Hillary Clinton and John Mccain

Hillary Clinton and John Mccain


March 2008

Know Americas Enemies 

Hillary Lesbian Mossad Clinton and John Keating 5 McCaine

Inside The Bush-Clinton Crime Family
Hillary Lesbian Clinton's Skeletons are falling out of her-its Criminal Closet..
Let the fun begin by Stew Webb

Barrack Obama leads unelectable Hillary Lesbian Witch Clinton-Bush Stooge by over 150 Delegates the American Revolution continues.


CLOSET lesbian Hillary Clinton with her "secret"
lesbian lover MAJOR MOSSAD AGENT Huma Abedin.

SERIAL RAPIST and AIDS positive Bill Clinton
with his sexual lover Canadian Belinda Stronach

Tom Henegan and Stew Webb Hillary Lesbian Clinton's Right Wing out to get her and her husband.--Hillary Clinton


Senator Hillary Clinton i.e. unelectable Hillary Lesbian Rodenhurst-Rodham-Clinton


Hillary Lesbo Clinton a Bush Crime Family Bitch-Stooge.

Hillary do you remember your role of illegal Criminal activities nearly all sweep under the carpet by Kenneth Star who Obstructed Justice for you and Daddy Bush's Bitch Billy Boy?

Let the Fun Begin 3rd Degree Witch as your Skeletons fall out of your closets!

Inside The Bush Crime Family Part2.


Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr

Blackmail Congress & Senate Control Files-Boulder Properties by Stew Webb

Inside The Bush Crime Family Part1.


Running with a Bad Crowd.

Rush for Gold How Silverado Operated.

Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004.

Grand Jury Demand July 1 2003

Grand Jury 95 Y 107 Page 1

HILLARY i.e. CIA Queen Melisuma

Fitzgerald Probe Senator Clinton withdrew stolen funds from Grenada Bank

BCCI-Harkin-George W. Bush by Jack Colhoun & Bill White.

Hillary Lesbian Clinton was the attorney defending B.C.C.I. Defendants.

B.C.C.I. The Outlaw Bank By Jonathan Beatty retired  Time Magazine Senior Correspondent.


"BCCI" Bank of Credit and Commerce International

Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, BCCI, Jackson Stephens and the SEC Suit. Hillary was attorney for BCCI.

Keating & BCCI by George Williamson

Below some Stew Webb Evidence of dealings and timelines

Charles Keating, BCCI, American Continental Corp. Money Laundering and theft of Investors money p 1 of 5

Charles Keating, BCCI, American Continental Corp. Money Laundering and theft of Investors money p 2 of 5

Charles Keating, BCCI, American Continental Corp. Money Laundering and theft of Investors money p 3 of 5

Charles Keating, BCCI, American Continental Corp. Money Laundering and theft of Investors money p 4 of 5

Charles Keating, BCCI, American Continental Corp. Money Laundering and theft of Investors money p 5 of 5

BCCI Flow Chart By CIA Pilot Terry Reed

Why did Senator John Kohen Kerry cover up BCCI? Why was George H. W. Bush’s CIA Attorney Jack Blumm the Lead council of the cover up on the Kerry Committee investigating BCCI? Why did the U.S. Government never prosecute BCCI? Investigative Journalist George Williamson went to District Attorney Morganthal of New York who then moved against BCCI because of the New York connections. Basically slapped on the wrist, I think Bush compromised an assistant to Morganthal. To protect The Bush Crime Family Terrorist Guns for Drugs network.

Here we go again BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International Bush Crime Family Narcotics for Weapons Money Laundering Bank in The News originally tied to Leonard Millman's MDC Holdings, Inc./Silverado Savings & Loan Denver Neil Bush Director, and Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings & Loan is now back on the front pages of Foreign Press, so here is the original stories that Jonathan Beaty found from investigating Silverado and wrote a book The Outlaw Bank. I, Stew Webb, worked with Beaty on many stories on Silverado, The Denver Airport, Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering and some BCCI connections. Therefore I have the right to post these stories. Enclosed also Stew Webb's never seen before facts of Money Laundering from Charles Keating with dates and amounts to BCCI From Lincoln Savings of California. Also original Silverado stories I Stew Webb Contributed too. Get Educated.

Bank of England officials turned blind eye to fraud at B.C.C.I. Bank of Credit and Commerce International Jan. 2004

B.C.C.I. A Capital Scandal March 4, 1991 Time Magazine

From Time Publisher B.C.C.I. March 29, 1993 Time Magazine

Investigative reporter B.C.C.I. Bank of Credit and Commerce International Apr. 1, 1991

B.C.C.I. Masters Of Deceit April 1, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Banking A Trail of Coffee and Cash June 24, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Yeah Beaty July 29, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. The Dirtiest Bank of All Jules 29, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I.-Harkin Oil and George W. Bush's Frauds The Guardian

B.C.C.I. The Riyadh Connection Aug 10, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Not Just a Bank Sept. 2, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Gilt by Association Oct 7 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Scandal: Too Many Questions Nov. 11 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. A Mysterious Mover of Money and Planes Jim Bath/George Bush Oct 28, 1991 Time Magazine

B.C.C.I. Scandals Is That All There Is? Dec 30, 1991 Time Magazine


Neil Bush These were the original articles which I Stew Webb was a Contributor that exposed Silverado Savings & Loan. Later I found out Silverado was a 50 Billion Fraud not 1 Billion & 12 Trillion in Narcotics Money Laundering in 10 Years. Silverado owned by MDC Holdings Silverado's Parent Company Owned and Controlled by Leonard Millman. Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, and CIA Council Norman Brownstein run MDC for Millman. These article lead to the exposure of BCCI Bank Of Commerce & Credits International and exposed By Johathan Beaty of Time Magazine. Richmond Homes an MDC Subsidiary Company Build Neil Bush's house.

B.C.C.I.-Harkin Oil and George W. Bush's Frauds The Guardian

You will have to log out and go to Open Archives SEE: Stew Webb Information top of column. View the below articles there.

Time Magazine Checks to Stew Webb for Telephone Bills 2 months 1990

Neil Bush's Resume Denver Airport Fraud, Silverado Savings, Neil Bush & Leonard Millman Aug 1990

Neil Bush's Resume, Running with a Bad Crowd Oct 1990 Time Magazine Stew Webb Contributor

Savings & Loan, & HUD Whistleblower Stew Webb Faces Federal Charges Sept 1992

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Hillary do you remember Blackmailing the U.S. Congress and Senate

Inside The Bush Crime Family Part2.

Hillary Bitch do you remember Casa Grande and Whitewater and your cut of $150 million stolen from the U.S. Taxpayers through Saving and Loan Frauds involving Beach Federal, Madison Savings and Twin Peaks Savings not yet prosecuted that Kenneth Star Obstructed Justice for you. Remember John Dicks, Leonard and Elaine Millman's Silverado Saving Money Launder at the Isle of Jersey and the Isle of Man to Hong Kong to the Rose Law Firm and Jackson Stephens of Little Rock and the 38 year Trusts passed to Denver attorney Norman Brownstein one of the 6 illegal CIA Council in the Corporate Control Box of American Business in behalf of the Illuminati 100 Knight's Templar Bankers Leonard-Elaine Millman and Knight's Templar Banker George H. W. Bush and their Corporate Control over American Business from you Hillary Drugging America as an Iran Control Stooge with Oliver North and the illegal Bush Mena, Arkansas drugs for weapons that you Hillary participated and conspired with Daddy Bush i.e. George H. W. Bush and Leonard and Elaine Millman do you remember your skeletons Hillary Lesbian Clinton?




Hillary Lesbian Rodenhurst-Rodham-Clinton

Closet Lesbian and Closet Jew

Killer-Body Count over 300


Senator Piano Legs

Dragon Lady

Queen Melisuma

3rd Degree Practicing Witch

Dirty Israeli Mossad Agent

Bush Crime Syndicate Iran Contra Stooge

Classic C

Would you vote for another Bush Bitch?

Let the Fun Begin


See: Back Breaking News Below this Column for weekly updates on Hillary Lesbian Rodenhurst-Rodhan-Clinton


John Keating 5 McCain


Charles Keating 5-Lincoln Savings-MDC Holdings-Silverado 200 Stooge 

George H. W. Bush Puppet Stooge

Do you remember your Lincoln Savings-Charles Keating (Keating 5) Leonard Millman's Silverado Savings-Neil Bush-Larry Mizel Denver's MDC Holdings 200 Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering.

Running with a Bad Crowd.

Rush for Gold How Silverado Operated.

Stew Webb Savings & Loan Whistleblower faces federal charges.

John McCain do you remember your Lincoln Savings-Charles Keating-Silverado-Leonard Millman-Larry Mizel-Neil Bush deals?

How about Iran Contra General John Singlaub?

How about Walter Bush Securities Frauds?

How about BCCI Cover up?


See BCCI above under Hillary Lesbian Clinton