Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower/Informant
June 2003

Christian, Home Builder turned Informant, Stew Webb married in 1981 Kerre S. Millman "The Bush Crime Family" bankers daughter, threw payoffs and bribes to Judges in order to terminate Stewart Webb's parental rights (1984)with his daughter Amanda Webb, (aka Amanda Millman dob 7-14-84) Stew turned Whisblower to the FBI (1986) and found himself being turned on immediately by the power of his unknown, CIA/Bush Crime Family Banker, CFR Director, Knights Templar, Republican/Scamster, and former father in law Leonard Millman. Since 1984-todate, he has been arrested falsely over 30 times, held one-time 10 1/2 month period as a political prisoner. Subsequently all charges have been dismissed with perjury or hung juries. And he has had seven attempts upon his life.

Stew Webb Credentials

My Track Record and Exposure, of the "Bush Crime Family".

1. I was credited for the 1989 HUD-Housing & Urban Development Scandal

And the first Independent-Prosecutor appointed Arlen Adams, since Watergate.

("The Denver Connection" to the Bush Crime Family Leonard Millman-Bush King Pin, my former father in law.)

2. I was involved with the 1990 exposure of, Silverado Savings and Loan-Congressional-Hearings. Neil Bush Director.

("The Denver Connection" to the Bush Crime Family, Leonard Millman King Pin)

3. I was involved with the congressional hearings 1990, on the Denver International Airport Scam, and it's secret underground facility.

("The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family, Leonard Millman King Pin)

4. I was involved with the 1990 exposure of, Keating Five-MDC Holdings, Inc (Silverado's parent Co., Neil Bush Director) Illegal Political Money Laundering to over 200 Senators and Congressmen. (Time Magazine Aug 14, 1990)

(The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family-Leonard Millman King Pin)

5. I worked with Jonathan Beatty, Senior Correspondent for Time Magazine,

who after doing stories on Denver, led him from Silverado to the exposure

of the BCCI Scandal with Denver Connections. (Bank of Credit and Commerce Intern., he later wrote a book the OutLaw Bank)

(The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family, Leonard Milkman King Pin)

6. I was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 for 10 1/2 months, for the above exposures. The charges were dismissed with prejudice, after the book I contributed to,, came out. Then they tried to kill me.

("The Denver Connection"Bush Crime Family King Pin Leonard Millman filed false charges of harassing, threatening phone calls, his goon-partner in crime, then US Attorney Mike Norton filed the bogus charges.)

7. I exposed, with the help of my friend, who was murdered (Oct 1997) Bill McCoy, a former CID/Army Investigator-known as the "Famous Iran/Contra, Inslaw, Oklahoma Bombing investigator, who exposed Lt. Strassmeyer, and

who is a Bush/Clinton Crime Family investigator.

We exposed CIA-Agent Bill Clinton-Spotlight-Newspaper Sept. 1993.

We exposed, "The Brownstone Operation" blackmail of US Congressmen and Senators, involving Bush Sr. using children from orphanages, drugged and used as sex slaves for those child-molesters-willing to pay to screw kids. Bush Sr. himself is a known child-molester. (See: Cathy O'Brien's Book "Transformation of America').

8. I worked with many Investigators on the Oklahoma City Bombing,

and the exposure of the CIA-Bush involvement with Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Roger Moore, and other CIA agents who blew the building,

for George Bush Sr.

(There were many Ark.-Clinton, and Bush Denver Connections, that have never been revealed. I need a Grand Jury)

9. In 1986 former CIA Shadow Government Player Gene"Chip" Tatum,

contacted me, and agreed to expose his relationship with the "Denver Connection", and gave me a lot of information, that I have never exposed, if I would book him on radio show interviews. I did many shows as a co-guest with Gene. This later lead to the series of articles by Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury Press, concerning CIA drug smuggling into California.

10. I exposed the "Boulder Properties Scam" 1999, Blackmail of US Congressmen and Senators, involving Neil Bush, Leonard Millman, Hillary Clinton, Jonathan Flake, and others. (Bush Crime Family Part 1 Dec 1999 Media By Pass Magazine, Bush Crime Family Part 2 Media by Pass Magazine May 2000).

Also now on archived stories.

("The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family-Leonard Millman King Pin)

11. I exposed the Current Bush-CIA-Terror in America Sept. 1999, involving school shootings using MK-Ultra Mind Control Victims.

(See my Dec-1999 Video CIA-Terror-In-America, to bring in National Id/Credit-Debit/DNA Cards-666-mark of the beast-Ollie North's-Rex-84-Consentration Camps) This included the Egyptian Airline suicide, the Alaskan Airliner crash, tail bolt loosened, the Fort Worth Shooting, and others.

(This has led to the current Patriot-Act being approved, which eliminated your Constitutional and Civil Rights-Bush Crime Family-Plans-for NEW WORLD ORDER-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

12. I recently exposed the BUSH CRIME FAMILY, what is known by Knight's Templars as the Tiffany-Lamp-Meetings-Satanist-Human-Sacrifice, in Sedalia, Colorado, Kimball Castle every summer and Winter Solstice.

(Press releases Dec. 21, 2001; this took 6 years to track this event and location)

13. I was involved with Dr. Len Horiwitz, Ex-LAPD Detective Mike Ruppert

exposeing the truth about The Anthrax Scare and deaths relating to

Hadron and the CIA-Bush Crime Family Sept. 2002.

14.I have completed over 2,000 Radio Interviews as a Guest since 1991.

15. I have seen over 200 stories written, with out my name involved, were I handed the reporters these stories on a silver platter.(example Gale Norton from Cradle to Cabal)

16. I have given over 150 Lectures on "The Bush Crime Family and The Denver Connection" to Patriot groups, Militia groups, Graduating Doctors, Graduating Journalists, Church Groups and many others.

17. I have contributed to the following books:

* "Defrauding America", by Rodney Stitch

* "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush", by Pete Brewton. Local libraries.

* "The Oklahoma City Bombing Power of Politics", by David Hoffman

* "Bushwacked" by Uri Dowbenko

* I was instrumental in brokering a deal that has lead to Al Martin's

new book "The Conspirators", I have known Al since

1991, when I had to hide from the FBI who tried to jail me for exposing,

"The Bush Crime Family-Denver Connection-King Pin Leonard Millman",

my former-father-in-law.

18. My 6 videos totally expose the Bush Crime Family. ($25.00 ea.)

19. I have been falsely arrested over 30 times since 1984, held twice on $50,000 bonds, held 10 1/2 month's as a Political Prisoner, and always the cases were either dismissed, I was acquitted, or there was a hung jury.

20. I now have an internet Breaking News site 

and my track record of exposing The Bush-Millman-Lindner-Clinton Crime Syndicate speaks for its self.

This all began, because I wanted to Co-Parent my

Daughter Amanda Melia Webb, aka Amanda Millman of Denver.

Political Prisoner Case number 92-C-R-356

False Warrant Sept. 18, 1990

False Arrested Sept. 16, 1992

Released July 20, 1993

Charges dismissed with prejudice Aug. 20, 1993

By Federal Judge Richard Matsch US District Court Denver, Colorado

And the list of exposing these criminals goes on and on because there is no Justice in America and a bunch of scared ball-less Attorneys.

Thank You

Stew Webb


UPDATE January 2009






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