasensory perception or “remote viewing.”

Advanced energy research looking into Tesla’s investigations of the “ether” for obtaining and transmitting energy has yielded capabilities that will never be made public.

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Navy Yard Gunman: Stalked, Tortured, Induced To Kill

By Steve DiBasio for Veterans Today


-Give me back the Berlin Wall, give me Stalin, and Saint Paul,

I’ve seen the future brother, it is murder.

(Leonard Cohen, “The Future”)


On September 16, 2013, former Navy reservist Aaron Alexis shot and killed twelve people and injured several others at the Washington Naval Yard in Washington D.C.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Alexis entered the Navy in 2007 and was honorably discharged in early 2011. He worked as a naval contractor from September 2012 to January 2013. After completing that job successfully, he was hired by the same contractor in July 2013 for a new contract.[i]

In February 2011, according to the VA, Alexis enrolled in VA health care and in December was granted disability for orthopedic issues.[ii] Later, in 2012, his disability rating was increased due to persistent ringing in his ears.[iii]

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Also in 2011, Alexis moved in with his friend Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, whom he had met at a Buddhist temple.

Two years later, in July 2013, Mr. Suthamtewakul and his new wife Kristi told Alexis that it was time that he find a new place to live.

On July 5, while Alexis was apparently still residing with the Suthamtewakuls, Mr. Suthamtewakul’s car would not run, and he discovered that someone had put sugar in the gas tank.

Because Alexis had access to the garage, the Suthamtewakuls initially wondered if he had sabotaged their car. Subsequently, however, they began to question their initial suspicion.[iv]

On August 7, 2013, while staying in a hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, Alexis reported an incident to the police. He told the responding officer that he believed that three people were following him and keeping him awake “by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body.”[v] Alexis first heard the voices while staying at the Residence Inn in Middletown. Trying to escape, Alexis moved to a hotel on the Navy base, but “heard the same voices talking to him through the walls, floor and ceiling.” The police report continues:

Alexis stated that he moved to his third hotel and is currently at the Marriott. Alexis first said that the 3 individuals were speaking to him through the floor. Then Alexis stated that the voices were coming through the ceiling. Alexis stated that the individuals are using “some sort of microwave machine” to send vibrations through the ceiling, penetrating his body so he cannot fall asleep. When I asked Alexis what the individuals were saying to him he would not elaborate.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Alexis stated that he has never felt anything like this and is worried that these individuals are going to harm him. Alexis stated that he does not have a history of mental illness in his family and that he has never had any sortof mental episode.[vi]

The report then states that “[b]ased on the Naval Base implications and the claim that the involved subject was ‘hearing voices’ I made contact with on duty Naval Station police….”[vii]

On August 23 Alexis went to the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island complaining of insomnia. He was prescribed medication to help him sleep.[viii]

On August 28, he visited the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and was given a refill of his medication.[ix]

Contrary to what he had told the Police Officer on August 5, he now attributed his insomnia to his heavy “work schedule,”[x] not vibrations or voices. Perhaps this is unsurprising given the police response to his plight, which seems to have focused on Alexis’s mental health rather than the possible legitimacy of his complaint. This suspicion of Alexis is summed up in a later statement by the officer: “What he was claiming didn’t sound right,” he said.[xi] Given this response, it is perhaps unsurprising that Alexis did not call police again.[xii]

By September, Alexis was staying at a hotel in Washington, D.C. On September 16, Alexis entered the Navy Yard using an access card, and embarked upon the tragic events of that day.[xiii]

Character Assassination And Talking Points

Most descriptions of Alexis and what might have caused the shooting spree have not deviated from expectation, which is to say, most have relied heavily on character assassination and obfuscation.

For example, the British tabloid the Daily Mirror proclaimed in a headline that “Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis heard ‘voices in head’ after playing violent video games up to 18 hours a day, and that “twisted Alexis” enjoyed playing the video game Call Of Duty, which triggered his “dark side.”[xiv] The Washington Times quoted his friend Nutpisit Suthamtewakul as saying Alexis had been a “hardcore drinker,” [xv] while USA Today located a “subtle paranoia” in Alexis, noting that he would sometimes “become withdrawn and quiet.”[xvi] CBS News had Alexis “grappling with paranoia,” [xvii] while NBC News stated that Alexis had been “deteriorating” after an apparent “history of psychological problems.” [xviii] And an anonymous “official” told the L.A. Times that Alexis “was a loner” who even “told people he was crazy.”[xix]

Message From The Grave

Following the initial wave of media coverage, it emerged that Alexis had carved two messages into his gun, a Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shotgun. The messages were “Better off this way,” and “My ELF weapon.”[xx] Characterizing these messages as “bizarre,” the Washington Post informed the reader that “ELF generally stands for ‘extremely low frequency’ and can refer to weather or communications efforts, among other things.” The paper further advised that investigators “do not yet know what, if anything, Alexis meant in the etchings,”[xxi]  though they of course hoped that “the words” might “provide clues.”[xxii] That the carvings might be a reference to the vibrations that Alexis believed had been used to harm him, apparently totally eluded them.

For CBS news, the message was “cryptic,” but throwing caution to the wind, they hazarded a guess that ELF might refer to the “radio waves used by the Navy to communicate with submarines.” For its part, the L.A. Times wondered if ELF might stand for “Executable and Linkable Format,” a computer coding term.[xxiii] And The Epoch Times, a free newspaper circulated in New York City and elsewhere, pondered whether “the weapon” might actually refer “to elves, the mythical beings referenced in video games, movies, and legends.” [xxiv]

Voices In The Head & “Vibrations”

After reading several mainstream media articles on the Navy Yard shooting, one might be tempted to conclude that there is some agenda to obscure the meaning of ELF, and to portray Alexis as the “typical” mentally unstable lone gunman with anger issues and a history of “acting out.”

However, let us take Alexis seriously for a moment, and ask whether there might be a link between Aaron Alexis’s claim to hearing voices and being assaulted with some sort of frequency weapon (“vibrations”), and the messages carved into his gun.

First, with regard to the “voices.”

Are there technologies that can bypass the ears and create sounds, even high fidelity speech, in the brain? Absolutely. In fact there are multiple technologies, some of which have been commercialized. For example, the “talking window”:

Another such technology, more relevant to Alexis’s situation, involves microwaves.

In a 2008 article entitled “The Microwave Scream Inside Your Skull,” Wired magazine discusses a U.S. military project that employs the “microwave auditory effect,” by which a microwave beam interacts with your head, creating sound which only you can hear,[xxv] and in another article the same year, notes that an Army website on “Voice-to-Skull” weapons, strange in itself, had even more strangely, recently been removed.[xxvi]

Retired MI5 microwave specialist Barrie Trower has a lot to say about microwave weapons, including microwave hearing:

Trower discusses various aspects of microwave weapons technology in this video. For instance, at the seven minute mark, he discusses TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio), and how it has been used to entrain police and special forces with a frequency that produces violence and aggression. Eight minutes into the video he states that a particular frequency is used to create suicidal depression, and mentions targeting demonstrators as a possible application.

And specific targets can be tracked continuously. For example, “if you want to cause a specific psychiatric illness, you would have an infrared device that followed the person and you would link it to a pencil thin microwave source, so the microwave beam would always target a specific gland or a specific part of the brain, or an eye or the heart.”

Trower in fact was privy to an experiment using tailored microwaves, the aim of which  was to transform psychological healthy individuals into lunatics. A successful outcome for the government scientists performing these experiments was for the subjects to be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia or some other grave mental illness, and have them spend the rest of their miserable lives in an insane asylum.

Finally, at the ten minute mark Trower talks about microwave hearing, which involves the induction of voices that no one else can hear into the brain of the subject or target: “All you have to do is stimulate the cochlear with a set resonant frequency. It’s very easy. Voices are very easy.”

“And it isn’t people imagining voices, they physically hear them.”

Moreover, it can be any kind of voice, from an “angel” to a terrifying “devil” – Even a devil, it must be added, who might tell the individual that the pain, terror, and hopelessness he is being made to experience will never stop, that nobody cares about his torment or will ever help in any way, and that he should strike back at the world by the only means available to him, and end his torment.

Indeed, one can just imagine that insistent voice speaking to Alexis inside his brain, incessantly, 24 hours a day: “Alexis, you will be “better off this way.” Alexis, just do it. There is no other solution. There is no way out. Better off this way, Alexis.”

Such a scenario might seem far-fetched, but perhaps this is only because “consensus reality” unfortunately differs so dramatically from “actual reality.”


Torture Subjects

Robert Duncan interviewed hundreds of human test subjects and detailed some of their stories in his book Project: Soul Catcher Volume Two.

Duncan is a scientist who holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College. He has also worked on projects for the Department of Defense, CIA and Justice Department,

In one such interview, Duncan asked the subject how his handlers almost got him to go on a killing spree. The subject told Duncan that he was tortured remotely and that technology was used to enrage him. At the same time, messages were piped into his head saying that no one was going to help him and that he should “[k]ill everyone,” as they did not care about him, and indeed that humans are stupid animals whose tax dollars were actually being used to fund his torture.

His handlers tried to convince him that if he were to “go on a massive killing spree” the news would finally cover his torture and “people would care.”

In this context, one wonders what Alexis’s voices were telling him, and why he would not tell the police officer what these voices were saying.

Brain Hacking and Hive Minds

Is there other evidence to suggest that Alexis might have been the victim of mind control technology? Perhaps. As already noted, Alexis had sought treatment in 2012 for a persistent ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus.

In his book “The Matrix Deciphered,” Robert Duncan had something to say about ringing in the ears and how it might relate to the creation of hive mind cells, even a “global brain.”

Duncan says that he “knows for certain” that many people’s brains have been mapped and connected to supercomputers. He calls it the “US MIND network.” He goes on:

Another way to estimate how many people might be on the MIND network is to look at the rate of tinnitus in the population. How many people hear a very high pitch square wave tinny sound once in a while? I scoured the medical research in this area and none of it satisfactorily explains the neurological and biophysical processes that give rise to this kind of tinnitus as described by government torture projects and the general populous. Tinnitus affects 17% of the general population. 17% of the US population is 50 million people. The US MIND control network is rumored as of 1985 to be able to handle 25 million people. In fact, when the cases of tinnitus that have real physical causes are removed from those stats, it matches exactly. With a potential influence over 25 million people, all public opinions and elections could easily be manipulated. In fact until we regain constitutional controls over this integrated weapons system, no public servant, politician, or military leader should be allowed to serve if they suffer from any sporadic or constant tinnitus as described. This is why a civil war will occur and not a revolution. Potentially 8% of the population cannot be woken up from their slumber and will continue to power the military machine.

In addition, he notes that it is technologically possible, and has been for years now, to connect all human minds together in a global hive, or “higher order mind.” Though he does not know if this has actually been achieved, or whether the minds on the MIND network have been or are being “integrated,” he does know that “hive minds with 2 to 6 people are being created and tested in the thousands of cells. Whether those cells are somehow connected to each other through a collective hive mind switchboard is … unknown.”

Hive Minds & Gangstalking

Duncan’s comments about hive minds are important to consider in relation to gang stalking, a phenomenon often reported by those who identify themselves as “targeted individuals.”

Alexis claimed that he was being gang stalked by three people. Whether this was really happening to him is difficult to say. However, as already mentioned, his account does dovetail with the claims of many “targeted individuals,” individuals who also often claim that they have been subjected to electromagnetic harassment and torture.

A peculiarity of the gangstalking phenomenon, though, as some gangstalking targets have observed, is that some “stalkers” do not appear to actually be aware that they are stalking the victim. The stalkers might use particular phrases that the target has been primed to recognize as pertaining to him. They might at times even say what the target is thinking at that moment, like a play-by-play of their thought stream.

Moreover, the stalkers might act in curiously “synchronized” fashion with each other, in a way that seems almost magical. The target might even see the same “stalkers” multiple times in the same day, at different locations. However, it may be true, and some targets have observed, that some of these group “stalkers” appear oblivious of their role in antagonizing and tormenting the target.

One frightening possibility is that targets may be encountering these hive mind “cells” in action, with remote technicians using computers to influence and direct their “stalkers” through the use of “synthetic telepathy,” a technology on which the government has been said to have spent billions.

In these situations, the person stalked might actually be a form of “bait” for purposes of study, and the “stalkers” may themselves be victims. In other words, the “stalkers” themselves may at times be the main experimental object, not the “targeted individual.” These situations could in part be geared towards manufacturing complex social situations and effects by the remote coordination and control of susceptible humans.

Paid Stalkers, Remote Torture

At other times, however, individuals have clearly been assigned to follow and harass targets. One such paid “government” stalker was Carl Clark. Carl Clark is a whistleblower who did freelance work for the CIA, Mossad, MI5, the Anti-Defamation League, and others. His interview in the German press has been translated into English.

His assignments were to “secretly force my way into (target’s) homes, remove some things and just move others around. I would then delete data from their computer. Or I would just drive them crazy, by following them and turning up close by either in the railway station or the bus station, etc. Otherwise, I would stage a fight in the street right in full view of the target’s eyes, and many other ploys …” including installation of child pornography on target’s computers.

In this context, one might justifiably wonder exactly who it was who placed the sugar in Nutpisit Suthamtewakul’s car when Alexis was living with Suthamtewakul and his wife. Was it Alexis? Or is it rather more likely that Alexis’s travails as a “targeted individual” had already begun?

Indeed, one could easily imagine how this event could have been manufactured by some outside entity to psychologically “pressure” and socially isolate Alexis. Alexis was the best man at Suthamtewakul’s wedding, and now Suthamtewakul suspected Alexis of sabotaging his car. The event is likely to have strained their friendship, which would have probably taxed Alexis’s “support system,” especially considering that he appears to have been estranged from his family.

In any case, Clark’s job was surveillance and “hands on” mind games; it was left to fellow employees from “special departments” to torture the targets with microwave and radio frequency weapons.

Clark describes the situation as being akin to a science fiction movie, as people could “be tracked anywhere” and “followed all day” with computers, making the localization of weapons to the target an easy task. In fact, his “colleagues could see exactly where to aim and also observe how the target reacted.”

Moreover, “radiofrequency could be manipulated so that the target hears his own name on the radio or his computer shows his name time and again. Voices are also specifically transmitted to a target commenting on his activities.”

Clark himself was remotely tortured after leaving his line of work. He was entrained to feel intense aggression, while voices were pumped into his head stating, for example, ‘[g]et up and injure somebody’.” He admits that he nearly “killed somebody on two occasions, once a neighbour who was a pleasant elderly lady.”

These so-called “science fiction” technologies, which provide the ability to remotely induce terror, disrupt memory, produce intense pain (including pain that leaves no physiological “trace” for a doctor to diagnose), and which in some cases appear intended to drive a target insane, were fully operational more than a decade ago.

Considering “Moore’s law” and the exponential growth of technology, especially in neural research, Clark is perhaps stating the obvious when he observes that “technology has advanced considerably since then.”

How far has this technology of torture and control advanced? It is difficult to know for certain, but some indication of the subsequent development of “mind control” technology can be found in Robert Duncan’s work. According to Duncan and others, brains can now literally be hacked like computers. Each brain has its own unique “brainprint” similar to a fingerprint. Once this brainprint is deciphered, very precise access and alteration of individual brains can take place.

For instance, neurotransmitter release can be inhibited or increased, exactly mimicking the effects of various drugs, autonomic functions such as digestion can be controlled, thoughts can be read, dreams can be manipulated, patterns of thought can be “forced” while other thoughts are prevented from reaching consciousness, motor centers can be infiltrated creating the feeling that one is “possessed” by some entity, EEG patterns of psychotic or suicidal individuals can be introduced into otherwise healthy brains, and on and on. The transhumanists and public scientists, according to Duncan, have been deceived. They do not realize that what they hope to yet achieve with “neural chips and plug in brain links,” has already been accomplished, and completely wirelessly, no implant required.

Accentuate The Positive

As must be obvious by now, the world we currently live in is beyond Orwellian. The dreams of Dr. Jose Delgado, former Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale University Medical School and CIA experimental scientist, of having a “psycho-civilized” society are close to full realization. As the good scientist said in 1974, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind … We must electronically control the brain.”

The picture seems clear, and it is grim: “Someone” wants to control the “useless eaters,” and nothing less than total technological domination over one’s physical and mental processes will suffice. This is not the boot in the face; it is electrical signals in the brain, and there is no escape and no one to fight back against.

In spite of this bleak picture, however, there is some hope, and it can be found in the global awakening currently transforming the globe.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor and founder of the Trilateral Commission, in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role In the Technetronic Era, writes:

The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

So far, so bad. But it is Brzezinski’s more recent statements that provide some grounds for optimism. Because, despite all of the mind-invasive technology that has been developed, and all of the attempts to impose total control over even the inner world of individuals, governments risk, by their inhumanity and reckless abuse of power, loss control over their populations:

The following is a quote from the “Whitehead” lecture, linked above:

“It is … a sad fact that the cumulative effects of national financial self-indulgence, of an unnecessary war of our own choice, and of ethical transgressions, have cumulatively discredited (American) leadership. And making matters worse today, we have the financial crisis. And all of that is occurring in a context of the simultaneous interaction between two very basic transforming developments on the world scene … The first change concerns the surfacing of global issues pertaining to human well-being, as critical international issues … issues such as … health, social inequality,” etc.

“All of these are compounding the complexity of the global context. And these issues furthermore are made more acute by the coincidental phenomenon of … the global political awakening. This is a truly transformative event on the global scene; namely, that for the first time in … all of human history almost all of mankind is politically awake, activated, politically conscious and interactive … with the political turmoil and … aspirations around the world. And all of that is creating a worldwide surge in the quest for personal dignity and cultural respect in a diversified world sadly accustomed for many centuries to domination by one portion of the world by another. That is an enormous change.”

“And these new and old major powers face still yet another novel reality… and it is that while the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world, is at an historical low … In earlier times it was easier to control a million people … than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”


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Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist
Stew Webb Columnist Veterans Today
Stew Webb working 24/7 for you
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The match is HOT and NOW is the time to strike!
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