Fired US Attorney Carol Lamm Investigations

US Intel Back Breaking News June 24, 2007 

By Tom Heneghan

We Continue to Identify the Enemy of the Republic and The American Revolution in the 21st Century and accordingly at this hour we order their Eradication.  

It can now be reported that Congressman Jefferson Democrat Louisianan, had become an FBI informant at the time the FBI placed $90,000.00 in his freezer.

Jefferson was cooperating with portions of the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney Carol Lamm, in a far reaching investigation which fingered The Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate tie-in to the former Iran-Contra stooges Karl Dusty Foggo and Bernard Wilks.


Both Foggo and Wilks had been fingered by Carol Lamm for links to a Jack Abramoff mega Israeli Mossad 9-11 Narcotics Money Trail that connected back to Leonard Millman's Waymark Group, Las Vegas, Nevada Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Family Flow Chart by Stew Webb Pentagon Procurement Fraud, and elaborate Heterosexual and Homosexual Whore Houses in Hawaii, Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C.

Note: This was all under Carol Lamm's scope i.e. Randy Duke Cunningham case.

Note Reference: Homosexual in the closet Fred Thompson Republican-Tennessee was one of the major customers at the Foggo, Wilks, Heidi Fleiss Homosexual and Heterosexual Whore Houses.

Question: Does Hillary Lesbian Clinton's White House Whore Susan now work for Heidi Fleiss?

PS: Carol Lamm the U.S. Attorney for San Diego was fired on the orders of Karl Rove for getting to close to the Bush-Clinton 9-11 Narcotics Laundry.

It also can be reported that Israeli Mega Mossad sponsored Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi is going along with the frame-up of Jefferson to protect the interests of the Bush-Clinton-Crime-Family.

PPS: Carol Lamb had also discovered the Israeli Mossad Jack Abramoff link to Tom Fenney Representative of Florida, Yang Enterprise, Choice Point Software i.e. Zonealarm and the electronics theft of the year 2000 Presidential Election.

Jack Abramoff and Tom Fenney were both Financial Backers of Yang Enterprise and Choice Point Software with the Money Laundry being the Noted 9-11 Love-Boat Sun Cruse Casino's.

And last but not least: It can now be reported in August 2000 Madeline Albright i.e. Halfbright meet at the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, Yugoslavia to discuss with British Finance Minster Douglas Alexander the Operational Plan utilizing Yang Enterprise to steal the year 2000 Presidential election from the Vice President now duly elected President Of The United States Of America Albert Gore Jr.

How Dare You? You Tyrants and Conspiratorial Tyrants, Kings and notable Queens!

After reading this folks, you can see why the Guillotine will make a come back in the 21st Century. Remember once the Head is cut it will talk for another 10 seconds.

So make sure that when you order your Guillotine order a roll of Duck Tape.

Just think how many extortion friendly-oil soaked members of the American Media who would qualify for the Duck Tape?

We will leave that to your imagination folks.

One last note: And remember folks, who tipped off Bush, Bitch i.e. Unelectable Hillary Lesbian Clinton that Congressman Jefferson D-LA had become an FBI Informant and friendly witness for Carol Lamm, none other than Newsweek Magazine and Israeli Mega Mossad Agent Michael Isakoff. 

Who does Isakoff answer to Homosexual in the closet Editor of Newsweek John Mecham.

And when all is said and done, when you turn off the Boob-Tube,  the Rule Of Law says that Albert Gore Jr., remains the Duly-Elected President Of The United States Of America in the 2000 election.