Memorial Day A universal one for everybody

Memorial Day: A universal one for everybody

America celebrates another Memorial Day with our country engaged in another undeclared war where we are allied with religious terrorists in some yet unspecified defense of American interests.

It sounds so stupid I am almost too embarrassed to write it, but the truth must be faced or there is no hope.

An outrageous fraud is being perpetrated on the American people by both the Obama administration and our media. Their attempts to distance themselves from the al-Nursa and Salafist/Wahabi terrorists who along with the West have been trying to overthrow the Assad government, are frankly pitiful. Everybody knows that America’s proxies in the [Persian] Gulf are arming and paying these people and there has been no US public denunciation of their doing so, hence it has our government’s stamp of approval by default.
As the short sighted Soviet-Afghan-American-Saudi Arabian war served as the birthing ground for a generational wave of insurgencies from people who had never been a threat to either America or the West, we now watch the same slow motion train wreck taking place in Syria.

Zbigniew Brzezinski still insists (“I would do it all over”) that the loss of one million Afghan lives on top of the Soviet’s 15,000 was worth it to have prevented the Soviets coming into Europe. But there is just one little problem with that convenient analysis.

We know in retrospect that the Soviets were already on the verge of collapse having drained their economy into war production focusing on quantity over quality. Europe was never really under the Soviet gun. And 15,000 KIA’s was a drop in the bucket for the Soviet Army at the time.

Despite the Soviet-Afghan War having planted the seeds that became the replacement for a new Cold War, Brzezinski cannot bring himself to admit that his grand strategy was a disaster not only for America but for the whole region. Without the current shadow of war across the region its energy resources could have been developed at a fraction of what has been wasted in the wars.

The inflated prices for energy, unprecedented in a worldwide recession, have diverted the only major source of consumer spending which could have stimulated more job creation and economic growth. Somehow this most obvious economic fact seems to have gone over the heads of most of humanity.

How could they miss the connection of the orchestrated war threats and robbing us at gunpoint by a gang that combines international gangsters with Western governments that seem more and more to be proxies for them when it used to be the other way around?

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