US MEDIA AND U.S. NETWORK NEWS  can no longer be considered a free press.

August 22, 2006

By Stew Webb

Federal Whistleblower

Vice Presidential Candidate Heneghan-Webb 2004 

Do not believe the US Media reports. They are the real sponsors of State Sponsored Terrorism for the purpose of protecting the ruling elite aka the tyrants and conspiratorial kings. Investigative Journalism ended in 1992 when The Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Family began buying up all the Media, Radio, TV, Cable through their Corporate ownershipsn bought and paid for with Narcotics Money. Iran-Contra-Weapons for Narcotics alive and operational in 2006 aka Operation Black Eagle in violations of US Laws and The Bolen Amendment.

If you are going to overthrow a Country-USA you must control: the money (banks-federal reserve), the government (Presidency-Congress-Senate-Justice-remove all checks and balances), the economy (Businesses through Corporate ownership to hide their identity), the free press (Media, newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio).  

The Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Syndicate has done exactly that.  

And you-Americans let it happen.

In 1981 1% of the population (Bush Crime Family) controlled 20% of Americas businesses. 99% of the population (you the American people) controlled 80% of American businesses. (Source GAO General Accounting Office and U. N.)

In 2000 1% of the population (Bush Crime Family) controlled 80% of Americas businesses. 99% of the population (you the American people) controlled 20% of American businesses. (Source GAO General Accounting Office and U.N.)

How did this happen? Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Syndicate robbed the U.S. Treasury through Frauds. Imported narcotics in the Trillions of dollars and bought up America through Wall Street and Corporate takeovers.

280 Million Americans.  130 Million are working. 60% of Americans work for the government and are told not to talk politics. 35% of Americans work directly or indirectly for a Bush-Millman Crime Family Company and are told we do not allow that talk at work. 5% of Americans have small businesses. 

Now The Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Family are using Americans-Military to fight wars for their personal profits and gains based on lies of WMD from foreign Monarchs-Kingdoms-British Prime Minister Tony Blair's lies of WMDs. Remember The British burned down The White House in 1812 and have never stopped trying to control America. Thank GOD the French helped America in 1812 and are here again helping America in The American-French Alliance. Bush terrorism propaganda the dead bogie man Osama Bin Laden is going to harm you and I can save you. General Colin Powell said Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 3 years.

And you-Americans let it happen. You-America let Bush and his Nazi followers The Congress and Senate pass The Illegal Patriot Act that basically throws away the Constitution and your Bill of Rights. All in the name of the created Bogie man. Time to take back America and lock these criminals up and confiscate the stolen money and assets. The chart below is just an overview and there are nearly 50 inter-connecting diagrams I, Stew Webb, have created. 

Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Family Flow Chart by Stew Webb

Get involved and throw out the Criminal Congress and Senate in November 2006. Vote all new faces in.  Hold your election official accountable for Voter Frauds that will probable occur. Help wake up the American people now and get them motivated to overthrow this Bush Fascist Congress & Senate.