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Israel Lobby 5th column gets backlash on killing Iran talks


US Capitol Building

 62 US Organizations Oppose Iran Bill


…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … from  Press TV, Tehran


AIPAC is no longer feared

AIPAC is no longer feared

[ Editors Note:  We had a bit more movement today toward that tipping point toward Israeli penetration of Congress finally being resisted.

While this list is not the hundreds of organizations we would like to see, it is showing that the opposition groups, who up to now have been jealous of attention on themselves, they are finally realizing that without the power of coalitions they have diluted the strength of their numbers.

At the end of the day the infiltration that the Lobby has done successfully at the top can only be countered by voter pressure at the grass roots level.  That has been what their divide and conquer game has all been about these last few decades, pitting these groups against each other which resulted in no serious challenge to the Lobby at the top.

Now we have to see if the conservative groups who opposse Israeli/Zionist/AIPAC cooption of Congress have the leadership smarts to join in.  Not all of them will of course, but not all are needed…just enough to rattle the ‘in the bag’ politicians that their questionalbe loyalties could become a reelection campaign issue.

All it would take is having this issue be the swing vote to remove a few of the sellouts and the others would take notice right away. They are all really good at arithmetic.  I ask you all to call and thank your Senators who oppose this, and voice your displeasure for those who don’t. Be polite, but don’t be shy about bringing up the disloyalty and Israeli espionage issue.

Ask them specifically what they have done about Israeli espionage here. They never get asked that, hence they have no fear of working closely with the Zios and their 5th column. We have to change that paradigm… Jim D. Dean ]


–  First pulished on Press TV – January 15th, 2014  –


Whose Congress is it on Mid East matters?

Whose Congress is it on Mid East matters?

As an anti-Iran bill is gaining support in the US Senate, more than 60 US organizations have delivered a joint letter to the upper chamber urging senators to oppose the new Iran sanctions legislation.

The letter comes just two days after Iran, the United States and other members of the P5+1 agreed to implement the terms of the Joint Action Plan struck in November in Geneva, which will ease existing sanctions on Tehran.

The 62 organizations warned the Senate passage of new Iran sanctions would critically endanger the possibility of diplomatic resolution to a decade-long nuclear standoff with Iran.

They also warned that additional sanctions could increase the likelihood of a new costly war in the Middle East and strongly discouraged Senate consideration of new Iran sanctions while nuclear negotiations proceed.

The letter was jointly organized by the National Iranian American Council, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Win without War, and was signed, among others, by CREDO and

The bill was originally introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk and has now the support of almost 60 senators.

Senate majority leader


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