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From: Jackie McGauley  Mother-Whistleblower

McMartin Preschool Case Manhatten Beach, California 1984 Child Sex Scandal



Comments From: Jackie McGauley

Ted Gunderson You claim that McGauley raised the money for the archaeological McMartin tunnel dig. Quite an accomplishment for someone who was destitute at the time;

Parents, supporters and therapists raised the money. Contributions were made form all over the world. I was not destitute at the time.

Ted Gunderson You claim that I left her in debt $30,000; (she was destitute when I met her); and that I stole $30,000 from her (she never had $30,000 in her life.

I had a well paying job as a U.S. Customs entry writer for a customs house broker. When my rent was doubled because ted got into a big fight with my neighbor, I moved to a house.
ted offered to share bills in exchange for the use of one room for an office. (I learned later that ted had filed bankruptcy and had no credit.*)

Eventually he convinced me to quit my job and and work for him full time. He then could claim all of the research work I did in the 80s as his own. Information ted has came from my files of documentation I received from reporters that interviewed me during my case. For example, all of the Aquino and Temple of Set material came from The Chronicle in San Francisco in exchange for my help on a feature story on Child Molestation in 1984.
One speech we gave in Pasadena I was told would be gratis, the organizer asked ted who he should make the check out to in front of me...

Ted Gunderson You claim The truth is that I left McGauley because she was untruthful and unfaithful to me. I supported her and her two children for more that 4 years (this included rent, food, and ALL other expenses including clothes, electricity, water, and even an automobile) McGauley couldn't hold down a job because she couldn't get along with her employers. She was never employed while I was with her except for two jobs, which she couldn't hold down for more than 4 or 5 weeks and she never had money from any other source, except child support for her kids. I provided more than 90% of all support for her and her kids. After we broke up, she refused to return to me a number of costly items in the house that I had paid for and was the rightful owner of.

When I kicked him out, he left large items in the house I leased. I learned later that ted had filed for bankruptcy in a case where he didn't pay rent for several years on a West LA office*. My landlord billed me to have ted's junk, including a refrigerator and a large pile of wood in the back yard, hauled away.
ted "borrowed" my VW Van until I became aware of how many miles he was putting on it every day. He blew a rod by down shifting and refused to pay to have it repaired. The children and I had to ride bicycles. Ultimately the van was stolen from my driveway.
He drove an old white broken down T Bird he had stolen from a friend of his who died at Harbor Community Hospital.
I was ill the entire time gunderson was in my house. The first week I contracted a rare form of influenza called Psytocosis, then severe fatigue and pain. I once found a substence (like motor oil) in my wall heater and caught ted putting eyedroppers full of an unknown substance in my coffee.

*Much like he did in my situation, ted collected other's share of bills at his West LA office and spent the money instead of paying the bills. He blamed that one on his secretary, Karen.
A process server knocked on my door just before ted moved in with me at my place and told me ted owed over $90,000 in rent and bills. I later learned of many other business ventures gone wrong that ted profited from. He owed money to Joan Dipple from a failed antique business and to West LA business partner, Homer Young, Young left when he found out ted was renting out their office space to psychics after hours. When I visited with reporter Ivan Sharpe from the San Francisco Chronicle, ted told us he was exporting video tapes to South America. Tivoli Ventures. Sierra Clinic in Tiajuana Mexico along with partner Rudy Minoot proposed to cure arthritis, cancer, mongoloidism, cataracts...etc. (I wonder if my friend Rick Post met his demise there). Never knew what TG Enterprises was, but XXXX brought nurses from Sweden, Also co partnered with Mr. Minoot., and formerly with Sir Dennis Kendall of England, Mexican Railroad bonds and a gold mine, Shalico, in Durango, NM. Bingo parlors in Azusa, a gay bar in Guiana, South America run with a 90 year old Lillian Madsen's (who died there) money, contributions for a run for presidency , seminars and many more scams I'm sure. He is well taken care of with the $3 million plus over 20 solid gold bars he inherited form Ken and Mary Scheibe. Ooops, Mary isn't dead yet. But she doesn't need the money or her Cadillac, she has Alsheimer's. Don't let your mother talk to this guy.

Ted Gunderson You claim You Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley claim I had nothing to do with the McMartin case.

gunderson was never hired or even asked by anyone to be involved in any aspect of the case or dig therefore he has no official connection to the case or the project. Period,

Ted Gunderson You claim I arranged for and coordinated the McMartin tunnel dig.

Simply a lie.

Ted Gunderson You claim This was the very dig that produced the 186 pages of documented evidence, authored by archaeologist Dr. Gary Stickel of UCLA, that proved the existence of the tunnels under the McMartin preschool.

And the truck loads of evidence and photographs you stole from Stan and Sam Ibarra's house using my van to transport it to your storage shed without my permission or knowledge? You need to return that evidence to the parents.

Ted Gunderson You claim These were the tunnels that the children from McMartin had repeatedly referred to in their testimony to therapists and investigators. Proving the existence of the tunnels under the McMartin school proved that the children were telling the truth all along and that they were not making up stories in response to 'leading questions' from their therapists, as falsely reported in the media and in the courtroom.

The media reported the tunnel find at the time.
Groups like FMSF, IPT Journal who protect child abusers report that none were found. the tunnels must be a big threat to them.
It was not brought up in the courtroom.

Again, the parents organized the dig and for him to take credit for it is unconscionable. I found and hired archaeologist Dr. Gary Stickel and ted got into a fight with him

Ted Gunderson You claim Review the McGauley and Dr. Gary Stickel Tunnel Report which was written after I left McGauley.

Correct, it was written after I kicked ted out. He had picked a fight with Dr. Stickel by demanding Gary put ted's name in the report. Dr Stickel got so mad at ted that he walked off the project delaying it for over a year. ted had been trying to persuade Dr. Stickel to give him credit for things he did not do. ted also promised Dr. Stickel a large amount of money beyond what I could afford and without my permission. After I finally got ted out of my house Dr.Stickel came back and finished the report. The final version edited at UCLA does not have ted's name in it.
If ted is selling copies of this report please contact me as he is doing so illegally.

Ted Gunderson You claim Even though I spent $17,000 of my own money on the tunnel dig, signed the contract with the property owner, and assumed the entire liability;

ted had a fancy contract written up by his attorney friend Ralph Greer. This document was moot since the parents had been at the property weeks before he ever heard about it.
Yes, ted wrote off $17,000 on his income tax form that year.
I just hope he gets audited so the IRS will for receipts on that!

Ted Gunderson You claim McGauley did list me in one place in that 186 page report as the "coordinator" (Thank you Jackie).

I doubt that, but if I did it was a mistake, I'll change it right away. I hope ted is not, in his typical style selling copies of the report for his own financial gain.
That would be the ultimate scam against our children.

Ted Gunderson You claim Ask McGauley to furnish you a copy of the contract that I signed with the property owner and you will see that it doesn't have McGauley's name on it.

That was another one of your fantasy games. Goldsrtein had already given the parents permission to do what they wanted on the property.

Ted Gunderson You claim The truth is that McGauley sold this report, made hundreds of dollars from its sale, and never sent any of the profits from the report to any of the other victim's families-

I did 2 runs of over 200 copies of the report at my own expense. They were sold at cost, $20.00, or given away. I gave many copies to families of victims of McMartin at my cost. It has never been formally published but is Copywrited.
I understand ted has been selling copies himself. If this is true he is doing do illegally and I'd love to have proof.
ted stole a copy of a very early draft that did not include pictures along with other copies he surreptitiously made of my personal files that I understand he is also illegally

Ted Gunderson You claim  the families who had funded the balance of the cost for the dig which ended up costing somewhere
between $55,000 to $60,000
. Jackie McGauley, for your information, did not contribute one dime to the cost of the dig.

ted got those figures from a report I prepared for Gloria Steinam who paid 1/3 of the cost of the preparation of the formal report. Is there no end to his thieving of my information?
My personal credit cards were used to pay for supplies in the first days of the project before I hired Dr. Stickel. Other parents also bought supplies. I am not looking to be reimbursed. I was on medical leave from my job when the project was done so I was able to be at the site during the day. Other parents traded off days overseeing the project, most notably Bob and Marilyn Salas. Financial records were kept by another parent and MASA.

Jackie McGauley

Jackie McGauley's web-site above has the Time Line, The Executive Summary, The Tunnel Report and further information.

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More evidence of Ted Gunderson's Frauds and Cover-Up of the McMartin Preschool case and the Financial Damages to Jackie McGauley will appear on under McMartin as time warrants.

I, Stew Webb will also provide additional evidence of Ted Gunderson's Child Molestations, Scams, CIA File, and his murder for hire schemes. Including Gunderson recent Murder-for-hire-scheme, The Set-up of Dave Hinkson owner of

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