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Popemon-Pope and the One World Government Satanic Blue Moon again in August 2015
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WEF: the Real Bilderberg meeting Conspiracy Wing nut Alex Jones where are you?

Netanyahu and Rohani in Davos





Davos, Switzerland hosts the annual World Economic Forum (WEF). It’s a money power celebration. It’s a billionaire’s ball. It’s a convocation of rich, powerful, privileged elites.


They’re “committed to improving the state of the world” for greater personal power and enrichment.


Numerous heads of state show up. Central bankers and other policymakers join them. So do hundreds of corporate bosses, investors and economists.


IMF head Christine Lagarde arrived. US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is participating. So is World Bank boss Jim Yong Kim. John Kerry came.


Privileged journalists and celebrities are invited. Matt Damon, Bono and Margaret Atwood are there. So is Al Gore. About 2,500 participants arrived. They’re from nearly 100 countries. Monied interests run things. They take victory laps. They do it annually. Sessions this year run from January 22 – 25. “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business” is this year’s theme.


Davos is an exercise in self-congratulatory excess. It’s an embarrassment of riches and power. It reflects hubris writ large. It’s ongoing at a time of epic inequality and human misery.Monied interests never had it so good. Poverty and unemployment in much of the world are worse than ever.


Predatory capitalism works this way. It benefits the few. It harms the great majority. A new Oxfam report said the richest 85 elites have more wealth than half the world’s population.


Imagine: Their total net worth exceeds what 3.5 billion people combined have. With a modest annual rate of return, they could spend millions of dollars daily and never dent their principal. A new Gilded Age reflects unprecedented wealth/poverty extremes in much of the developed world.


Davos hills are alive with the sound of wealth, power and privilege. Power brokers strut their stuff. Ordinary folks aren’t welcome. Annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gatherings began in 1971. This year marks the 44th time.


WEF calls itself “an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” It aims for greater wealth and power. It wants unchallenged global dominance. It wants powerful movers and shakers alone benefitting. It claims otherwise.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended this year. So did Iranian President Hassan Rohani. Their worldviews are polar opposite and then some. Both leaders spoke.


Ahead of his address, Rohani said he prioritizes “constructive engagement with the world.” He wants normalized relations with all countries. He called sanctions imposed illegal. He knows AIPAC wants stiffer ones. “We are not afraid of threats, and the language of threats is ineffective when it comes to Iran,” he said. Treating Iran respectfully benefits the region and other countries, he added.

He believes rapprochement with Washington is possible. It requires both sides making a sincere effort, he stressed.

“No animosity lasts eternally. No friendship either lasts eternally. So we have to transform animosities into friendship….This effort is necessary to create confidence on both sides. Iran is in fact stretching out its hand in peace and friendship to all countries of the world and wants friendly, good relations with all countries” in return.


On Thursday, Rohani addressed the World Economic Forum. He said resolving Syria’s conflict requires combatting terrorism.”There is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and the spreading of terrorism doesn’t deserve the interest of any country.”


He urged all parties to work for peace and stability. At the same time, he doubts Geneva II talks will resolve things. He sees little chance for success because most participants “are behind (Syrian conflict and) instability.” They “support terrorism. They are responsible for the instability in the region.”


Iran seeks regional peace and security. It wants it restored. Geneva II could work if participating countries pursued the same goals, he said. Their agenda is polar opposite. Peace remains a distant hope. Rohani said he came to Davos to convey Iran’s message of friendship, interaction and peace to WEF participants.


No country can solve its problems on its own, he stressed. None can do it while ignoring others. “We are all on board one boat,” he said. “If we do not choose a wise captain, storm will hit us.”


Iran wants constructive engagement with other countries on environmental issues, nuclear safety, joint economic initiatives, expanding trade, Palestinian rights, resolving Syria’s conflict, regional security, and combatting extremism and terrorism.


“I believe that expansion of economic, social, cultural and tourism cooperation plays a pivotal role in establishing peace and security in the region,” Rohani said. Iran won’t sacrifice its legitimate nuclear rights, he stressed. He’ll do all he can to reach a comprehensive final agreement later this year.


Tehran will observe all international regulations. Legitimate nuclear rights won’t be sacrificed. Iran’s program has no military component. It seeks none, Rohani stressed. He took issue with Western and Israeli accusations otherwise. He hopes “constructive engagement” will resolve things equitably.


He wants Iran’s economy to be one of the world’s top 10 in 30 years. He sees it “as the most congruent, capable and closest to that of successful emerging” countries. He called Davos a good opportunity to exchange views on vital world issues. He wants Iran to engage more countries in trade.


On January 23, the Financial Times headlined “Iran courts western oil majors at Davos,” saying:


Rohani “asked a group of western oil majors to detail the conditions under which they would return to his country, as Tehran continues its drive to win back international business amid a thaw in sanctions.”


He held meetings with BP, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell and Total. His oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zangeneh joined him. The asked oil officials to submit contracts they’d like Iran to adopt. Follow-up meetings are planned. They’ll take place in London this summer. Contracts will be prepared in September.


According to Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni:


“The very fact that the president of Iran chose to spend an hour with us shows how interested he is in attracting international oil companies into the country.”


The FT said he wants international companies for new projects. They include developing “the giant South Pars gasfield.” Rohani wants more oil production from existing sites and new ones. Iran ranks fourth in proved reserves after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Canada.


Scaroni said contractual terms are as important as sanctions. “If we don’t have a good contract, we won’t go into Iran even if sanctions are lifted.”


China is Iran’s major foreign oil producer. Other countries are interested. According to he FT: “Executives from state oil companies, including Pemex of Mexico, Lukoil and Gazprom Neft of Russia and Petrobras of Brazil” met with Rohani.


Netanyahu’s WEF address didn’t surprise. “Israel is not what’s wrong in the Middle East,” he said. It’s “what right.” “I am ready for peace. I’m ready for a real secure genuine peace…”


His notion of peace is unconditional Palestinian surrender. It’s continued occupation harshness. It’s more land theft and ethnic cleansing. It’s stealing Palestinian resources. It’s exploiting its people. It’s confining them to isolated bantustans. It’s wanting all valued Judea and Samaria areas Judaized.


It’s wanting Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital. It’s denying diaspora Palestinians their legal right of return. It’s what no responsible Palestinian leader would accept.Netanyahu is a world class thug. Why Israelis put up with him, they’ll have to explain.


He lied saying Arab countries “understand that Iran remains aggressive, supports terror, that it participates in the slaughter in Syria, (and) that is pursuing the development of ballistic missile and plutonium for nuclear weapons.”


He said Rohani’s address had



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Money, Money Everwhere–but Hang onto Your Underwear


USA–China: The last battlefield – Bitcoins

… by Sofia Pale, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

St. Petersburg - a fabulous photo

[ Editors Note: Dear Readers, We are happy to bring you today this fabulous geo-financial article from Sofia Pale, one of NEO’s newest writers.

As part of VT’s strategic growth plans we are adding more career based professional scholars to our content. Our readers have clearly shown they do not trust mass media commentators due to their questionable loyalities to the financial elites.

The easiest way to do this was to find someone who already had a big pool of geo-political writing talent and NEO has turned out to be a treasure trove. Sofia is a Phd. candidate and research fellow at Russia’s prestigious Institute of Oriental Studies, founded in St. Petersburg in 1814.

Many of their other writers come from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Between the two they represent what would be our Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown Universities…the gold standard. We are going to have a lot of cross-pollination going on here, and will be all the wiser and stronger for it.

The far East is an area where we have been weak on coverage, so when I spotted Ms. Pale’s new article on NEO it was an instant decision to bring it over. We look forward to many more as we continue building bridges to key talent so we are not dependent on spin media here in the West.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Your input is valuable to us as our readers are part of our vertical integration. Thanks, … Jim W. Dean ]


– First published January 22, 2014 –


Who started the economic wars...and why?

In recent years, China has made a transition from a “soft” force to launching a rather rigorous offensive on the leader of the current global economic system – the United States.

This was facilitated by the financial crisis of 2008, which started in America and spread across the whole planet, as well as the slow response of the Western world, in general, to the skilful manoeuvres of the Celestial Empire’s Eastern policy targeted at the gradual shift of the dollar from its dominant positions, and in quite original ways.

To begin with, China demonstrated positive dynamics of its economic growth in the crisis years and proposed to its partners to trade with it directly in the yuan, bypassing the “middleman” dollar. Russia was the first to respond by the launch in 2010 of trading in yuan/rouble at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), which also became the yuan’s first stock exchange outside China and Hong Kong.

In the middle of 2013, direct trading in the Chinese yuan began in the Australian stock exchange, and in December of the same year the yuan was declared the world’s second most traded currency behind the US dollar, leaving the euro in third place.

The most intense economic fighting developed in the geostrategic zone where the American-Chinese interests match – the Asia-Pacific Region, where by 2004 China had established a FTA with a number of ASEAN countries, Hong Kong and Macao.

In 2009, trying to strengthen its position here somewhat weakened after the crisis, the USA – faced with the growing influence of China and Russia in the region – started promoting the concept of Trans-Pacific Partnership with thirteen most developed APR states, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. The Chinese side responded with the establishment of the world’s largest ASEAN-China FTA in 2010.

The USA pulled its socks up, and, in 2012, after five-year negotiations, South Korea agreed to ratify a FTA agreement, which had become the USA’s biggest trade agreement since the signing of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) agreement with Canada and Mexico in 1994.

When does market competition become war? When military power is used to close the deal...Jim W. Dean

Earlier on, the geostrategy had led China to the signing of FTA agreements with the USA’s Latin American partners – Chile, Peru and Costa Rica.

In 2013, a battle unfolded between China and the USA for the European market, with the American side is only planning to establish a FTA.

China has already started this process by deciding to make the London Stock Exchange the main trading platform for the yuan and by having signed, in practice, FTA agreements with Iceland and Switzerland, for the first time in the history of European-Chinese relations.

At the same time, China has been firmly pursuing the policy of forcing the US dollar out of the mediation in the international trade and signed swap agreements on national currency exchange (bypassing the US dollar) with two dozen states around the world.

In 2012, Beijing concluded agreements on direct payments in the national currencies in the bilateral trade relations with Russia, Japan, Brazil and Indonesia. In 2013, they were joined by Great Britain and Australia, with the latter agreeing to fully promote the yuan as the world’s reserve currency – the status which the Chinese leadership has been dreaming of in recent years.

Among the biggest of the latest currency swap agreements is the agreement with the European Central Bank, signed in October 2013, for a maximum amount of 350 billion yuan (45 billion euros).

In the ASEAN and BRIC blocs, these agreements have led to the creation, at China’s initiative, of relevant impressive funds which operate avoiding the American-European IMF.

On top of that, the Celestial Empire has been actively accumulating gold and currency reserves, which, during the 2004-2013 period, increased to such extent that they are now large enough to buy the gold reserves of all the world’s central banks twice.

When there was no slightest doubt in the yuan’s strength left anymore and the US FRS’s unlimited dollar printing started arousing a “sports interest”, a fundamentally new concept of money – bitcoins – emerged for economists to judge.

Allan Greenspan's opinion is not worth the paper it is printed on

These electronic currency (cryptocurrency) and electronic payment system appeared on the Internet in 2009 thanks to developers hiding their identity under a Japanese pseudonym.

People began to assign to virtual bitcoins, which were not tied to any currency rate, all sins and virtues at the same time.

Economic “guru”, former Chairman of the FRS of the United States Alan Greenspan has recently assured that bitcoins, which are not supported by anything, are a mere “bubble”.

However, all the world’s leading mass media began regarding bitcoins as the “murderer” of the US dollar and, thus, have largely contributed to creating frenetic interest around this fundamentally new phenomenon in the international economy.

No matter what bitcoins are, there is no doubt about one thing: their value has increased from 10 dollars in 2012 to 1,200 dollars in November 2013. The blame for such a rapid growth of demand is on China, whose trading platforms have concentrated approximately 60% of the total amount of bitcoins.

The US FRS is to blame to a significant extent as well – on seeing the cryptocurrency’s potential, the Federal Reserve Service decided it was a legitimate financial instrument. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch also actively supported the new type of money.

Chairman of the US FRS Ben Bernanke cautiously pointed out that electronic money could present certain risks for law enforcement and financial oversight bodies. At the same time, it can also have certain advantages in the long term in that case if virtual currencies are able to offer a more rapid, secure and effective payment system.

Will JPMorgan Chase be the fox in the chicken coup if it comes into the cryptocurrency markets? Who would stop them?

Finally, at the end of November 2013,



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