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Cold War II Goes Hot in Syria

Cold War II Goes Hot in Syria


Mideast Cold War Getting Hot


…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …with Press TV

–  First published on Press TV,  August 2nd,  2013  –

An important news item came and went this week, quickly buried by what is jokingly referred to as our non-Jewish controlled mass media.


Despite both civilian and military deep budget cutbacks, the Israelis are going ahead with putting their latest “Barak 8″ surface-to-air missiles on all of their Sa’ar 5-class warships after delaying doing so for years.

When asked why, the Israeli military said it was to defend them from the Russian Yakhont anti-ship missiles. Why would Israel be concerned with having their small navy wiped out by a major power like Russia? They would never do this pre-emptively.

Can anyone remember when the last time Russia attacked anyone? How about Israel or the US? Such attacks seem to only be the foreign policy tool of the West and their Jewish Lobby puppeteers.

But there is another reason. What if Israel is planning pre-emptive strikes itself against Syria and the Russian air defense systems there? The Syrians, in this case meaning the Russians, have already said they would respond “in kind” to any Israeli attacks.

The Russians have already delivered 250 S300′s and another 250 are in the pipeline. That is a lot folks, and a huge amount of money spent by somebody. For some framing, South Korea only has 100 Patriot missiles, and they live next door to the North Korean crazies.

Veterans Today originally exposed the media hoax story about the Russian missiles all being blown up in the Latakia attack on July 5th. This included one of the F-16 planes shot down was later reported to have been a training accident off the Gazan coast.


The New York Times just confirmed the story July 31rst, citing US intelligence sources. Long time American blogger Richard Silverstein has also confirmed via his excellent Israeli sources. Neither cited Veterans Today’s July 10th story as the first disclosure. That might have something to do with our having a complete corporate media blackout on us here.

Besides claiming that an FSA spy tipped the Syrians off about the planned attack, which allowed time for the missiles to be moved, the Syrians engaged in some gamesmanship themselves. Said the New York Times:

“After the Israeli attack, the Assad government sought to hide the fact that the missiles had been missed by setting fire to launchers and vehicles at the site to create the impression of a devastating blow, according to American intelligence reports.”

The Syrian/Russian retaliation “in kind” statement obviously would include strikes against Israel’s ability to defend itself, so that further aggression on its part would be much more risky. It is called having a credible deterrent, which kept us all alive during the Cold War.

The Soviet task force in the Mediterranean would feel more comfortable if it could respond to an Israeli attack on its defensive forces by eliminating the Israeli Navy threat completely.

This, of course, would have to include ALL of Israeli’s Dolphin subs with their nuclear surface-to-surface and anti-ship missile capability, and all of Israeli navy capable of attacking the Russian ships in the Med.

That would leave the Russian forces free to concentrate completely on defending against the Israeli Air Force on the next attack without having to consider both submarine and ship fired anti-ship missile fire.

Israeli Dolphin submarine - Small, quiet, built for off shore patrolling with ten missile tubes

That would set the stage for the next showdown … how good really are the Israeli air defenses against a major world power. Israel’s nukes are worthless in this situation. Why? Because of a little thing called “mutually assured destruction.” Israel is a small country and all of its military bases can be completely destroyed in two hours.

Its economy would be totally destroyed. And America would do nothing if this occurred due to a crazy offensive Israeli strike. Replacement planes and munitions could only come from US stocks which would leave us more vulnerable. Would the American people be happy with that increased risk, AND having to pay for it?

I mention that because suspicious me, I have a funny feeling that similar to the situation in WWI the US has made secret agreements with Israel to replace any and all military hardware and ammunition in an “emergency.”

Would this replenishment be triggered by an Israeli aggressive strike … when such an agreement would have, I suspect, been formulated where Israel had itself been pre-emptively attacked?

Does the US think that if the Israelis attacked the Russians, they would not respond? Of course not. The Russians would have the right under international law to launch retaliatory attacks against the bases where the strikes had originated to defend itself against further aggressive strikes.

Veterans Today has also reported that Israel lost one of it Dolphin subs after Damascus had been attacked by an Israeli nuclear bunker buster, what we call a tactical nuclear weapon.

The tactical nuke use was confirmed on the ground by scientific analysis and additionally by US satellites which can easily detect any nuclear weapon use by analyzing what is in the explosion plume. And yes, Russia has satellites that can do this, also.

Israel also lost an F16 in the Latakia attack. They used the later reported “training accident” off the coast of Gaza as the usual cover-up. But still the Russians did not launch a major counter strike. There was no need to.

The Russians have loads of these S-300's...and Syria does now, also.

The Russians will hold their fire until Israel launches a major strike on Syria where it would be clear to the world that is was a major aggression.

That would create a situation where the US commitment to defend Israel against attack would be in a weak position if it tried to cast a clearly retaliatory attack as an aggressive one by the Russians.

Elsewhere the US is going ahead with the joint Bright Star military exercises with Egypt. This is nothing more that another wasteful expense of taxpayer money.

The Egyptian military power is primarily used to defend its running 25% of the economy. In the post-Mubarak Palace Guard days the army is evolving into a defense force for its own financial holdings.

Since the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow where the army patiently gave the MB lots of rope to hang itself, the army has greatly increased its political and financial fortunes. They have almost everybody, but the MB supporters behind them now, including some of the Salafists.

While the Saudis have been supporting the radical Salafists in Syria against Assad and now most of the Syrian people, they have rolled out the red carpet of cash, gold and free oil to the interim Egyptian government.

The UAE has also jumped in with their support. This has cut the Muslim Brotherhood off at the knees as the economy is now rescued, at least temporarily.

The Saudis are doomed politically - as are the Israelis

The Saudis report they are experiencing declining oil sales. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal made a big splash about diversification as 92% of the Saudi budget comes from oil revenues.

I sense a strategic capital investment move to Egypt to capture an economic partner addicted already to subsidized fuel prices which the Saudis can assure a gradual easing of without collapsing the economy.

The Royal Family needs to plan a second country to live in just in case the people at home get tired of being feudal subjects in the 21st Century.

Will the Egyptian people throw this new lifeboat out the window to get Morsi and the Brotherhood back and hard economic times with them? I don’t think so.

The US is off the hook for any major new financial aid as is Europe. All it has to do is keep the Camp David Agreement aid going and a few F-16s delivered, to be used against who I cannot imagine … Libya, the Israelis? Egypt has no air defense, so these few planes would just be target practice for the Israeli Air Force.

The plan seems to be to settle Egypt down and keep Israel’s west flank dependably quiet. Some of the Interim government parties are rattling sabers at Israel, but those sabers do not belong to them or the government, but to the military.

General Sissi did not take his prominent role in the interim government just to get his picture taken. He will make sure that no one wants to threaten the army’s interests.

Meanwhile, the Syrian news is off the front pages of mainstream news. The Geneva 2 conference is being stalled while the West tries to figure some way to stabilize the FSA so the Syrian National Council has some theoretical negotiating position.

The Kurds are now being used to kill the al-Nusra gangsters, or is it the other way around. One can get dizzy trying to follow all of this.

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