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Was the D.C. Driver Targeted Individual for Zionist Helter Skelter?


By Stew Webb


The following videos were discovered by my friend Glenn Canady and brought to my attention.

They tell a dramatically different story than what we were told about the incident that recently happened in Washington, D.C. with Miriam Carey a Dental Hygienist from Connecticut.

The story now being peddled by the fake news states that Miriam Carey’s baby was recovered after Miriam was necessarily shot and killed by police.  Of course we are never shown the footage that must surely exist of the final shootout but thankfully eyewitness Patty Bills had a perfect view of the action from her second floor window at “Faith in Action” on 2nd Street.

Patty told her story on CNN but her story was quickly buried because it contradicts the “official story” and would outrage Americans!   Patty states that Miriam Carey’s car was completely blocked in and surrounded by armed men after it crashed into a police car.  She states that she saw armed men surround the car and then saw that they pulled Miriam’s small child from the car.  As soon as the child was pulled from the car, the gunfire let loose and Miriam was killed in a hail of bullets!  Why would these men have time to take the child out of the back seat of a car but not have time to remove an unarmed woman from the vehicle with all the men on the scene?  This makes no sense whatsoever!  Why did the police take all the time required to get into the back seat, take out the child who was most likely strapped into a baby seat and then execute an unarmed mother?  This was not a “heat of the moment” shooting decision; this was an outright assassination of an unarmed woman after time was taken to remove the child!  Why?  Was it because the truth would get out that somebody was hitting her with ELF mind control weapons to make her think that Obama was talking to her?

Video Testimony of Patty Bills saying Miriam was executed after baby removed from car

The next video by an internet researcher that appears on Youtube account Tatoott1009Reloaded reveals that the Miriam’s car was an Infinity Q60s Coupe which is a $47,000 vehicle which is a pretty expensive vehicle for a new mother to be driving to begin with.  But the most amazing information that appeared in this video is that there are clearly two people in the front of the vehicle!   You can clearly see two people in the front seats and a child in the back seat in his video!

News confirms a second person was dragged from the car and taken into police custody!

Eyewitness 3 TV News out of Connecticut reported that there was another adult with Miriam in the car!  They reported that there was a second person with her and they were taken into police custody!

Here’s the clip proving this.  Why isn’t this being talked about on the fake mainstream national news?  I sure haven’t seen Israeli controlled Zionist Fox News telling us about the second suspect in police custody!  Have you?

Family not allowed seeing Miriam’s body or her child!

To add more fuel to this rapidly falling apart narrative, the family is not being allowed to see Miriam’s body or her child!  They are only shown a photograph of her body and told that her child is safe!  Understandably, Miriam’s family is quite upset and has called her shooting unjustified!  Wait until they discover the evidence that they removed Miriam’s baby before they executed her like a dog in the street!

Was Miriam Carey another Targeted Mind Control Victim?

The mainstream media is portraying Miriam as delusional and emotionally disturbed because she believed the President was communicating with her.  This is exactly what they said about the Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis who complained for months that he was being targeted by ELF (extremely low frequency) that was being used to talk to him through walls and ceilings and were depriving him of sleep.  He carved “My ELF weapon” into his shotgun in fact.  We know this technology exists and has been used for years for mind control and driving people literally crazy!

As reported by Veterans Today days before the FBI made their final conclusion of the Navy Yard shooting.

Navy Yard Gunman: Stalked, Tortured, Induced To Kill

By Steve DiBasio for Veterans Today

America’s “Dark Program” Militarism

By Gordon Duff

See: Targeted individuals

“Wild Mouse” DC Shooting, an Overwhelming Smell

By Gordon Duff

Now that we know that Miriam Carey thought she was being contacted by President Obama, is it really too farfetched to believe that she was also a targeted individual to push the New World Order agenda in some way?  In the case of Aaron Alexis the agenda was, “We got to take away all the guns!” but in Miriam’s case was it let everybody know to not come to Washington, D.C. and mess with us or we’ll kill you!  Or was it part of a wider plot to initiate a Helter Skelter race war by gunning down unarmed blacks to build up racial tensions so when the government default eventually comes on October 17 and the food stamps welfare and unemployment checks go away, the blacks riot and burn down the cities so they can initiate martial law as is the dream of all tyrants!

Israel lobby responsible for US shutdown: Gordon Duff

Tea Party Votes to End Vital Services for Vets and Military

By Gordon Duff

Here’s a recent shooting of an unarmed black man that was shot after his family called 911 for an ambulance due to issues with his diabetes!   He had his hands up when he was gunned down!  And of course nobody ever gets in trouble!  This seems to be happening a lot these days!  Why?

“We called 911 for my son because he wasn’t feeling good so instead of 911 coming, the police came and they rushed in and my son came out of the kitchen, him and my daughter-in-law,” said Roberson to WJXT. “Police rushed in and my son went to the living room door. The police came in, pulled his gun out, my son put his hands up and they shot him, they shot him down.”

Two other stories claim Miriam Carey suffered from

Capitol Shooting Linked to Postpartum Depression?

The story below is closer to the truth being a Targeted Individual.

Capitol Hill Suspect Thought Obama Was Communicating with Her

Clearly the official story about Miriam Carey is falling apart rapidly.  Once again it happened during a drill just like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing?  When will America wake up the fact that nothing can be trusted when told by the mainstream media that never reports anything but what the Bush-Millman-Mizel- Organized Crime Syndicate APIAC-Illuminati-Zionist controlled Government Stooges tells them to.  You must come to sites such as Veterans Today for the “Rest of the Story” as Paul Harvey used to say!  I urge all Americans to show the truth about Miriam Carrey and how she was ruthlessly gunned down after police took time to take her baby out of the car.  Tell them that it’s now confirmed there was somebody else in that car with Miriam in the front seat!  Where is this person that was put into police custody and why aren’t they talking about this person?  Did they go out the back door to hide the details while the Illuminati-Zionist fake news looked the other way as always?  Why isn’t the family being allowed to see Miriam’s child?  Why won’t they let the family see her body?  These are all questions that the Government and media must be made to answer now!  We’re tired of the lies and we’re not going to take it anymore!

October 11-13 2013 Truck drivers across America are going on strike in protest to what they call the Corrupt U.S. Government.

Truckers Strike against US Government Corruption October 11-12-13

Truckers for the Constitution’ Plan to Arrest Congressmen in D.C.

I have talked for over a year solutions for America’s to restore the U.S. Constitution by removing legally their corrupt AIPAC Controlled Zionist Congress maybe the truckers since it is their right under the Declaration of Independence will do the job, if not this is still an alternative.

The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution!

The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?

By Stew Webb

Recall Congressman and Senators (Video)

Stew Webb Founder

This is also an alternative Military Solution.

The Military Solution

By J. Bruce Campbell

Stew Webb Veterans Today

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist

Was the D.C. Driver Targeted Individual for Zionist Helter Skelter?

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Stew Webb Veterans Today
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The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution!
The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?


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