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Radio Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan July 30 2018


Radio Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan July 30 2018

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A very hot and informative broadcast President Trump reportedly signed an Executive order for

Ambassador Leo Wanta to be paid three weeks ago.

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Eagle One to Leo Wanta

Via SatCom 7777   FINAL  //  FINAL //  FINAL  // U.S. Customs Service

Eagle One to Leo Wanta



AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

Office of the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta

S.D.R. Diplomatic Passport No. 04362, 12535

4001 North 9th Street, Suite No. 227

Arlington, Virginia, USA  22203-1954

Commonwealth of Virginia

Publisher – International Currency Review / London



Publisher – International Currency Review / London

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* Our White House INTEL Files Received and Acknowledged *

EAGLE ONE TO WANTA 10 Minute Preview from Gibby Media Group on Vimeo.

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Radio Stew Webb Tom Heneghan Leo Wanta October 27 2017

Radio Interview Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Leo Wanta October 27, 2017.

Intel Report – Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Leo Wanta (10-27-17) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols Release Are Imminent

By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert



AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
Office of the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta
S.D.R. Diplomatic Passport No. 04362, 12535
4001 North 9th Street, Suite No. 227
Arlington, Virginia, USA 22203-1954
Commonwealth of Virginia


 Christopher Story – Leo Wanta: The 31 Trillion Dollar Man

Christopher Story (author of The New Underworld Order) with Greg Szymanski in The Investigative Journal,
July 24, August 1, August 14 and August 17, 2006. The New …
Publisher – International Currency Review / London


High Speed Rail – American Jobs
by Preston James and Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
published first at
 – published here by permission from …

Source: Benjamin Fulford 9-19-17… “Urgent questions from a political prisoner”
 [re: Leo Wanta, the DC ‘clone’ situation, Preston James]

 Leo Wanta & The Missing $27trillion That Could Change The World

Leo Emil Wanta (born 1940) is an American operative who was allegedly involved in a CIA plot to destabilize the Soviet economy in 1990 His story is the greatest story ...


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Intel Report – Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Leo Wanta (10-27-17) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Radio Stew Webb interviews Ambassador Leo Wanta and Dr Preston James

October 3 2013 Stew Webb hosts the John Stokes the Micro effect radio program

with special guests Ambassador Leo Wanta and Dr. Preston James.


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Syria open letter to American People






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By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

In the United States House of Representatives, the “Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending” (otherwise known as H.R. 2634) was passed on April 24, 2008.  The heading of that Act explains the concept behind what it covers:

“H. R. 2634


April 24, 2008

Received; read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations




To provide for greater responsibility in lending and expanded cancellation of debts owed to the United States and the international financial institutions by low-income countries, and for other purposes.




This Act may be cited as the `Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation of 2008′.”

In other words, the United States wants to cancel the debts owed to it by international financial institutions in low-income countries.  This is a little like a man who stands on the street starving while offering to buy the rest of the world dinner – using a credit card, of course.

You can read the rest of the Jubilee Act H.R. 2634 HERE.

It doesn’t take a lot of mathematical skill to figure this out.  The dollar, or more accurately stated the Federal Reserve Note, has depreciated to the point where its value (being generous) is about 6 or 7 cents when compared to the 100 cents it was worth when the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913 and the unlawfully established Federal Reserve System took over the reins of America’s monetary management.

The 100-year contract established with this privately-owned corporation known as “The Federal Reserve” will come to an end on December 23, 2013.  On its 100th anniversary, the Federal Reserve System leaves the American people about 17 trillion dollars in debt – times five in long-term debt.  As of 2012, the Gross Domestic Product of the United States was close to $16.5 trillion.  Comparatively, Spain’s Gross Domestic Product for 2012 was about $1.3 trillion.  Spain’s debt was $2.3 trillion.  Spain has a 167 debt-to-GDP ratio.  The United States has a 106 percent debt-to-GDP; Italy’s debt at $2.5 trillion is 108 percent debt-to-GDP.  The European Union was at 85 percent at year-end 2012.

When you take all of the above and input it into my brain, it comes out this way:  For every dollar we print to repay our debt, we go 46 cents more in debt than we were before we printed the currency (or sold the bond or keyed a number into a computer) to reduce our debt.  In other words, as things stand at this moment in time it is impossible for America to repay her debt.  You can find the statistical data for debt-to-GDP HERE.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to actual US debt.  Or, look at it this way.  One trillion seconds is almost 32,000 years. So to pay off the debt, if Congress put a hundred dollar bill per second into an account to pay the debt, it would take well over 4,000 years to get the job done.

There is much history regarding the concept of what is called odious debt.  Americans need to pay attention to what it is and learn to use the concept to tell the US Treasury and Federal Reserve System where to go look for the trillions of dollars they say the American people owe in government debt.  According to the Doctrine of Odious Debt, we the people owe about 25 percent of what the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve System tell us we owe.

The concept of odious – or immoral – debt is not a bee I got in my bonnet one day and decided to dream a little dream of reduced debt, fewer taxes, more jobs, and a return to the Rule of Law.  This is a serious matter and is one with which the nations of France, Russia, Germany and the United States are very familiar because it has been used by those nations and others.

After the Civil War, it was found that the Confederate States incurred great debt in its attempt to secede from the Union.  The North won that war.  It would have been immoral for the taxpayers of the United States (North and South) to be forced to pay the debts of the Confederacy which had seceded from the Union during the time the debt was incurred.  The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution repudiated those debts.

Section 4.

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Section 4 of Amendment 14 raises some very interesting questions regarding “insurrection” or “rebellion” as, it can be argued, Citizens of this nation had an economic war declared against them by too big to jail banksters when the protections of the Glass Steagall Act and the McFadden Act were, with careless disregard for the outcome, over-ridden.  For close to ten years, Washington’s political machine has used debt to enslave the American populace… what else can you call debt that is so huge it is not repayable?  The only thing that stands behind the value of the US Federal Reserve Note – American currency, regardless of what you call it – is the blood, sweat and tears of the American people.  If you don’t pay your taxes, you go to jail.  According to the 14th Amendment, public debt must be authorized by law.  From where does our Rule of Law in America flow?  The Constitution!

We do not honor debts resulting from dishonorable purposes.  We did not honor the debts of the Confederacy.  After the Spanish-American War ended in 1898, the US turned to the Doctrine of Odious Debt when it rejected Cuba’s debts to Spain.  We said the debts “…were imposed upon the people of Cuba without their consent and by force of arms.”

The peace negotiators argued that much of the debt was used to crush the efforts of the Cuban people to revolt against the domination of the Spanish.  The money was spent in a way that was contrary to the interests of the Cuban people.  To ask them to pay for debts incurred to help continue keeping them in a perpetual state of slavery would be immoral… it was odious debt – or, unlawful debt.  To command the people of any nation to keep their shoulders to the rock of debt and keep pushing it uphill under threat of imprisonment if they do not is… slavery.  Does that mean that any funds spent by the NSA for PRISM to spy on the American people are odious – immoral?  How about the funds spent by the IRS in an effort to crush the efforts of some of the American people from revolting against unconstitutional domination?

According to an excellent research article written by Patricia Adams, executive director of Probe International and author of “Odious Debts:  Loose Lending, Corruption, and the Third World’s Environmental Legacy” (London:  Earthscan, 1991), the legal Doctrine of Odious Debts was shaped and hones by Alexander Nahum Sack about 25 years after the settlement of the Spanish-American War.   If you are interested in a more in-depth overview, you can find Ms. Adams’ article reprinted at the LUDWIG VON MISES INSTITUTE SITE.  She said:

“After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks repudiated Russia’s debts indiscriminately. Sack, a professor of law in Paris and former minister in the Tsarist government, authored two major works on the obligations of successor systems and defined in law which debts are legitimate and which illegitimate. With colonial territories becoming independent nation states and colonies changing hands, with monarchies being replaced by republics and military rule by civilians, with constantly changing borders throughout Europe, and with the ascendant new ideologies of socialism, communism, and fascism overthrowing old orders, Sack’s debt theories dealt with the practical problems created by such transformations of state. Like many others, Sack believed that liability for public debts should remain intact, for these debts represent obligations of the state–the state being the territory, rather than a specific governmental structure. This he based not on some strict

dictate of natural justice but on the exigencies of international commerce. Without strong rules, he believed, chaos would reign in relations between nations and international trade and finance would break down. But Sack believed that debts not created in the interests of “the state” should not be bound to this general rule. Some debts, he said, were “dettes odieuses.” If a despotic power incurs a debt not for the needs or in the interest of the State, but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it, etc., this debt is Odious for the population of all the State,”

As I understand what is said in this well researched article, “…if a government becomes despotic and incurs debt not for the needs or in the interest of the State but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it,”  it sounds to me like all of the quantitative easing from TARP to TALF to the multi-trillion dollar loans made by the Federal Reserve System to Wall Street investment banks and international banks (as well as corporations — $16 trillion alone in 2011), can be considered “odious debt” and stricken from the books – and the backs – of the American (and French, and German, and British, and Greek, and Italian, and Spanish) people.

Since 2002, Argentina has fought the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) attempts to impose restrictive measures of economic austerity on the country. The IMF wanted to do what the IMF is known worldwide for doing:  It wanted to finance infrastructure, pay for research… you know the routine:  Make a country borrow and spend money building roads and airports and bridges and other “shovel ready projects.” Such strategies force any nation deeper and deeper and deeper in debt until it is in economic ruin.  Sound familiar?

On the other hand, it is equally true that Argentina seems to lack character as a state when it comes to repaying its loans.  They seem to believe that banks in other nations should lend them money but they can choose not to repay – and other nations and banks should keep lending them money.  They have not yet figured out that the credit process is a two-way street:  “I lend you money; you repay the money.”

Aside from nations that view the Doctrine of Odious Debt as a means to get out of debt every ten years, this concept may lend itself to an exit strategy for sovereign nations of the world to escape the crushing debt being heaped on the heads of people worldwide.   The idea does hold some thoughtful possibilities. Iceland thought so – and its crooked bankers and its crooked politicians sit in Icelandic prisons rather than getting multi-million dollar bonuses annually… and Iceland thrives.  Too bad the Greeks and Spanish haven’t followed in their footsteps.

What the Doctrine of Odious Debt makes quite clear is that a lie has been forced upon the majority of the world’s population by oligarchic elites.  They like the concept of a two-class system with them as the elitists, running things, while the rest of us who used to be middle class are shoved into the labor class forced into careers they, not we, decide are best for us.

Undoubtedly, one reason Julian Assange sits in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is because he gave copies of documented conversations between elitist bankers and others about how to cripple the economies of South America.  The conversations Assange theoretically gave the South American governments focused on how to take South America’s energy resources, prevent economic recovery, and force the governments of the continent to pursue a neo-colonialist policy “so Spain, Italy and Germany can, with British capital, benefit from the difficulties sure to follow when the recommended policies are followed.”  Anyone who has read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man will recognize the parallels.

And, without intending to, Ecuador has exposed a great weakness in the world financial systems.

On December 16, 2008, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa didn’t make a scheduled interest payment on private bonds.  Ecuador had defaulted in 1998 when going through a financial crisis.  This time, however, was different.  Correa told the world that his small nation was not going to pay “obviously immoral and illegitimate debts.”

Ecuador’s gross domestic product (GDP) is close to 50 billion euros and its “immoral debt” is about 11 billion euros.  It’s a small country.  But that isn’t the point.  The “immoral debt” point made by Rafael Correa, was announced on television on December 12, 2008.  He said immoral and illegitimate debts were those debts that violated the Ecuadorian Constitution and oppressed his people.

The question, then, becomes:  What debts are “odious” or “immoral,” and which are not?  What is an illegitimate debt?  President Correa related the Ecuadorian “immoral debt” to violations of that nation’s Constitution.  If the Tea Party and Liberty Action Groups have any understanding of the significance of what is being said here, they will find access to constitutional legal and accounting expertise that can answer the question:  What debts are odious or immoral?  Which debts are not?

In America, we can look at mortgage-backed derivatives and millions of unlawful foreclosures and costing the people trillions of dollars to immediately identify trillions of dollars of property value and profits by banks that can be defined no way other than immoral.  Well, perhaps unlawful, too.  These debts and the government funds loaned to the banksters that created them and who got bailed out by additional funds from taxes on American citizens can probably make the best claim of “immoral” or “odious” debt of any citizens in the world.

What else might represent “immoral debt?”

If, as Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa says, “illegitimate debts violate the Ecuadorian Constitution and oppressed his people,” every other country that is drowning in immoral debt can make the same logical and lawful claim.  If debt is defined as anything unconstitutional, a claim can be made that the entire Federal Reserve System is “unconstitutional.”

Article One, Section 8 of the United States Constitution says “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United State;” Section 8 also says Congress has the responsibility “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”.

There is a lawful way to change the Constitution of the United States.  It involves both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Each must approve by a two-thirds supermajority vote a joint resolution amending the Constitution.  The joint resolution does not require the signature of the President but is sent directly to the states for ratification.  Once ratified via a vote by the People, the Constitution is lawfully amended.  That is the process put in place by our Founding Fathers.

As anyone who is familiar with the history of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 knows, this procedure was not followed.  Instead, politicians who supported the concept of a central bank (which America had only briefly on two occasions until 1913) let their opponents go home for Christmas on December 23rd and proceeded to pass this Act unconstitutionally.  The Congress cannot, under its own limited power, change the Constitution of the United States.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the banking system that evolved from it have never been constitutional.

Foreign nations should be aware:  You may be doing business with an unlawful Corporation if you’re doing business within the Federal Reserve System.  The Federal Reserve System continues to be in violation of the US Constitution and not qualified to create debt in the name of the people of the United States of America… the debt of the Fed being thus “immoral” or “odious.”  That means it may be debt we, the citizens of this Great Nation, can write off.

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Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News

Wanta Revelations Chapter 16 by Leo Wanta

Wanta Revelations Chapter 16 by Leo Wanta


ScreenHunter_2011 Aug. 15 11.15


By Lee Wanta, Editor Veterans Today

Since the United States government won’t allow me to pay my repatriation civil income taxes, apparently the ony way to receive my personal income and property is to go through Austria where I am a taxpayer in good standing.

While there, I can receive my $30 trillion and pay my taxes, erasing America’s national debt.  Let’s admit it, most of America’s national debt was never authorized in the first place.  No one wants it paid off, former Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson put the US congress under duress, the debt exists to control the American people and is, in no way, representative of any real economic situation.

Paulson told congress that he had the full support of President Bush (43) to declare martial law and arrest members of congress and their families.


[Note: Dear Readers, We will not leave you to read between the lines here because it is way too important to not fully understand. This was given to us, so we could give to you, so you would understand that 911 was a coup, which we to do take credit for really understanding until a good deal after the fact.

Think back to how quickly the Patriot Act was passed, with Congressmen admitting that they voted for without even reading it. We now know what the long term consequences were to that. Now you can add two and two together on that. The Constitution became a roll of toilet paper on that day to the coupmeisters. 

A bit trickier is why have the Treasury Secretary deliver such an ultimatum and not a Pentagon chief or Attorney general. The answer is in what happened financially to us afterwards that was really part of the coup, and all the prestaging that had been set up for years earlier…and then you will know why Paulson was giving Congress the kiss from the Don Corleo-Bush…Jim W. Dean]

Where did the money come from?

Where did it go?

Nobody knows.

Swan Button Chap 16


ScreenHunter_2012 Aug. 15 11.42


Document below, part of Chapter 16:

Click on link to read full report:

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Sandra Day O’Connor Doubts Decision To Take Bush v. Gore

Sandra Day O’Connor Doubts Decision To Take Bush v. Gore

The Huffington Post |

By Luke Johnson

Updated: 04/30/2013 8:41 am EDT

George Bush, Al Gore, Video, Sandra Day O’Connor, Bush, Bush v. Gore, O’Connor, Sandra Day o’Connor Bush v. Gore, Politics News


Sandra Day O’Connor doubted the Supreme Court’s decision to take the Bush v. Gore case even though she voted for it. (AP Photo Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor expressed doubt Friday about the decision to take the 2000 Bush v. Gore case that resulted in the election of President George W. Bush.

“It took the case and decided it at a time when it was still a big election issue,” O’Connor told the Chicago Tribune editorial board in an interview. “Maybe the court should have said, ‘We’re not going to take it, goodbye.'”

“Obviously the court did reach a decision and thought it had to reach a decision,” she said. “It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn’t done a real good job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court added to the problem at the end of the day.”

The Florida Supreme Court ordered a manual recount on Dec. 8, 2000, of all Florida votes in the 2000 presidential election between Vice President Al Gore and Bush, then the governor of Texas. But a 5-4 Supreme Court majority, including O’Connor, ordered an injunction the next day. The Supreme Court ruled on Dec. 12 in a decision “limited to the present circumstances” that the Florida recount was unconstitutional, giving Bush the presidency.

O’Connor, now 83, retired in 2006, and Bush replaced her with the substantially more conservative Justice Samuel Alito, an opponent of abortion rights, unlike O’Connor. Her comments to the Tribune seemed much more regretful than others she has made about Bush v. Gore since her retirement. In 2011, she told the Aspen Ideas Festival that the outcome wasn’t the “end of the world.” “They had recounts of the votes in four counties by the press, and it did not change the outcome at all. So forget it. It’s over!” she added.

Former Justice John Paul Stevens called the Bush appeal “frivolous” in his memoir. Justice Antonin Scalia has said simply, “get over it.”

Click on link to read original story:


US dictatorship and its free fall

In 2000, a criminal conspiracy overthrew the government of the United States through violence, threats of violence and massive fraud.


In light of what many believe to be the upcoming collapse, world war, economic meltdown, climate sabotage, global pandemics and radiation threats, key evidence has been brought forward.


The oft spoken of New World Order is now much more than conspiracy or myth. The United States is now and has been little more than a colony, to be bled dry.

It is now clearly recognized that this organization stands ready to destroy the last vestiges of human civilization in service of some indiscernible goal. Ascribing the term “reptilian” to these machinations is an insult to a viper.

Some Have Had “Enough”

In recognition of the current state of emergency, leaders of America’s military and intelligence community loyal to constitutional authority have taken exception with the continuity of governmental and command authority.

This is not a specific challenge to the Obama presidency but rather a clear recognition of the seizure of political authority in the US (and most other western nations) has ended all representative government.

By this standard, all governmental actions of the United States since that time will be “null and void.” However, the dead will still be dead, the maimed and despondent, countless in number, may look for what solace they can.

The old dialectic, “republic or democracy” is passé, much of the world exists under the slavery of a New World Order or is awaiting doom. Not all will pass into the darkness as sheep, as happened in America and her “allies.”

“The People against the New World Order”

Legally, George W. Bush was never the President of the United States, according to legal opinions now under broad acceptance with America’s top commanders.

Authorities now cite the election of former Vice President Al Gore. The same authorities demand both the restoration of the Gore presidency and the impeachment of Gore for failure to assume office though legally elected.

Records of Supreme Court deliberations during their bizarre move against the constitution in 2000 show that they were aware, not just of broad electronic vote rigging but that five court members were fully involved in a plot against the United States, knowingly complicit in a coup that involved broad threats of violence, blackmail and bribery on a massive scale.

New information on the 2000 election, information now in the hands of top military officials in the US, conclusively proves that America’s government is in “free fall.”

The evidence, leaked by top Pentagon commanders, tells a story now very easy to believe, a story of hate, of greed and, especially of brutal totalitarian intent.


A group closely aligned with a “not so hidden” world government made up of financial criminals, oil and defense corporations, groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers and extremist groups that penetrated all western military and intelligence commands exercised a violent overthrow of the government of the United States.

The operational planning group was the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), tasked with rigging the 2000 election, organizing the corporate media behind the coup.

As some may remember, the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush as president, on a 5/4 vote on pure party lines. Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in recent public revelations has “strongly hinted” at the court’s legal misconduct in 2000.

Less publicly, secret deliberations, now in the hands of key leaders, penetrate the secrecy behind this critical time. The Supreme Court, led by a five-member cabal at the heart of the coup, knowingly abrogated state’s rights, separation of powers and equal protection provisions of the constitution to empower a criminal conspiracy intent on unleashing an American dictatorship on the world as a “super-cop.”

As early as 1999, PNAC had announced the need for “a new Pearl Harbor” to condition the American people to accept a consolidation of totalitarian authority and a permanent state of warfare.

The subsequent planning and execution of 9/11 was only one aspect of the broader plan; seizing the government, 9/11, suspending civil rights, rigging congressional districts, instill “true believers” in military and government and setting up a multi-national world government to manage a quasi-global slave state.

Experts in nearly every field all agree on one thing, collapse is imminent.

Correcting Course

Restoration of constitutional authority, the basis of all “oaths of allegiance” for those serving with the authority of “the republic” requires the restoration of said republic and its last elected president. Thus, Albert Gore is the last legally elected president and must, by law, fulfill his term of office.

Two branches of government are, technically, in rebellion against the United States.

The Supreme Court of the United States has strayed, an understatement of Olympic proportions.

Evidence of a conspiracy against the court to overthrow the government exists. Dissenting members of the court were subject to threats of violence against their persons and families as was President Gore.

This has been confirmed.

Subsequent acts of the court, the utter and absolute failure to uphold constitutional guarantees time and time again has been a travesty.

It has been treasonous, from Citizen’s United to the congressional redistricting which denied “equal protection and representation” to over 100 million Americans.

When the Supreme Court allowed suspension of habeas corpus, all semblance of representative government ended.

When they allowed murder, kidnapping and torture, ending all “due process,” they became war criminals.

The “Horrible House”

The US House of Representatives is now a tyranny controlled entirely by minority party under the control of criminal elements. Nearly half the members of the “majority party” would lose their seats but for bizarre gerrymandered districts, some geographies of phantasmagorical mien.

The 2012 Mob Ploy

During the 2012 election, drug cartel kingpin Mitt Romney received over $1 billion in “contributions,” much from narcotics, human trafficking and gambling backers.

Gambling boss, Sheldon Adelson spent $100 million, a number personal cited by President Obama.

Prior to the election, documents were released by sources within the FBI and Mexican intelligence agencies revealing that Mitt Romney, working closely with the Castro government and former members of Soviet intelligence services, managed hundreds of secret “slush fund” offshore accounts for key government and military leaders.

These accounts were funded through the generous contributions of the Mexican drug cartels and the CIA’s burgeoning narcotics operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This relationship, which some believed began with Carlos Salinas and Mitt Romney at Harvard, actually began generations before. The Bush/Romney financial partnership, built, initially on profits from Nazi war industries, now dwarfs even the Rothschild cartel for “funds under management.”

DHS, Neither “Home” Nor “Secure”

The Department of Homeland Security is an Israeli controlled organization tasked by the New World Order to infect every aspect of American society in lieu of a declaration of full martial law.

The Wanta, Reagan, Mitterand Protocols

As things are now, only the “Wanta trillions” can save the United States from the grip of the New World “Dis-Order.”

Keeping America ignorant of the truth about the “protocols” is vital to those who continue to bleed America dry.

At one time, speaking of a “trillion dollars” was considered absurd. In recent years, despite obfuscation, psychological operations, disinformation, propaganda and simply corrupt news “Imagineering,” the public has learned that banks created “funny money,” amounting to what is now estimated to be $5 quadrillion dollars.

That would be 5 million billion dollars or 5,000 trillion dollars.

Don’t worry, none of it is real. We call this money “derivatives.” $10 trillion of the US national debt is money “invented” to keep foreign banks alive that got confused, they were no longer able to tell their real from their phony cash.

They were considered “too big to fail.”

The largest “poke” of real cash in the world is money accumulated by Ameritrust Corporation, solely controlled by Lee Wanta, former Reagan White House Intelligence Chief.

A trading platform for world currencies, including and especially the Soviet ruble, eventually yielded a very real $27 trillion, of which nearly one third belonged to Wanta personally.

The rest was to be used to finance the future of the United States as a debt free nation in perpetuity. That wouldn’t be allowed!

The Wanta cash is real. Most of the $27 trillion has long been distributed to Bush cronies, the international banking cartel that overthrew the US government and put “little Bush” in the oval office, much to the dismay of the human race.

Wanta sat in a Swiss dungeon as the Bush cartel plundered the birthright of the American people.

However, well over $7 trillion has been located and legally assigned for payment to Lee Wanta. Al Gore knows. The Pentagon knows.

The Bush family knows.

Federal courts have ordered the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve to remit the funds, now deposited with the International Monetary Fund.

Military leaders in the United States are hesitant to continue “sitting on their hands” with Wanta’s offer on the table, a massive pay-down of the national debt and broad private financing of massive public works projects in the United States.

The Ticking Clock

There is a war within our own government and military. The forces that would ask President Obama to step down from office voluntarily on constitutional grounds are, oddly enough, closely aligned with Secretary of Defense Hagel and Chairman of the JCOS, General Martin Dempsey.

They are, in fact, Obama supporters.

Against them are the very real forces of darkness, that “vast conspiracy” spoken of so many years ago by First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The “grand conspiracy,” the New World Order, is playing a new game, inventing wild conspiracies over Benghazi, a wild narrative of conjecture and fabrication intended to ensnare those who are stupid enough to accept “facts” from corporate controlled media.

While this dance continues, America is either being dragged into world war over Syria or, through failure to show leadership, will be supplanted throughout the Middle East and Central Asia by Russia and China.

America is, it seems, addicted to its own lies.

While the clock is ticking, maybe ticking away America’s final hours, will oaths be kept, will courage take hold, will bold and daring action confront the monster that has been feeding off so many of us for so long?



Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff

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Constitutional Grounds for the Impeachment and Fraud Upon the Supreme Court, et al…

(Editor’s note: Only when America’s legally elected president, Al Gore, is returned to office and subjected to required impeachment proceedings, can constitutional authority in the United States be re-established. Toward that end, all actions of the Bush (43) presidency are to be declared “null and void,” all treaties abrogated, all executive actions declared unlawful and all actions including but not limited to the establishment of the United States as a criminal empire undone. The subsequent election of Barak Obama as president thus has no legal standing. Gordon Duff and Lee Wanta)

Before the Supreme Court of the United States








The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the U.S.A. [hereafter the U.S. Constitution, or Constitution] are jointly the contract of specific performance between the U.S. citizens as the parties on one side of the agreement, and the U.S. government, its officers, employees, agents, and subcontractors as the parties on the other side of the agreement.

The duty to take care is affirmative. So is the duty faithfully to execute the office. A President must carry out the obligations of his office diligently and in good faith. The elective character and political role of a President make it difficult to define faithful exercise of his powers in the abstract. A President must make policy and exercise discretion. This discretion necessarily is broad, especially in emergency situations, but the constitutional duties of a President impose limitations on its exercise.

The “take care” duty emphasizes the responsibilty of a President for the overall conduct of the executive branch, which the Constitution vests in him alone. He must take care that the executive is so organized and operated that this duty is preformed.

The duty of a President to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” to the best of his ability includes the duty not to abuse his powers or transgress their limits — not to violate the rights of citizens, such as those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and not to act in derogation of powers vested elsewhere by the Constitution.

Please Note : – Each of the thirteen American impeachments involved charges of misconduct incompatible with the official position of the officeholder. This conduct falls into three broad categories:

  1. exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of      the office in derogation of the powers of another branch of government;
  2. behaving in a manner grossly incompatible with the      proper function and purpose of the office; and
  3. employing the power of the office for an improper      purpose or for personal gain.

Definition : Political – Pertaining or relating to the policy or the administration of government, state or national …. As political theories … seek to determine or control its public policy …

(Black’s Law 6th Ed.)

Considerations and Background :

“ The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Title 18 USC 3 : Accessory after the fact Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.

Title 18 USC 241 : Conspiracy Against Rights

Title 18 USC 242 : Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Title 18 USC 1951 : – Interference with commerce by threats or violence

(2) The term “extortion” means the obtaining of property (our Civil Rights including our time and our right of Due Process of Law is our Property) from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under of official right.

Title 42 USC 1986 : Action for Neglect to Prevent

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Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges which were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman (Deceased 2004) was member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”