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The NSA, the Middle East, Bush’s anti-American legacy


By Kevin Barrett and  Jim Fetzer

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(6a) Our new year of surveillance

Kevin hosts “Truth Jihad Radio” as well as co-hosting “Dynamic Duo Weekly News”, so it is not surprising that he might occasionally lose track. 

The hype about Robert Gates’ forthcoming book as containing “explosive information” about Barack Obama and his administration appears to be grossly exaggerated.

He even describes Obama’s decision to raid the compound in Pakistan in pursuit of a man who died on 15 December 2001 as “one of the most courageous ever made by a White House”, which is simply more propaganda to bolster another example of big lies to the American public to promote a political agenda.

But the State of Connecticut, shamefully, appears to be doing its best to compete, where a group of scholars (including three Ph.D.s) has exposed the Sandy Hook hoax more thoroughly and in greater detail than ever before.  Their “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax” deserves to be widely read.

A federal judge in New York has approved that state’s ban on assault weapons even as he rejected the ban on clips holding more than seven rounds, where these gun control measures appear to many Americans to be un-Constitutional on their face. It remains to be seen what the reaction of public will be to the dawning realization that they are being promoted on the basis of what now appears to be a fabricated event at Sandy Hook during which no one died.

The former Detroit Chief of Police has even come around to endorse the right of Americans to Indeed, the legacy of anti-Americanism that Americans have inherited from the deceit and deception of the Bush/Cheney administration on the basis of the false-flag attack of 9/11, which was blamed on Arab fanatics but appears to have been carried out by neo-cons in the Department of Defense and their allies in the Mossad, has done enormous not only to those lost in combat and to the national treasury but, as in the past, the US has done immense damage to the countries we have unjustly invaded.

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