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‘Schlock and Awe,’ Israel Missile Test Fraud

Today, Russia and America are on nuclear alert…this is why

The file photo shows a NATO Sea Sparrow missile launched during a live-fire self-defense missile exercise aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman in 2004.The file photo shows a NATO Sea Sparrow missile launched during a live-fire self-defense missile exercise aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman in 2004.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“When Israel admitted the launch but claimed the US was ‘partnering,’ the Department of Defense issued a denial.”

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Today, Israel claimed they tested their missile defense system in the Eastern Mediterranean by firing a Sea Sparrow missile in order to simulate an Iranian ICBM attack. However, everything Israel announced was a lie.

The Sea Sparrow, more appropriately, RIM 162 ESSM, is a short-range, ship-launched air defense missile.

Israel currently has no stock of sea-launched missiles of this type and opted not to join the 12 nation consortium that developed this missile.

In no way does the Sea Sparrow resemble an ICBM, not in appearance, performance, range or radar signature. Israel possesses none of these weapons and certainly didn’t launch one.

Israel claimed this exercise was done in coordination with the US Navy. Nevertheless, the US Navy, when told of the launch by Russia, accused that nation of “rumor mongering” and denied any knowledge of the launch.

When Israel admitted the launch but claimed the US was “partnering,” the Department of Defense issued a denial.

War conditions, Eastern Mediterranean

The US has five advanced destroyers, three nuclear submarines, four frigates, several supply and support ships and one ship carrying a Marine amphibious landing force in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Russia has one heavy cruiser, a dozen support ships, two fast attack nuclear submarines and a newly commissioned electronic warfare ship on station near the American taskforce.

Israel has three Dolphin submarines in the region, one of them “on permanent station,” having been sunk by a helicopter-launched Russian anti-submarine torpedo at 2:36 PM on the night of May 2/3, 2013. The Israeli submarine had been on a routine mission supporting reconnaissance teams during an exfiltration from Syria. Neither the bodies of the crew nor the submarine have been recovered.

Naval forces are on high alert, both US and Russian. Russian forces are supported by advanced ship launched air defenses supported by both satellite SAR/IR and optical sensors and advanced radar systems with sufficient range to cover the region from Russian territory.

The US has similar capabilities plus operates AWAC early warning aircraft that cover all air traffic from Iran to Italy.

No Israeli aircraft were then operating over the Mediterranean, nor were they seen to launch one or more missiles, either the sea launched Sparrow or the much smaller AIM 7.

That missile is for air to air combat and is decades old. No aspect of its launch or flight characteristics could be mistaken for an ICBM. Its range is so limited that it could never be used as a target. A child can carry one of these under his arm without considerable difficulty.

This is the missile Israel claimed it tested.

When all else is eliminated …

The only missiles that could have been launched would have come from submarines.

Israel could and did in some ways, claim to be testing their Iron Dome air defense system. However, a key component of the Iron Dome or “Iron Yamuka” as it is called, is the naval defense component supplied by the US Navy.

The US has agreed that during tests of the system, up to four American air defense frigates would supply offshore radar and launch support, without which the Iron Dome is ineffective.

The US denies participation in any such test.

Israel claims it was testing its system to prepare for attacks from Iran and Syria. Nonetheless, were they to have actually used the types of missiles they claim, no potential target would have come within the range of Israel’s defenses.

Additionally, not only are the targets dissimilar to the claimed threat, but the approach predicted could only imply a perceived threat from either Russian or American naval forces, the only launch platforms capable of such an attack except, of course, for the two functioning Dolphin submarines armed with Tomahawk missiles, which were patrolling between the US and Russian fleets.

False flag

Russian radar and satellite systems detected two launches. Were Israel to have launched both missiles as they claim, they could only have been firing at:

  • Israel, in order to simulate a Russian attack or
  • Syria, in order to simulate an American attack

There are no other options.

As Israel has no air defense capabilities of any kind over the Mediterranean, the only way the one or more Israeli missiles could have been intercepted is by naval forces of either the United States or Russia. No one else in the region has that capability.

News stories published online claim the United States shot down two Israeli-launched cruise type missiles heading toward Syria.

Though the sources reporting have both poor reliability and a history of contact with Israeli intelligence, it is possible this report is accurate and has been purposefully “poisoned” to cover a major strategic blunder by Israel.

Were an unauthorized missile to have been launched within 200 miles of US Naval forces in the region, as admitted by Israel, the US would have automatically shot them down. Cruise missiles travel at the speed of commercial aircraft. American missile interceptors travel at many times that speed.

Historical problems

The US has a long history of failures in protecting assets in the region and elsewhere.

  • In 1967, the US was unable to respond when Israeli planes and boats attacked the USS Liberty for four hours, killing or wounding most of the crew.
  • In 1987, Iraq fired an anti-ship missile into the USS Stark, seriously damaging that ship.
  • In 1988, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner on a regularly scheduled direct route to Dubai, killing 290 passengers.
  • In 1996, TWA flight 800 was shot down off New York by a missile fired within sight of an American destroyer with advanced air defense capabilities.
  • In 2000, two Yemeni fishermen in a rowboat exploded a bomb, seriously damaging the USS Cole.
  • In 2001, there are reports that multiple hijacked aircraft were crashed into, not just the World Trade Center but Pentagon, areas defended by AEGIS defense systems that had 45 minutes warning, were on high alert, but unable to respond quickly enough.

Maybe the US saw the missile launches, maybe they didn’t or maybe they see what they want to see.

War through deception

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