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Heart of Darkness–Black on White Crime in America



This is not pleasant, but needs to be seen by those with courage to face it. Mass Media will not touch this with a ten foot pole.

 …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

The 'attitude' can start young

The ‘attitude’ can start young


The first TV appearance I ever made was up in Nashville, in 1999 I think. I had been invited up by a Southern Heritage crew who had a half hour public tv weekly show there.


They shot all four of them during one Saturday studio booking on the Univ of Tenneessee campus where they actually had the key to the place…which blew my mind.

Due to the long ride up from Atlanta, after I had said yes, I later called back and asked it I could do two of the half hour slots, and they said sure, as then they only have to get two more people booked to have their month covered.

What triggered my second call is my having finished reading  Michael Hoffman’s  They were white and they were slaves, a short but heavily footnoted book with a huge bibliography, which by the way got me hooked on buying rare books.

It laid out in spades the history of white slavery in America, primarily in the 1600′s when most of the ‘settlers’ brought here were acutally white slaves, despite the smokescreen term of ‘indentured servant’. In the dictionaries of the time slave and indentured servant were synonyms. And in the letters they sent home, they referred to themselves as slaves.

It was a shocking book, and I felt it to be one of America’s deepest, darkest secrets, so I decided to use one of these TV show slots as a focus group test audience. The crew called me about a few weeks later and said they had gotten more audience responses from that show than everything else they had done in total up to that point.

That was the turning point for me. I had come back to the US becauce I had been ahead of my time in seeing that the internet was going to revoluntionize publishing, and that Bardados was kind at the end of theInternet world at the time.


Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches

Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches

A few months before I left the Bajan phone company, fearful of losing their nice juicy fax income stream from the business community decided…are you sitting down…that they were going to charge their regular international long distance rates for a connetction.

Pirate blood still flowed in Barbados at the time.

They liked selling those nice juicy T-1 lines for $7000 a month, but not so much the regular folks being able to have an Internet connection that killed their fax business. So their position was that folks were welcome to use the Net all they wanted…at $1.20 for the first minute, and 90 cents after that. I kid you not.

I know this because I helped Ian Worrel start a bootleg Net access company by tapping into someone’s T1 line in the next office through the ceiling, with their permission, so we could use it in the evenings and on weekends when they were not in. This was technically illegal as the T-1 contract strictly prohibited sharing, but we did it anyway. You can’t blame me…with America Rev War and Confederate ancestors. It’s in my blood.

We charged $30 a month Bajin…$15 US for an evening/weekend connection, and had the balls to advertize the service in the newspapers. Customers rolled in and the phone company cops never showed up.


A new government had recently been elected, throwing out the retards, and the new Prime Minister realized that $1.20 for the first minute then 90 cents after would leave Barbados in the Internet Stone Age. He gave us the wink and a nod to go ahead until he had time to change the phone company policy.


My missive above might rank as my longest lead in. I shared it with you as it is part of the history of my evolution into media via the Internet, by overcoming the brain dead phone company people in Barbados who did not give a crap about their community…or country for that matter. They just wanted their money.


Charley - in one of his non crazy poses

Charley – in one of his non crazy poses

You are about to watch the most cold blooded interview of a murderer that I think I have ever seen, excepting Charley Manson who is in a class by himself.

To those who migh think I am disparagaing black folks by airing this you are joining the Bajan phone company with that attitude. Our prayers are with the victims, not with the perps.

I will ruin part of the surprise for you. This Youtube was not uploaded by a psyops white supremacist group to help the ADL with it’s next fundraising campaign, but a black community tv guy who was using it as a shocker for what ‘no father in the home’ can create…monster children.

But this kid is not a child. When he stands up in the end you will see he could almost dunk a basketball standing on his toes.

Yes, there is a tie-in to my missive above. The epidemic of black on white crime in America is also  one of America’s  deep dark secrets. The civil rights community, their loving buddies in the media, academia, and our politicians prefer that it just never be acknowledged. Why?  They have this pitiful excuse that it my have a negative effect on civil rights in America.


The real negative effect is actually black on white violent attacks is off the charts and has been during much of our tremendous civil rights progress. Rather than acknowledge and honor the victims, and have a national campaign to stop the slaughter…the victims, solely because they are white, have been flushed down the toilet.


Somebody's children

Somebody’s children

The rate of black on white rape is like 50 to 1…the numbers from federal crime stats that are published each year, buried and totally ignored. This ‘kid’ you are about to see will give on a good dose of the ‘in your face’  attitude behind this crime epidemic.

For anyone with sensitive ears you might want to take a pass on watching this. You are going to see a human being who is actually an animal, that ended up in a human body.

This kid obviously spent his formative year in a child care center, masquerading as a public school system. The ignorance you are about to see is off the scale, and must have been somewhat noticable by everybody that came into contact with him.

How many more are out there like this? You probably don’t want to know, but the anti-gun crowd wants to make sure you are an easy target.

This video was sent in my through the myriad of helpers that suggest material, who know we don’t shy away from the rough stuff. Veterans Today has printed stories that no one else would touch with a ten foot pole.

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