Shocking News Rupert Murdoch Fox News

August 25, 2006

Identify The Enemy Of The American Revolution

By Tom Heneghan 

Rupert Murdoch foreign reprobate owner of FOX News (1-888-369-4762), has been linked to major British-Yiddish Chinese money laundry tied back to Iran Contra and the theft of the U.S. French Commissions due to both the U.S. and French Treasuries, aka the Russian Ruble Reagan Mitterrand Protocols. The name of the Chinese entity is a proprietary name Hondu with ties to Nicaragua and Guatemala. The bagman in this disguise is none other than noted Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate FIXER Marc Rich. Marc Rich was pardoned by Daddy Bush's Bitch Slick Willy Rockefeller Clinton. Note: Dun Blaine Pedophile Tony Blair has received campaign contributions from this money laundering.

P.S. Fox News continues to promote unelectable Bitch Hillary Shill-in-the-closet Rodenhurst-Clinton. Accordingly, long live duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. It was Albert Gore along with Leo Wanta and the late French President Francois Mitterrand that tried to have Marc Rich arrested in 1993.
P.P.S. Time to send robust force to FOX News. Close and lock the doors and declare it a Terrorist threat to the American people and the Democratic Party.