Louie Gohmert plays Gomer Pyle Bomb Iran





…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,     with  Press TV,  Tehran




I wish I could say I was shocked to watch this American Congressman make a complete fool of himself on national TV by advocating US bombing missions on all of Iran’s nuclear facilities so we can ‘be sure’ that there is no threat, but I am not.


Gomer Pyle instantly came to mind when watching ‘Gohmert’s’ video report on Press TV. Gomer was a famous character on the long running American TV series, the Andy Griffith show in the Southern town of Mayberry, NC. He was a loveable ex-Marine, but not too smart… simpleminded was the term used in those days.


His biggest lines, used repetitively in the series were, “Shazam!… and… G-o-l-l-y!”, when he thought he had figured something out.


Congressman Gohmert was giving us his ‘Shazam’ moment on Fox TV where he also was playing the village idiot, but not a funny one at all. Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas is not even likeable. On the contrary, he is a very dangerous man.


I covered this in my Top Five news interview on Tuesday, Americans are now witnessing the cost of having a political system that raises some of the dregs of society up into important positions where they become cheap sock puppets for special interests, including some very dangerous special interests.


Our Congress as a whole has the worst public confidence ratings in history. But that is not even the bad part. They don’t really care in most cases. Despite how much Americans despise what Congress does and doesn’t do, 90% of them get reelected. And those in safe districts which have been totally rigged to be controlled by Democrat or Republican, they are effectively Congressmen for life.


The real constituencies for most of our Congress are the special interests that they see have supported those who rise up into all the top committee assignments and leadership positions. They all kiss the ring of the Israeli Lobby.


Our sources show that Israeli Intel and AIPAC activities overlap more than a little

Our sources show that Israeli Intel and AIPAC activities overlap more than a little


Those coming up behind them who observe all this, learn quickly where the real power to move up the line comes from, and it is not the voters back home who have effectively been disenfranchised, even though many are too stupid to even know that.


They have to have Israeli Lobby support for all the top positions, and the Lobby folks don’t work for free. I will let you guess who pays at the end of the day… it is us.


Not only has Congress not declared war on anyone recently as a justification for advocating military use, we now have individual Congressmen taking it upon themselves to advocate such, after close consultations with a foreign government who runs massive offensive espionage operation inside the US.


Virtually every member of Congress knows this but does not feel any duty to even warn the American people, much less do anything about it. On the contrary, some of our most damaging espionage leaks come directly from Congress, usually at the committee chairman level as they have the top security clearances to have access to the really good stuff.


Israeli Intel and the AIPAC stick to them like glue. The top Congressional people are the yellow brick road to the mother lode. These traitors have to do all in their power to prevent any major investigations of Zionist espionage here as the end result of that would be their all doing long prison sentences for countless charges of treason. They deserve to live in the Jonathan Pollard wing.


Hillary Clinton and Ex-CIA James Woolsey want Pollard freed

Hillary Clinton and Ex-CIA James Woolsey want Pollard freed


The proof of this is in their long record of doing absolutely nothing about the most serious national security threat we face, a foreign invasion of our top government and institutions by Israel and its various operatives.


Since I have been writing about this horrible state of affairs on Press TV and Veterans Today, reader support has been running 99%. The comment boards have been just stellar and an inspiration for me to keep going.


Even the international readers understand better that the American people, most of them are not their enemies.


Many of them also live in corrupt countries be they cartoon coloring book democracies or one of the lingering autocracies, with whom the alleged lover of freedom, the US, has had a long time love affairs. The Saudis are at the top of that list.


But our Gomer Pyle – Rep. Louie Gohmert is deserving of special contempt. Not only was an outrageously offensive and immoral threat to make, it was stupid, something that does not seem to carry the negative stigma that it once did when Congress had more class.


Here is what the idiot said:


“[Iran has] to open [nuclear facilities] up to the IAEA and to US inspectors and we’ve got to make sure you’ve gotten rid of everything. Otherwise, let’s blow them all up, all the sites up, until we’re satisfied we’ve eliminated them as a threat… I don’t think we would have to do it, but they sure need to know we would do it if we needed to.”


The IAEA has never found any evidence of uranium diversion or of bomb making in decades of inspections

The IAEA has never found any evidence of uranium diversion or of bomb making in decades of inspections


Dear Mr. ‘Gomer’, you need some new staff sir, or you need to lighten up on reading your AIPAC talking points. I can assure you that the IAEA has been to Iran.


They have done thousands of inspections and reported finding no threatening program or the diversion of even one gram of reprocessed uranium.


This has been reported in the press extensively, particularly the most recent IAEA visits to the Arak heavy water new facility, the planned replacement for one built in the 1960’s. They also have visited the uranium mining facilities.


I know you know this. And you know I know you lied on Fox TV when you made this ridiculous statement. It can be instantly disproven with the most cursory Google search, but you did it anyway. Why?… because you were ‘in the bag’ sir, an obvious Israeli asset working for them.


As for your statement that we should give the Israelis everything they need to attack Iran themselves, we have already seen what a disaster that has been in Syria. I think you are a willing player in an Israeli intelligence operation to torpedo the Iran nuclear settlement talks, which the whole world now supports except for the militant Zionists and their 5th column crowd.

I know that Texas is a big Christian Zionist state and you are probably in a safe district. But you have betrayed your office and we mean to do something about it. Israeli Intel is very good at making long term investments in political players who have ‘flexible loyalties’. But the public is waking up to this corruption in Congress. I hope to see you in court someday. I will be the fellow with the big smile on my face yelling out, “Hello Gomer!”

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