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Alex Jones Hypes and Lies at Bilderberg 2013

Alex Jones – Hypes and Lies at Bilderberg 2013!

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I just can not let the lies that Alex Jones reported about the Bilderberg-Meeting in St. Moritz stay unchallenged.

I am writing this in English so that everybody in the States and elsewhere knows what really happened.

The bull crap that this guy has been turning out is just staggering.

What he reported must be from a different planet because it has nothing to do with the reality in Switzerland.

I know what I am talking about because I organized the ‘Alternative News Press Centre’ we set up in St. Moritz on our own turf and all the information came to us and was distributed there by bloggers to their respective web sites.

Alternative media and bloggers from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, England, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Romania, Spain, Sweden and USA were in our press centre working together and sharing information.

We had over 50 reporters covering every angle of the Bilderberg meeting and had the whole place surrounded.

We really knew what was going on and prepared this first ever press centre for the alternative media for months and offered its resources to all colleagues from outside the country for FREE as our guests !

For instance Mark Anderson form American Free Press worked the whole week with us in our press centre.

We knew Bilderberg was meeting in Switzerland long before Tucker did back in January, scouted the place out since weeks and where there from Monday on, three days before the start.

All the TV-crews, radio reporters and press people form the mainstream media came to us for information and did interviews with us and their reports where broadcast and published all over Switzerland and around the world.

What did Jones have ?

Only two guys running around helplessly on foot who arrived on Thursday and knew nothing, could not speak the language and just picked up the news that somebody told them second hand and then they sold it as if it where their own discovery.

They did not have a car and were dependent on others to hitch a ride.

Then they invented and blew up stories to incredible size.

Talk about creating a mountain out of a molehill … it’s the Mt. Everest !

Then these guys had absolutely no manners, they just barged into our press centre aggressively and demanded everything, they want this and need that pronto, typical rude arrogant Americans, who did not introduced themselves who they are, nor said hello or goodbye and certainly no thank you for the service of uploading to the Internet we gave them.

Now let’s look at Alex Jones bullshit story, ‘Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?

That really blows the scale of the crap-o-meter !

This headline with a question mark is a total fake.

There was never a gay party with the Bilderbergs and no callboys flown in by helicopter what he claims.

We had 10 reporters around the Paradiso Mountain Restaurant covering the place. Nobody from Jones was there because they came too late and therefore know nothing.

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