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Feinstein allowing NSA to continue spying on every American

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US Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, has done everything possible to allow the National Security Agency (NSA) to continue spying on every American, a US journalist says.

On Thursday, Congress took the first step to restrain the NSA’s phone-snooping program, with Feinstein laying out details of a bill that would require phone data be deleted more quickly and let agents to notify a secret court every time they want to comb through the data.
However, the bill would allow the NSA to continue collecting bulk phone records on millions of Americans, Feinstein said on Thursday.
“They’re not just spying on the public; they’re spying on every American company, they’re spying on every American defense company, they’re spying on every American stock and stock trading company, hedge fund, every American bank,” said Gordon Duff, a senior editor of Veterans Today, an online political journal.
“And it’s just not telephone calls, it’s all electronic transmissions,” Duff said. “All of that raw information, other than the small percentage that involves direct government to government communication, all of it goes to Israel.”
President Barack Obama and other senior American officials have defended the government’s spying programs as a necessary tool to combat terrorism.
Duff said that all terrorist attacks in the US in recent history have been “false flag” operations. “Frankly, nobody cares about terrorism in the United States, it has all been a hoax from the first.”
Following revelations by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, which showed how the agency is collecting phone records and emails of both US nationals and foreigners, the spying agency came under harsh scrutiny and criticism.

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