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Former FBI Director James Comey

Over Memo Allegedly Claiming Trump Sought Halt to Flynn Investigation 

Post by Newsroom
– May 17, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey may face arrest for criminal violation of Title 18 United States Code, Sub-Section 4 and for violation of 28 USC 1361. So says legal expert Gregg Jarrett, who points out the following:


Three months ago, the then-FBI Director met with President Trump. Following their private conversation, Comey did what he always does –he wrote a memorandum to himself memorializing the conversation. Good lawyers do that routinely.

Now, only after Comey was fired, the memo magically surfaces in an inflammatory New York Times report which alleges that Mr. Trump asked Comey to end the Michael Flynn investigation.

Those who don’t know the first thing about the law immediately began hurling words like “obstruction of justice”, “high crimes and misdemeanors” and “impeachment“. Typically, these people don’t know what they don’t know.

Here is what we do know.

Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in criminal charges against Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361) He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law.


So, if Comey believed Trump attempted to obstruct justice, did he comply with the law by reporting it to the DOJ? If not, it calls into question whether the events occurred as the New York Time reported them


On May 3, 2017 Former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath  before a US Senate Committee that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.

On May 9th, President Trump fired Comey, who has spent 15 years shilling for Hillary Clinton.

Comey admitted the FBI has always been free to operate without political interference — flying in the face of Democrats’ paranoid delusions about Russia and President Donald J. Trump, and exposing for what it is: a new political witch hunt Wednesday by enemies within the president’s own Justice Department.

Videotaped testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee blows apart the phony narrative New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt wove on Tuesday, which resulted in Mueller’s appointment. 

Schmidt’s only sources were anonymous. They claimed that on Feb. 14th, the day after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned, Trump had asked Comey to end an investigation into Flynn’s connections to Russia.

Schmidt’s allegations that Trump attempted to obstruct justice hinged on the sources’ accounts of a memo authored the same day.

Schmidt, a Democrat party lackey, admitted he hasn’t even seen the document — dated nearly three months before Comey’s testimony on May 3 which totally contradicts it.


May 3 Key Testimony


Comey’s May 3 Testimony to Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono, which Center for Security Policy analyst Nick Short noted Wednesday, exposes the Democrats once again for their political gamesmanship.


If Comey was lying during sworn congressional testimony then he committed Perjury, a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison.


“So if the attorney general or senior officials at the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that FBI investigation?” asked Sen. Hirono of Comey during the question-and-answer period of his testimony.

“In theory, yes,” replied Comey.

Hirono pressed: “Has it happened?”

Comey said, “Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that – without an appropriate purpose. I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason. That would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.”



On Wednesday, DOJ appointed a special prosecutor, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to drum up more hype about Trump’s imaginary “collusion” with Russia during the general election. Except Mueller doesn’t play politics.  He gathers EVIDENCE and decides on whteher or not to prosecute solely based upon the law.

Anticipated Result: Trump CLEARED.

Stay tuned for more.

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…It should be remember that in various terrorist trials in German involving 9/11, FBI Director Robert Mueller took the 5th Amendment concerning the identity of various alleged terrorists because of their links to U.S. Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad dating as far back to the early days of Iran Contra.

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International Intelligence Expert Tom Heneghan outs the names of assassination teams and the treasonous conspiracy of FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller in the training of Mohamed Atta.

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Current FBI Director James Comey has become a puppet of former FBI Director Robert Mueller (NAZI German Bush Crime Family bloodline).

Continuing ‘Circle of Illusion’ HOAX

Conning and deceiving the American People

day and night, night and day

We can all trust ‘squeaky clean’

9/11 HIGH Treason Traitor

Nazi Paperclip Bush-Clinton Crime Cartel

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

will do a super duper righteous job!!!

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Sep 16, 2014 … Current FBI Director James Comey has become a puppet of former FBI Director Robert Mueller (NAZI German Bush Crime Family bloodline).

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Thursday November 27, 2008 as of 5:15 a.m. PST

As of this hour the President of India has concluded the attacks against Mumbai aka Bombay were directed from outside forces aka the Pakistani ISI with direct funding from the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank.

The paramilitary group, which entered India by sea using naval and cargo vessels that have direct links to the gang of Somalia pirates, have been operating unchecked off the shores of Africa and south Asia for at least four years.

Indian Intelligence sources tell us that the dots have been directly connected between the Pakistani ISI, the East German Stasi DVD and the Bush-Clinton-Gary Best-Mossad riddled Crime Family Syndicate.

Indian Intelligence officials inform us that the funding for the Somalia pirates and the current paramilitary group aka scripted mercenaries, is directly linked to the Hamburg, Germany “Becker” cell and the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank.

It should be remember that in various terrorist trials in German involving 9/11, FBI Director Robert Mueller took the 5th Amendment concerning the identity of various alleged terrorists because of their links to U.S. Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad dating as far back to the early days of Iran Contra.

EXPLOSIVE: Bush’s Domestic Assassination Teams Fingered …

January 10, 2006 10pm CST


International Intelligence Expert Tom Heneghan outs the names of assassination teams and the treasonous conspiracy of FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller in the training of Mohamed Atta.

False Flag Report – by Tom Heneghan

Oct 11, 2008 – Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

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– The latest news from former FBI agent and chief aide to FBI Director Mueller on why there is no real evidence on Osama bin Laden and how the BOGUS tapes of bin Laden are actually tied to British Intelligence and former Iraq War co-conspirator British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
–  The document classified by British Intelligence is entitled ‘WD 199’.  The document also deals with British Petroleum (BP), J. P. Morgan oil derivatives linked to the Queen of England, the Bush-Queen joint account at Couts Bank and the real reasons for the war in Iraq.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

Remember folks, when the invasion of Iraq began the British forces were the ones that moved into the oil rich producing area of Basra; while Americans were dying, the British were pumping.

Just another reason why the American People should know who their  REAL  friends are and who their real friends aren’t.

The British Monarchy remains the oldest and current enemy of the American People.

Note: We do not intend to attack the People of Great Britain.  It is their government and monarchy that have participated in looting U.S. Treasury funds from the American People.

The Shining Light: Tom Heneghan – Benghazi Gate

Nov 15, 2012 – Tom Heneghan explosive intelligence briefings ALL patriot …

We can now divulge that Frederick Humphries, who was assisted by former DHS employee and CNN Bush-Clinton Crime Family stooge Frances Townsend, engaged in the illegal hacking of General Petraeus’ email account without a warrant.

This is gestapo activity of the highest order by the rogue, now out of control FBI.

The illegal hacking of General Petraeus’ email account was ordered and condoned by current FBI Director Mueller, by Clinton Crime Family stooge, former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and totally corrupt U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

– – –

reference Mossad strikes Mumbai

Blowback on Subcontinent Worldwide Intel War Descends Into Anarchy

November 29, 2008

Item: The British-owned fishing trawler was a recently released vessel taken hostage by the Somalia pirates.

It is now being used as an Intelligence Agency prop to cover up the role of the Pakistani ISI-CIA registered MV Alpha in actually transporting the paramilitary team.

Of course this makes no sense, given this operation was scripted and planned at least two years in advance.

There is no way these alleged terrorists aka the paramilitary group would jeopardize their operation based on hijacking a fishing trawler and then using the trawler as the means of transport for the paramilitary group and using military style aquatic speedboats to take them to the Indian shore.

Clearly a cargo ship met the logistical needs of the paramilitary team.
The lasted BIG LIE from the NSA controlled media is that these were rafts not speedboats.

At this hour, some of this bogus intelligence is being given to the Indian government, NOT by a captured terrorist but an actual FBI informant, who actually walked out of the Nariman House unharmed.

As we bring you this intelligence briefing, the U.S. FBI, headed by Robert Mueller, is sending an FBI Task Force to India to engage in Obstruction of Justice.

As reported in our previous intelligence briefing, the illegal resident of the White House, Bushfraud, continues to blackmail and bribe the Indian Prime Minister in regards to blaming these paramilitary attacks on Bushfraud’s partner-in-crime and patsy, alleged “Al Qaeda”.

Note: The Indian Prime Minister and his intelligence agencies now have “smoking gun” proof linking a SECRET covert directorate, an arm of the Pakistani ISI, in directing and manipulating terrorist and paramilitary groups inside Pakistan.

That SECRET directorate, which has liaison to both Israeli and British Intelligence, as well as the U.S. CIA, operates without any knowledge or oversight from the current democratically elected Pakistani government.

As reported in the previous intelligence briefing, it is unclear whether the Indian government will allow this team to actually land on Indian soil.

– – –


Israeli Art Students and Arab hijackers 
paths crossed in a number of cities in 
2000 . . . was covered up by John 
Ashcroft and Robert Mueller. 
...Hollywood, Florida, Irving, Texas 
[near Dallas-Forth Worth International 
Airport]; San Diego; Jersey City; and 
Laurel, Maryland. 

Robert Mueller — FBI director on 9-1 1; 
under his “leadership” FBI field agents’ 
warnings of an imminent attack were 

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