Blue Star – You just can’t make this stuff up


Anti-Israel Sites Threatened by BlueStar College Fellows Program.


Sites lash out to shame and defame pro-Israel student leaders.


[ Editors Note: A righteous Jew forwarded this along because they knew we just love little gems like this, a peek behind the Jewish Wizard of Oz to see how they do their Voodoo. This is a classic. Catch the not too shy attitude about asking for money. And yes, I disabled the links just in case the Mossad has a subliminal message here that our senors missed. These folks just love the victim routine, that is playing victim while they are manufacturing real ones…Jim W. Dean ]


As I type the IDF has been taking over and old mosque in Jerusalem. Can you feel the love?

The BlueStar College Fellows leadership program has caught the attention of the Israel haters.

Their aggressive, abusive and assertion-laden coverage shows the kind of diatribes our students are facing on campuses and beyond.

BlueStar created our college program to help train student leaders to counter exactly this kind of bullying and bias from here and here.

The other side is clearly threatened by what we are accomplishing in our program. Now, it is up to you to help us continue our efforts to educate the next generation of Israel leaders and advocates. New student leaders are waiting for us to secure the funding to admit them to our leadership program.

The Mondoweiss author, who recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she was a leader in the Students for Justice in Palestine campus movement, was NOT on our trip, did NOT interview anyone on our trip, took participant blog quotes out of context, made broad, unsupported generalizations, and even made up “facts” about funders, program philosophy and trip activities to support her biased allegations against BlueStar’s program.

Students and board agree: Our student participants, who are puzzled by the inaccurate accounts of their trip, agree with BlueStar’s board of directors: official responses to close-minded sites like these are a waste of time. Time and energy are better spent telling the true story of Israel to the far more numerous people who can become our friends.

So, while we will use these articles as educational lessons to strengthen our students’ skills and knowledge on how to respond to bullying and media bias both on campus and beyond, BlueStar does NOT encourage you to respond to these sites.

What you should know about BlueStar College Fellows:

A Zionist Multiculturalism Day display. Isn't that special?

During the trip, participants see evidence of Israel’s diversity and values, the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and historical attachment to the land and just dealings with its neighbors despite legitimate security concerns. Our goal is to use the frame of journalism to help students develop the knowledge they need to have a more nuanced understanding of Israel, at a minimum.

Participants examine Israel’s affirmative case in its conflict with its neighbors. We reject black-and-white points of view, especially on difficult issues on land and security about which Israelis continue to debate.

Our program goal is not to dehumanize Palestinians, but rather to let participants examine the evidence against specious Palestinian claims that “Israel is an apartheid, illegal state built on land stolen from indigenous Palestinians and given to European Jews as a payoff for the Holocaust.”

[ Editors Note: Dear Folks, I did not edit the above as a practical joke. This is what really was in the email. I just wanted to make clear that I have only done the layout editing, but not changed any text! ]

Our struggle against anti-Israel forces is not over.

BlueStar is working full force to grow our college program this academic year. We need your help to reach even more Jewish and non-Jewish campus leaders in our struggle against anti-Israel actions on campus and beyond.

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