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The Blackmail of Congress and Senate by Republican-connected swindler Leonard Millman

Inside The Bush Crime Family Part2. 

December 2000

More Skeletons from the Bush Dynasty Closet         

by Al Martin

And speaking of DUI's in the Bush Family...

      Did you know that George Bush, Sr. was also charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol in the State of Florida, during the time he was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?

      Naturally it was taken off the record. The arresting officer died. (Cue up the laugh track) His wife was going through his papers and found an affidavit he had executed regarding this scenario because he knew that it would be taken off the record.

      It happened outside Sarasota.


From The Above the Law Dept. --

      No license? No problem.

      All through the 1980s, when Jeb Bush ran the Bush Realty out of Miami at 1390 Brickell Ave. (before he ran Bush Codina Realty in 1992-1993), he represented himself to clients, banks, insurance companies and mortgage brokers as a licensed realtor. In fact Jeb Bush is not a licensed realtor in the State of Florida nor has he ever been.

      His application for a realtor's license in the State of Florida was repeatedly rejected due to "outstanding criminal investigations of his business activities conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement."


      When brother Neil Bush was at Silverado Savings and Loan of Denver, he was involved in putting together the infamous Boulder [Colorado] series of Real Estate Limited Partnerships...

      He was personally involved in it. He voted for Silverado to finance the deal and he helped market the deal through his Gulfstream Realty.

      This is the notorious fraudulent limited partnership that was based on busted-out HUD properties, formerly belonging to the infamous Republican-connected swindler Leonard Millman. This was the different one -- the partnership that was marketed to liberal Democrats in Congress as a "control" feature. It was this limited partnership in which Congressman Bill Alexander had invested $3 million and was ultimately forced into bankruptcy because it was bogus.

      Congressman Alexander was told that if he didn't back down from his Iran-Contra probe, he would be forced to make good on the recourse notes. When he refused to back down, there was a demand made by the financing bank, Twin Cities Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas on the notes, which forced Alexander into a bankruptcy filing.


      The media has become quite blase about the crimes of the Bush Family.

      For instance, George Bush Sr.'s last net worth filing with the Federal Election Commission indicates he has a net worth of only $76 million. And yet he donates $100 million to Yale University, and nobody even blinks an eye.

      Why? It's apathy. Everone knows that George is probably a billionaire, but you look at his public disclosures, in no public disclosure has he ever claimed to be worth more than $100 million.

      There's so much apathy about him in the media. The media looks at George S., and so do the American people and they assume that no matter what he's saying he's lying.

      As in "Read my lips. Everytime they move, I'm lying." And since everyone already assumes that, there is no will to investigate.

      So I don't find it unusual at all -- that he keeps getting away with it.

      Why does the CIA keep getting away with dealing in narcotics? Why do a lot of things happen? It's because the public already believes it. The media no longer has to convince anyone. Therefore there isn't any pressure or interest to investigate. If the people already believe that something happened, then what is the media going to do? It's like beating a dead horse.

      Have you heard that Fox News and CNN may actually enjoin in legal action to keep the election results outstanding? It's in their best interests. They're frightened that tomorrow there may be a resolution. If the Florida Supreme Court says that's it, then the drama may be finished. Therefore the networks may enjoin themselves on some of the outstanding lawsuits -- to keep the thing alive as long as possible.

      Why? Because of the election uncertainty, media revenues have risen an average of 23% according to the latest statistics.

      Translation: people are transfixed by the boob tube. Let's keep it that way.


      If anybody was really concerned about the election results, the first place real concern is reflected is in the markets.

      It's true that equities haven't done that well but that could be for a lot of reasons. If there was a real problem, the Cash DX Exchange -- the DXZ -- the debt contract of the U.S. Dollar would be falling -- and it isn't. Also the nearby contract of gold would be rising -- and it isn't. Those are the two key telltale signs.

      The only thing that makes any difference is what the markets do. That's what dictates everything. What the people think -- nobody cares about that.

      Like the old adage -- buy on the rumor, sell on the fact.

      There's nothing to worry about. If there was anything to worry about, you would find the market buying on the rumor. US Treasuries remain strong. There has been no selling in US Treasuries, nor has there been any of what they call "hedge buying" in US Treasuries. The Dollar Index remains 115-116. Gold remains at 265.

      Translation? No problemo.

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