Organized Christian Stupidity


Organized Christian Stupidity

As a Christian with faith in JESUS CHRIST my LORD and SAVIOR I see how Stupid Christians and all the other Organized Religions and their follower have become.

My Preacher or Rabbi or who ever told me that and it is GOD’s word.


Pulpit Goons have ruined GOD’s WORD and 1 in 14 who call themselves men of GOD do not have the HOLY SPIRIT are lazy and want to work 2 days per week for a paycheck.

Come up here I will pray for you leave your donation check on the way out the door and you will be one of the 200,000 rapture.


If there are 1 million preachers-pulpit goons in America and only 200.000 will be raptured then were does that leave you and your pulpit goon.

Hate to blow your belief system but if you live when the Great Tribulation hits mankind there is no rapture. The 200,000 are the Jews in the last days who come to Salvation and understand that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD and their SAVIOR.

It is time to change your way of thinking.

My Preacher said this is true.

My Mommy taught me to wipe my rear from the bottom up.

My Mommy taught me to wipe my rear from the top down.

My Mommy taught me to put the toilet paper on the roll where the paper falls from the top.

My Mommy taught me to put the toilet paper on the roll where the paper falls from the bottom.

2000 Election the Pulpit Goons told their follower’s Vote for George W. Bush he is a Born again Christian.

Bull! Bush is a Satanist and War Criminal.

Stew Webb & Veterans Today was right Denver Illuminati Human Sacrifice Busted: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Illuminati Council of 13 George Bush Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado June 21 and December 22 each year

Does your Preacher or Pulpit goon tell you there are Millions of practicing Satanists on planet earth out to kill and

drink the Blood of your children or neighbors?

FBI-ATF Raid on a Satanic Human Sacrifice

Does your Pulpit Goon tell you that the Jews in Israel are GODs chosen people?

Does the below Alein-Fallen Angel base look like the fictious created Star of David that fly on Israels flag?

Exclusive Illuminati Alien Photo Area 52, Nevada 20,000 years old

Does your Preacher or Pulpit goon tell you to support the Palestinians who are the bloodline from the original tribes of Israel?

A highly respected study done at John’s Hopkins by a group led by Israeli scientist Dr. Eran El Haik conclusively proved that Israeli Jews are genetically European.
Most Jews, 97.5%, have absolutely no Middle Eastern DNA of any kind, not Semitic certainly. Does this mean there can be no Jewish homeland? Actually no. Does it mean that “settlers” can move simply displace very real Semitic residents, for Palestinians are a totally “Semitic” race, and steal their homes?
The Geneva Conventions qualify this as a war crime. Even the European Union now outlaws anyone from having financial dealings with Israeli companies or persons living on illegally stolen land, not just the West Bank but 40% of pre-1967 Israel as well.

President John F. Kennedy warned Americans of these Satanic Secret Societies does your Preacher of Pulpit goon tell you what your murdered President told you?

President John F. Kennedy Warned US about The Illuminati Zionists Secret Societies

Why would any Christian in their right mind support a State called Israel the fake Jews Gen: 3:23

when their bitter hatred for mankind and especially Christians.

Filthy Disgusting Jews Every Christian needs to watch this one

When it comes to people’s beliefs I have come to the conclusion you cannot change the ignorance of the Human Race.

With that said the article below is an example of the Pulpit Goon follower’s mentality (Organized Religion to control the masses).

You do not need a pulpit goon to pray for you.

GOD JESUS wants to hear from you so get on your knees and see if that works.

Please do not despise or hate me for stating an honest opinion seek GOD and ask him if this opinion might be true.

This is why America is run by Illuminati-Zionist-Satanists.

Stew Webb Believer not a pulpit goon worshiper

Lawn again Christians: South African preacher makes  congregation eat GRASS to ‘be closer to God’

  • Carried out under instruction of Pastor  Lesego Daniel in Garankuwa
  • Claimed that humans can eat anything to  feed their bodies
  • Photos that follow show dozens of people  getting sick in the toilets

A South African preacher made  his congregation eat grass to ‘be closer to God’ before stamping on  them.

Under the instruction of Pastor Lesego Daniel  of Rabboni Centre Ministries dozens of followers dropped to the floor to eat the  grass at his ministry in Garankuwa, north  of Pretoria after being told it will ‘bring them closer to God.’

His controversial methods have drawn  criticism from thousands of people although members of his congregation swear by  his methods – he is  said to have claimed that humans can eat anything to feed their bodies and  survive on whatever they choose to eat.

A South African preacher made his congregation eat grass to 'be closer to God' before stamping on themA South African preacher made his congregation eat grass  to ‘be closer to God’ before stamping on them


Under the instruction of Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries dozens of followers dropped to the floor to eat the grass at his ministry in Garankuwa, north of PretoriaUnder the instruction of Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni  Centre Ministries dozens of followers dropped to the floor to eat the grass at  his ministry in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria


One woman claimed eating the grass stopped her having a sore throat, while another said it healed her after a strokeOne woman claimed eating the grass stopped her having a  sore throat, while another said it healed her after a stroke


The congregation were told eating the grass will 'bring them closer to God'The congregation were told eating the grass will ‘bring  them closer to God’


The pastor's actions during the service prompted a series of online complaintsThe pastor’s actions during the service prompted a  series of online complaints


‘Yes, we eat grass and we’re proud of it  because it demonstrates that, with God’s power, we can do anything,’ Rosemary  Phetha told South Africa’s Times  Live.

The 21-year-old law student says she had been  battling a sore throat for more than a year, but it was healed after she ate the  grass.


Doreen Kgatle, 27, of Ga-rankuwa, suffered a  stroke two years ago.

‘I could not walk but soon after  eating the  grass, as the pastor had ordered, I started gaining strength  and an hour later  I could walk again,’ said Kgatle.

Photos on the Rabboni Centre Ministries  Facebook page show the followers  eating the grass as well as Mr Daniel walking  across them as they spread out on the floor.

Photos  that follow show dozens of people  getting sick in the toilets – an image of the bathrooms show women clutching  their stomach, while the men are  vomiting in the sink.

The pastor’s actions during the service  prompted a series of online complaints.

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