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Lesbian Demon Hillary Clinton Fingered for another Murder


By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that the U.S. Military Grand Jury operating in Washington, D.C. have reopened the case of the murder of former Starbucks coffee employee and Clinton era White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney.

Mahoney, who was murdered in an execution style manner, was found with two bullets in her head along with the bodies of two other Starbucks coffee employees on July 8, 1997.


Mahoney, who worked on the Bill Clinton 1992 presidential campaign, was hired as an intern at the Clinton White House in September of 1993 an immediately became the lesbian lover of then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on a weekly basis.

Former Secret Service agents Gary Byrne and Gary Aldrich were assaulted by then First Lady Hillary Clinton when she was caught in November of 1993 of engaging in hot lesbian sex in the private bedroom of the First Family on White House property.

Note: First Lady Hillary Clinton had just received a birthday present aka a 14-inch dildo from then White House aid and political consultant, closet homosexual George Stephanopoulos.

Reference: The Department of Naval Intelligence still has the photographs.

A week before her brutal murder, White House intern Mahoney had called local police in Washington, D.C., in Baltimore, Maryland, the local FBI office and U.S. media outlets CNN cable news and the Washington Post claiming she was afraid for her life.

We can now divulge that the individual arrested for the murder of Mahoney and the other Starbucks coffee employees was a David Derek Cooper who was the son of a deacon and none other than an FBI informant who had a liaison to then FBI Director Bush-Clinton-CIA Crime Family Syndicate stooge, Louis Freeh.

New phone records now available also connect David Derek Cooper to contacts with Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward and Washington Post columnist closet homosexual David Ignatius.

Ignatius and Woodward are not real journalists; they are CIA and Naval Intelligence assets (ask Forrest Lindley 301-565-0477).

Woodward of Watergate fame has been, unlike his old partner Carl Bernstein, a mouthpiece for the CIA-Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate occupation of the United States for years.

We can now report that new evidence has linked Woodward to operating as a ‘pilot fish’ (a set up man and frame up artist) to the murder of Mahoney on July 8, 1997.

This is not the first time Bob Woodward has operated as a ‘pilot fish’ to accommodate a political assassination.

In the late 1990s Woodward flew to Arkansas to meet with a Clinton era whistleblower and alleged Kenneth W. Starr witness, Neal Cooper Moody.

Woodward was seeking to receive copies of documents that had already been turned over to Independent Counsel Starr title ‘Deal Room’.

The ‘Deal Room’ documents detailed an elaborate CIA narcotics, arms and Japanese yen Bush-Clinton-Bob Nash-CIA illegal money laundry that took place in Mena, Arkansas in the late 1980s (reference the back end of Iran-Contra).

Moody was run over by a car after he left the restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas where he had just handed over the ‘Deal Room’ documents to scumbag Woodward.

We can also report that ‘pilot fish’ Woodward was assisted in the assassination of Moody by alleged Clinton era whistleblower and Bush-Clinton-CIA Crime Family Syndicate asset, blackmailer and assassin Larry Nichols.

Nichols actually turned over the license plate number of Moody to the assassination team that then murdered Moody.

Nichols is the biggest fraud to ever be heard on the internet.

Nichols masquerades as a conservative christian when in truth the little blasphemer actually voted for junior George W. Bush FRAUD in 2000 and is currently in charge of the domestic Bush-Clinton-CIA Crime Family Syndicate ‘True Colors’ domestic assassination teams that are now totally operational on American soil.

Nichols was responsible for the assassination of former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-FL) aide Lori Klausutis after she came into possession of the ‘True Colors’ documents.

P.S. We can now reveal that the U.S. Military Grand Jury in Washington, D.C. is in possession of new previously redacted 9/11 documents connecting the dots on the Saudi Intelligence support system tied to the Israeli Mossad that were responsible for the 9/11 Black Op attacks aka junior George W. Bush FRAUD’s Nazi-style Reichstag Fire on the American People on 9/11/01.

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings including what took place in a recent verbal confrontation between former U.S. Senator Robert Graham (D-FL), a true American patriot, and scumbag current U.S. Congressman, closet homosexual and blackmailer Adam Schiff (D-CA).

DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr.

awaits inauguration, the Supreme Law of the Unted States, our U.S. Constitution, demands it!

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