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Ukraine opposition trying to topple the government, bring in early elections


Compare the Kiev violent thug protesters’ shields with the Knights Templar  shield and insignia. The knights templar at the highest levels worship  lucifer-satan as their god..Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao, is the  slogan of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.Sol-War)

The  Ukrainian opposition is trying to topple the government through violence in the  streets they pretend to not support, because they don’t have enough public  backing to win a presidential election next year, investigative journalist Neil  Clark told RT.

RT: What do you make of this surge of  violence after more than a month of peaceful protests in Kiev. What’s caused  this to flare-up

Neil Clark: I think we’ve got to be honest about what  we’re actually witnessing now in Ukraine, which is an attempt at regime change.  Because yes, the government could have done things differently, for example the  anti-protest laws, which came into force on Thursday. Some of them were good for  example the foreign agent’s clause, which prevents the funding by foreign powers  and foreign NGOs of civil societies in the Ukraine. That was defensible, that  was justifiable. However, other aspects of that law were not good, such as  restrictions on peaceful protests in the center of Kiev.

So  yes, you could argue that perhaps was a mistake, or parts of that were a  mistake. But I really do think the opposition is looking for a pretext here to  escalate the protest and actually bring down the government. So I think that  what-ever the government had done there would have been fresh protests and  actually more protests.
RT: The opposition leaders have called  on their supporters to act peacefully – yet pictures from the scene suggest many  demonstrators are not listening. Some of loudest voices at today’s rally were  those chanting ‘revolution’. Is that where we’re heading  now?

NC: Well I think that’s what the opposition



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