Syrian National Council unfit to rule

Syrian National Council’ unfit to rule

Karmel al-Jabl District, eastern Aleppo, Syria

Tue May 28, 2013 4:29AM GMT

By Gordon Duff

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The Syrian “National Council” is a very different kind of animal, neither snake nor rat nor vulture but parts of all, and not the best parts by far.

Never has a group so small had so many masters to serve. However, anything is possible for a mythical beast like the many-headed hydra.”

Today, Syria’s “National Council” went into a “meltdown” as extremist groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA dominated “pet” staved off attempts by liberal elements led by Michael Kilo to broaden representation within the 60-member conclave.
This comes on the eve of the European Union vote to remove sanctions on arming Jihadist groups fighting Syrian government forces and scant days or weeks before the probable upcoming conference in Geneva to be convened by America’s Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Brotherhood’s intransigence, based on backing by Qatar, is seen by Saudis as a potential threat to their own rule.

This turn of events, this “falling out among thieves,” is a small concern compared to what far more sinister and threatening alliances tell us of the National Council.


Over the past few weeks, leaders of the “National Council,” the “heroic freedom fighters” that have led Syria into two years of violence with nearly 100,000 dead, have shown themselves to have some strange friends.

Support from Turkey or Saudi Arabia was one thing. However, when it turned out that Israel had been supplying direct fire support, artillery, air strikes and even a tactical nuclear missile, now believed launched from an Israeli submarine, a very real “red line” had been crossed.

The May 4, 2013 nuclear attack on Syria is what awakened Russia’s interest and hardened her resolve, as noted by the dramatic increase in her naval forces in the region, a move widely reported then thoroughly expunged from the Western press.

CIA Lapdogs

Now, at the forefront of the Jihadists supporting Israel and NATO against Syria, we find a new and frightening group, the Chechens, recently cited as responsible for a terrorist attack in Boston, an attack with no motive of any kind.

Chechen Jihadists are and always have been working for the CIA.

The Chechens are typically used (and discarded) when the CIA needs something done that no one else is either capable or willing to do.

Chechens are “deniable,” as can be seen in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attacks.

The Kidnapped Bishops

Since the April 22, 2013 kidnapping of two Syrian bishops, Aleppo’s Greek Orthodox Bishop Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Bishop Yohanna Ibrahim, by Chechen terrorists operating from NATO facilities inside Turkey, Syrian “opposition” leaders have played a “shell game” with their lives.

The Chechen terrorists holding the clerics are part of groups organized by the CIA in the 1980s that still maintain close ties with the “neocon” elites in the US and rogue elements of the intelligence community allied with the Wahhabist states and Israel.

The circumstances behind the kidnapping are a clear indication of, not just the deceit and duplicity of the secret coalition arrayed against Syria, but of the sectarian slaughter now clearly part of the “National Council” agenda.

Chemical Warfare Attack

A month before, the same Chechen terror cells were responsible for attacks on Syrian civilians outside Aleppo.

From Russia’s TASS News Agency:

“Russian journalists who were on assignment in Syria have handed the United Nations Secretariat videos showing chemical weapons attacks allegedly committed by opposition fighters in the vicinity of Aleppo on March 19. This was confirmed by the spokesman for the Deputy Secretary General Farhan Haq.

He said that the information will be passed along to OkeSelstemu, the head of the group of experts investigating the possible use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria.

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