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…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,    …with  Press TV, Tehran




Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl – ” We will use anti-semitism”

[Editor’s Note: France has stepped in doo doo on this one, and it will have major political consequences. They have created a billboard for the Long March of Judeo-Fascism that has resulted from Israeli espionage subversion of so many Western governments.

The thin veil covering for this is that they “have to control everybody to be safe”, to prevent another holocaust. This is drummed into a lot of Jewish kids from birth.

If ever there were a people who defiled their dead it is these Zionist holocaustoholics. They have brought the art of victimizing others while hogging the stage as the only victims of any consequence…to a new level, a perverse new ‘gold standard’.

Jesse Jackson once tried to take a shot at them for hogging what he felt was way too much of the victim spotlight in American. He got a quick slap down when our non Whoish controlled press descended upon him like Furies.

The French Left, like the Left everywhere, has very flexible principles when faced with losing power and the patronage that goes with that, and even moreso during hard the current hard times. Rather than standing beside Diedonne’, they have abandoned him for what they hope will be the enjoyment of their continued rule.

The one minute video with this on PressTV, that I was not able to embed, had a 50ish year old Frenchman complaining that with only 1% of the country being Jewish, that they were not only running most of the show, but putting it to their opposition using all the tools of the government at their disposal.

Diedonne’ has cancelled his show to avoid the trap of throwing himself into the spider’s web. Gosh…where have we seen this before, other than throughout most of history.

I wish I could say that a switch from Left to Right in France would produce a major change, but the Zios have already thought of that. There would be changes, some of the faces, but the shadow government would still be able to intervene when it chose, and scream anti-semitism at their opposition.

The only way they will be overthrown is when the Jews themselves figure out how they have been used as human shields and cannon fodder by their own corrupt elites. We all share that. Historically the young people lead these changes, not wanting to put on the chains of those who volunteered before them.

Something similar is already happening inside Christian Zionism here in America. Like the low rumblings heard deep in the earth before an earthquake or the next big volcano eruption, the millenial Evangelicals have been organizing below the radar to challenge their rubber stamp parental generation. Blind obedience to Zionism is not their cup of tea.

As I have long adovcated, the scourage of rabid Christian Zionism could never be defeated by outside pressure, but only via a coalition of insider reformers and those of us on the outside who recognize militant Christian Zionist for the national security threat it has always been.

We will be reaching out to them, to give them briefings on how the CZ co-option has always been a major Israeli Intel operation, and a hugely successful one. We know from experience that such input is not always welcome, but they have a right to know, if they want to. We shall pray that the do…because we can deliver… Jim W. Dean ]


" We have all been here before. "

” We have all been here before. “




–  First  published  January 16,  2014  –






Supporters of the French comic Dieudonné M’bala M’bala have criticized government’s ban on his stand-up show over allegations of “racist and anti-Semitic remarks.” “They say this country is a democracy, I don’t think we have democracy in France, it is a ‘Jewocracy’. There is only one Jewish person that runs the whole country,” said a supporter of the 47-year-old comedian – better known by his stage name, Dieudonné.


His fans have also hacked three French pro-Israel websites in a coordinated cyber attack.

The attack paralyzed the websites, and – the website of the French Jewish Defense League – and replaced their content with messages of support for Dieudonné.

On January 9, a French appeals court decided to uphold a ban on Dieudonné’s performances. The black man has infuriated the French government for what has been described as anti-Semitic hints in his popular controversial show “The Wall.”

The stand-up comedian has also been grilled over his use of an arm gesture known as the “quenelle,” which is allegedly a salute popular with anti-Semites.

The quenelle involves placing one’s outstretched left palm on one’s right shoulder while pointing downward with one’s right arm.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has termed the gesture



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