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ATTENTION! All US soldiers, Veterans and all Americans


By Edward Schooling

Former Los Angeles Police Department

Before we get into this most important article of POWs left behind and treason by US Government officials I want to tell about what other treasonous crimes these officials conducted upon members of the US military. A friend of mine who was a former USMC sniper in Viet Nam and later who was a Los Angeles Police Officer while I was also in LAPD used to cry on my shoulder at times when he was drinking over his sorrow for obeying orders to locate and kill USAF pilots who had been shot down in Viet Nam but had not been captured. You read correctly no attempt to rescue, only to assassinate the pilots. It seems apparent that NSA located the at least approximate position of the downed pilots..

On another note unrelated to this, a military assassin once told me his paychecks come from an oil company.

Edward Schooling LAPD retired-Sol-war

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Read my note at beginning of this: Inside Beltway IV: Left Behind, Treason Beyond Measure-( ATTN All US Soldiers, Veterans & Americans-A must read & watch videos)

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