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Antonin Scalia It is Fraud on the US Supreme Court!



By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force, operating on American soil for over 200 years, is in possession of the notes of the now dead former U.S. Supreme Court Justice neo-NAZI Antonin Scalia proving fraud upon the Supreme Court involving the coup d’ ‘etat aka the theft of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now year 2000 DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr.

The Scalia notes include conversations with co-conspirators U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, Republican of Wyoming, and Bush Crime Family stooge James Baker, along with former BushFRAUD speech writer, NAZI Jew neocon Canadian born David Frum.

The notes include discussions of bribery with various Florida law firms including former PFG ceo German NAZI (now incarcerated) Russell Wasendorf.

P.S. Direct message to NAZI Jew Frum: Your appearance today on MSNBC is going to be dealt with immediately. So, let’s get it on, you little NAZI Jew Canadian bitch.



DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr. on 25 occasions has challenged the HIGH TREASON TRAITOR against the American People and their Constitution, little NAZI faggot George W. Bush FRAUD to a duel to the death in Andrew Jackson style either a fist fit or a duel to the death involving the use of Tennessee squirrel guns.

AWOL coward Bush FRAUD has hung up the phone on 25 occasions and called the Secret Service to protect him from our DULY ELECTED President exercising justice.

P.S.S. U.S. Naval Intelligence (ONI), as well as the Michigan and Tennessee Flag Officers, have videos of George W. Bush FRAUD engaging in hot homosexual sex inside the White House with former Yale classmate Victor Ashe and body builder Jeff Gannon.

Note: Victor Ashe, who was then Congressman Al Gore’s opponent in the 1984 Tennessee Senatorial race, still engages in hot homosexual sex with BushFRAUD on a monthly basis.

We can also report that Naval Intelligence has photographs of NAZI Jew lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton engaging in hot lesbian sex in the White House during the 1990s with then White House prostitute Susan (call Lindlay at 301-565-0477).

In closing, ONI and the Joint U.S-French Intelligence Task Force also have proof that neocon NAZI Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton conspired with NAZI Jew, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to cover up financial transactions tied to both the New York and Chicago financial exchanges involving put options aka short positions on major U.S. insurance companies and major financial firms 48 hours before the 9/11 Black Op aka NAZI German George W. BushFRAUD’s Hitler-style “Reichstag Fire”.

Finally, direct message to little homosexual bitch U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina: DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr. is going to deal with you too and stick you in a homosexual outhouse.
DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr.
awaits inauguration,
the Supreme Law of the United States,
our U.S. Constitution, demands it!




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Stew Webb Whistle blower Grand Jury Demand Still Active against Hillary Clinton aka "HildaBeast". Where is the Justice Department having Lesbo Demonic Sex with Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton aka "HildaBeast"

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