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Breaking News June 17, 2010

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Federal Whistleblower Stewart Webb remains adamant in his outrage at the epidemic corruption in the highest levels of government, especially in the U.S. Department of Justice. "There is no party line difference," says Webb. "There’s this group of criminals-and there’s a woman in the White House, Hillary Clinton-who are screaming about Democrats-when in fact she herself was involved in the blackmail of Democrats.

"The Highest echelons of the Democrats and the Republicans are both involved, and they have conspired in the elimination of good, honest people in government," Webb states. "Also, the control that they have in certain judicial districts is incredible. I’ve been told by Justice Department officials that Denver, Colo., was the most corrupt judicial district in the country because of the control that ‘The Boys’ had."

[From my personal investigations, when it comes to criminal political activity, there's no difference between the two parties. Both are crooked to the core.]

And who are "The Boys"? "The Boys" are the spooks and other criminals who constitute the Shadow Government of the United States. The late journalist Danny Casolaro called this criminal network "The Octopus." It includes federal judges, attorneys, politicians, bureaucrats, current and former high-ranking military officers, as well as CIA, NSA and other intelligence operatives. The intelligence agency assets and covert operatives are part of a secret faction called Pegasus. This ultra secret group, which includes Whistleblowers Gene "Chip" Tatum and Gunther Russbacher, conducts assassinations, drug trafficking and money laundering under the cover of "national security," continuing the criminal operations of the OSS- originated "Super Program" and the "Brownshoe Boys."

In a recent interview, Webb tried to explain the complexity of this organized crime hierarchy which has infiltrated the federal government and which, in many cases, cannot be distinguished from the government itself. Call it the Bush-Clinton-DoJ Crime Family for short. "These are the players, and here’s how it works," he says. "First there’s General Richard Secord, Leonard Millman, Neil Bush, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Jackson Stephens and Jonathan Flake of the CIA. Those were the ones who were in charge of what they called ‘The Control Files.’"

"What happened was that they got the files from the CIA on the congressmen and senators...The alliance started with Secord, who was running the Iran-Contra operation, making sure there were weapons and guns-all part of the Denver equation as well. "They did a lot of securities fraud and banking fraud on behalf of the Denver boys." (Webb is referring to the failed S & Ls, HUD scams, and other real estate development subsidiaries used to launder money in the Denver area.) At least since 1981, this organized crime group has established conduits for sending arms south into Latin America and drugs north into North America, then laundering the drug profits through Wall Street, banks, S&Ls, as well as real estate deals, often involving HUD low income housing and mortgages.

[Meet the snakes behind our financial crises, many related crimes, numerous deaths, and depopulation schemes committed by this group (et al) right here in America. Just keep clicking "next" to get a more complete picture!]

"Later in 1993, when they supposedly stopped funding the Contras, they changed the name to Operation Black Eagle," Webb explains. "That’s when they really went ballistic and started stealing from America wholesale. "There was Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm, a CIA proprietary, and also Webster Hubbell, who’s been indicted and jailed. (Hubbell was the former No. 2 at the Justice Department, who was used to run interference on any investigation that got too close). He was the former Assistant Attorney General under Janet Reno.

"And there was Vince Foster (another Rose Law Firm/intelligence operative) who had been killed. The car that drove off the body (of Vince Foster) had Denver ties. That was the Hensel Phelps Construction Company. The car license was RCG702, a yellow pickup truck with Arkansas tags that belonged to Hensel Phelps.

"Hensel Phelps was taken over back in 1992 by three Denver-connected people, including drug money launderer John Dick," Webb continues. "Clinton allowed the drugs to come into Arkansas. His partners were Dan Lasater and Jackson Stephens (the infamous financier of both the George Bush and Bill Clinton presidential campaigns). Gene Tatum called it the ‘Three Legs of Iran Contra’-Arkansas, Colorado and Ohio."

[There is legal documentation that proves Clinton and Bush were involved in the Arkansas drug scandal at the Mena airport and there's plenty of proof on the internet, one of which is the video below. View all six (6) videos in this set on YouTube.

For members only, I will also share my personal video of "Hillary The Movie" for your perusal. The Supreme Court just issued a judgment on that video and it was kept from being released the whole time of the 2008 primaries. ]

The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA drug smuggling part 1/6

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The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA drug smuggling

Gene "Chip" Tatum. a CIA operative, helicopter pilot, mortgage banking scamster and government assassin, was part of Pegasus, the defacto Bush Crime Family hit squad. He was often used to deal with uncooperative partners in crime. His work, of course, was also done under the cover of "national security." According to his own testimony, Tatum was "tasked" by George Bush to eliminate Texas billionaire Ross Perot. When he refuse-purportedly because Perot is a U.S. national-Tatum and his wife were prosecuted under phony charges and falsely imprisoned. According to recent reports, Tatum is offshore enjoying the fruits of a deal he made to remain silent.

Banana Republicans

"Ohio was Carl Lindner’s Chiquita banana," Webb continues. "He laundered part of the money from the drugs and so did Millman in Denver. The money went north. Millman then reinvested the laundered money into real estate, the ‘Grey Men’s Empire.’"

According to Pete Brewton, author of the groundbreaking expose The Mafia, CIA & George Bush (1992), "Allegations of CIA connections to Lindner waft around him, but nothing has ever been proved. One interesting link was Lindner’s purchase of United Brands, which as United Fruit worked hand in hand with the CIA in the overthrow of the Jacob Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954.

In February 1984, Lindner’s American Financial Corp increased its ownership in United Brands to 45.4 percent from 29.3 percent. "Lindner’s spokeswoman said that Lindner had never had any relations with the CIA," writes Brewton. "But Lindner does have a relationship with former CIA Director George Bush. The corporate recluse is one of Bush’s biggest campaign donors...During the 1990 summit with French President Francois Miterrand, Bush held a press conference in the backyard of Lindner’s Ocean Reef house." In his book, Brewton also ties drug trafficker Jack DeVoe in with Lindner. "DeVoe used the Ocean Reef landing strip to fly much of his cocaine from Columbia." writes Brewton. "The exclusive Ocean Reef Club is owned by Cincinnati billionaire Carl Lindner, the secretive, security-obsessed, semi-reclusive, Baptist corporate raider and major Republican donor.

"Lindner, who has been Michael Milken’s biggest and most respected client, started out in the milk business and gradually expanded into other areas," continues Brewton. "His business empire includes the insurance and financial services company American Financial  Corporation, Chiquita Brand International (formerly United Brands and before that United Fruit) and PennCentral, which bought Marathon Manufacturing from Walter Mischer and Mischer’s close partner Howard Terry in 1979."

Infamous CIA scamster-lawyer Charles Keating represented Lindner in Cincinnati. Then Keating quit his law firm and went to work for Lindner as Executive Vice President of American Financial. In 1976 Keating moved to Phoenix to take over Lindner’s home building company American Continental Homes. Keating bought the company and changed the name to American Continental Homes.

Continuing the trail of the money laundering story, Webb says that "it went directly from William Kennedy, the other Rose Law Firm partner (nobody talks about) who’s in prison for 24 years in Lompoc Penitentiary in California. He laundered the money on behalf of Rose Law Firm through M&L Business Machines in Denver, which was a cutout for Leonard Millman. M&L ended up in trouble. Because they had so many loans out from Capital Fed in Aurora, Colorado, Capital Fed itself collapsed. "Besides laundering M&L money for Rose Law Firm, William Kennedy was also involved with the blackmail of public officials and payoffs through Boulder Properties, including U.S. Attorney Mike Norton."

How Corporate Government Criminals work Together

And what was the transfer mechanism to pay off Norton? "There was an attorney from Boulder, Colorado called Tom Berg," explains Webb. "He was also the one who laundered the money for a guy by the name of Macy-of Macy’s Department Store-at the time when Mr. Macy was under bankruptcy. In order to bleed Macy’s Department Store and make it look legit, they made it look like they kept paying millions in attorney fees. That’s how Macy himself drained his own company.

"Norton was paid off through artificial M&L front accounts, continues Webb. In other words, they would put money in an artificial name into investor accounts with M&L. Then they would shove the money overseas. They were setting up offshore trusts and laundering it through the Bahamas, then over to the Isle of Jersey.

"The M&L Business Machines corporate attorney was Norman Brownstein. M&L laundered money for U.S. Attorney Norton, who actually had me under a false warrant," Webb continued. "He also laundered the money for Bob Pence, former special agent in charge of the FBI, who covered up for them in the 1970s-1980s. He was the guy who was running the covert operation for the CIA to get me arrested.

"They laundered the money of Charles Keating and Lincoln Savings into M&L and then into an account for M&L called Realty Holdings, Inc.-Real Property Services Corp., in Denver. Realty Holding, Inc., today owns massive amounts of shopping centers all across the United States, especially in Las Vegas, Colorado and the West Coast. Bribes were also paid to public officials to hide their identities. Real Corp Realty, they called it.

"There are two components-Rose Law Firm launders the drug money into M&L, while they were paying public officials," said Webb. "At the time the Attorney General for the State of Colorado, Gail Norton covered it up. (Other corrupt deals like) the Denver Airport and Silverado and all that stuff was in the limelight. Gail Norton was covering it up because one of her assistants at the AG’s office told me that she was rewriting the reports. They even came up with the idea how Gail Norton got paid. She was resistant to them in the beginning.

"The way they got her? Mike Norton kept telling her she’d better play ball. They got legislation passed to allow four attorneys to be put on the payroll. She was getting salaries of four nonexistent attorneys supposedly working in the basement. The checks got delivered to M&L in an account for Gail Norton."

"When she left, Gail Norton went to work for the Brownstein law firm," says Webb. "And one of Brownstein’s attorneys became the U.S. Attorney Tom Strickland. The typical revolving door scenario. "Also, they laundered the money for the FBI agent protecting them, Bob Pence, U.S. Attorney Mike Norton, and Colorado Attorney Gail Norton (no relation), They also laundered

"They laundered the money for the FBI agent protecting them, Bob Pence, U.S. Attorney Mike Norton and Colorado Attorney General Gail Norton. They also laundered money for local district attorneys, as well as DAs and U.S. Attorneys out of Phoenix. "

money for local district attorneys, as well as DAs and U.S. Attorneys out of Phoenix. "They laundered the bribes for an SEC attorney named Joseph Dougherty. He was a contract attorney from Philadelphia who was supposed to go after "The Boys’ and investigate Charles Keating. Dougherty delivered cash to M&L on behalf of Charles Keating to hid the money."

The Boulder Properties Scam

"The Control Files’ means that once they compromise you, they own you for life," explained Webb. "Or they get you jailed." "M&L suddenly ended up in bankruptcy court, while they’re laundering money for ‘The Boys’," says Webb. "All these records were sealed, so nobody could get to them. As a result, William Kennedy ends up in jail. At the same time, they worked the deal against the congressmen and senators they didn’t have under control--special key Committee members such as Chuck Schumer on the Judiciary Committee, who has since become a rabid anti-gun advocate."

According to Webb, the Boulder Properties scam compromised Stephen Solarz, Ron Dellums, David Boren, Bill Alexander and Charles Shumer, among others. "Here’s how they worked the deal against Schumer. The blackmail came through what they called ‘Boulder Properties Ltd.’ This is how they did it.

Whitewater Development had loans at three banks-Madison Savings, Twin Cities Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Beach Federal of Arkansas. Twin Cities Bank was used as a front for the Rose Law Firm. The CIA broke the bank. Before the bank finally went down, there was an operation set up in which the bank was used to send letters to senators and congressmen whom they wanted to target. Letters said that real estate limited partnerships were available. They called them ‘Marine Research and Development Corp.’, Jeb Bush’s front. They told them that ‘You should invest in this deal, that you can make high returns on your money, and get tax breaks and so on with the 1981 Recovery Act.’ Many of these congressmen and senators were foolish enough to do it.

They had cash, and they were looking for tax breaks. They keep getting bombarded by these letters, so they took the chance. "It was a simple $3,000 investment. All of a sudden, their investment went to a $20,000 profit in six to nine months. And that was the bait and switch. All of a sudden they’re getting a $20,000 check on a $3,000 investment. They thought ‘hallelujah,’ this is the greatest thing ever. This is legit. I got huge profits. I got a tax write-off. The whole bit.

"Then all of a sudden, right after they get their check, they get a letter from Twin Cities again. ‘We have another legitimate real estate deal for you to invest in, Boulder Properties Ltd.’ So they all put their money back in to Boulder Properties. Guess who financed Boulder Properties? Silverado Savings and Loan."

Silverado, which later collapsed, was the notorious CIA money laundering front, which had Neil Bush on the Board of Directors as window dressing. And who was the mastermind behind this "Control Files" scam? "Originally it was Secord," says Webb. "He was given the ‘Control

Files’ by George Bush Sr. They told him who needed to be under control that they didn’t have under control, and the ones they had not blackmailed." And why was this so important to the Bush Crime Family? "They (these legislators) were chief (Congressional) Committee members,  involved in congressional investigations having to do with House Banking and from S&Ls or they were key Committee members dealing with (Department of) Justice involving the appointment of prosecutors and so on. Or, they were involved in Housing, where they steal on a constant basis from HUD. Or they were involved with Foreign Affairs-shipping biological and chemical agents (overseas). So they had to have control of them.

"They were planning ahead in case something would happen, they would have control of these congressmen and senators," explained Webb.

"They targeted these legislators. Arkansas Congressman Bill Alexander, who was sucked into this deal, later filed a lawsuit against Twin Cities bank. Alexander also ended up as co-counsel for Terry Reed in his lawsuit against them for guns and drugs. Bill Alexander doesn’t know- and still doesn’t know-how he got sucked in and set up. He just knows he’s got a lawsuit. He knows he was targeted. He knows he was cratered. He had a 28-year record in Congress with an impeccable reputation for being honest. The reason he got cratered was because he was looking at the guns and drugs situation in Arkansas.

"They called it the Alexander Committee. It was a Congressional enquiry in 1990-1991. He took statements under oath from CIA operatives Heinrich Rupp, CIA operative Dick Brenneke, CIA operative Gunther Russbacher, CIA operative Al Martin and others. They testified in these secret inquiries about guns and drugs in Arkansas. And that’s the reason they had to take Bill Alexander out. They had him co-opted with the Boulder Properties scam.

"And here’s how Leonard Millman fits in. Millman and his boys in Denver were in control, since MDC Holdings, Inc., owned Silverado Savings. So Millman threw in a bunch of his old properties-run-down properties he no longer wanted-and bare land, whose value was over-inflated and made it look like it was worth a lot more than it was. They falsified financial statements on junk apartments, HUD properties they stole. Then they falsified financial statements, so it looked like the deal was producing income. They pulled the money out of their bank Silverado in order to make the loan. "They kept the partnerships alive. They had Boulder Properties I, II, III-up to thirteen or fourteen of them. One was designed for Bill Alexander and any-body else who would scream about guns and drugs. One was designed for HUD. One was designed for Banking (committee) members.

"When the time came that Alexander, as an example, started inquiring into the situation, all of a sudden the plug got pulled. The partnership was no longer valid. It was in trouble financially, so each partner had to come up with $10,000 a month each-to meet their obligations. "It was all planned that way. So all of a sudden this guy’s pumping out ten grand a month out of his pocket-that he can’t afford. And that put him into bankruptcy. They used that against him in the election, saying ‘Look, how can this person represent you who’s in bankruptcy personally; how can he even manage the money of the Country?"

"And that’s how they did it. They put him in a financial squeeze," says Webb. According to Webb, they got Schumer through his wife. "Schumer didn’t even do that. He was an attorney and he was going to fight them. You know how they got him? They got his wife a job. Remember the House Post Office scandal? Check kitting. Selling cocaine over the counter. They gave her six months probation. They set her up. And that was the final blow-when Schumer turned on key congressional investigations. That’s the way the game is played-the basic blackmail."

"It was Millman’s personal and other MDC properties they threw into the partnerships. And it was Hillary Clinton’s law firm, the Rose Law Firm, that wrote the original partnerships. They did the original paperwork."

The Bill and Hillary Story

"So you have two known Republicans-Jeb Bush and Neil Bush-along with Democrats-Hillary Clinton and Jackson Stephens- all involved and all in bed together, blackmailing United States Congressman and Senators through Boulder Properties," Webb continues. "You also got Hillary Clinton again, laundering money through the Rose Law Firm (a CIA proprietary operation) the drug money that M & L was laundering and the bribes and payoffs of the people protecting them-United States attorneys, judges, prosecutors, etc. The story of the compromise of Bill and Hillary Clinton should be better know, since the Monopoly Media Cartel has never told the real story. "Bill McCoy was gave me all the details," said Webb.

The late Bill McCoy was a former Army CID investigator who was mysteriously killed in 1997. "They used Clinton as a Vietnam protestor in London. His handler was London CIA Station Chief Cord Meyer. Mary Meyer was his wife. She was killed after she was found to have had an affair with U.S. President John F. Kennedy. That embarrassed Meyer." according to Webb.

Wholesale Government Corruption

"They paid off FBI agents, FDIC inspectors, IRS agents, and they paid of three judges," Webb says, continuing his litany of high crimes and treasonous activities. "Public officials were paid with condos in Vail, Colorado. They controlled U.S. District Judge Sherman Finesilver, who was part of the Shamrock Overseas Disbursement Company. He was paid through Richmond Homes, a division of MDC Holdings, through a United Bank account in Denver. He was paid for construction supplies like plywood and insulation on houses for Richmond that were never delivered. In other words, they made it look like he was paid for items which were delivered, when in fact they weren’t.

"Another Federal Judge- Judge Zita Weinshank got paid through condos given to her in Vail. She was given an MDC transferred property into her name for ten dollars. They also set up artificial names and corporations.

"Federal Judge Nottingham was the same judge they used to control the M&L Business Machines testimony by the president of M&L Business Machines, Robert Joseph. His testimony was that M&L was a huge money laundering operation. That was grand jury testimony which became public record in May 1994.

A reporter with the Rocky Mountain News interviewed Joseph, who told him that M&L was involved in a money laundering, not a check kitting scheme.

"U.S. Attorney Mike Norton was protecting him. He had taken bribes and had laundered his own bribes through M&L investor accounts. He said this wasn’t money laundering, that it was check kitting (the cover story)."

Since then U.S. District Judge Sherman Finsilver has retired. U.S. District Judge Nottingham is still a judge, and Zita Weinshank is still a U.S. District Judge, all from Colorado.

Anatomy of the Bush Crime Family

"Secord was the controller who worked directly for George Bush Sr," explained Webb. "When Secord gave orders, everybody knew they came from George Bush Sr. Stephens was the money guy and financier. Millman was the money launderer. Hillary and the CIA’s Rose Law Firm set things up. Jeb Bush was primarily into the drugs. And Neil Bush was primarily into the money laundering. As an example, Jeb Bush’s partner Ron Morales got busted under the DEA’s Operation Desert Fox, the largest cocaine bust in U.S. history that never hit the news. (1992) They estimated that he had imported over 400,000 tons of cocaine and marijuana in his operation over a period of ten years. They brought it into Colorado. They brought it into West Texas and then it was delivered in about eighteen semi rigs to Colorado. That’s where a lot of the arms were being shipped out of."

Arizona based investigator Brian Quig also figured prominently in exposing the guns for drugs network of the Bush Crime Family. His web site is called or Decentralizing the CIA, a great repository of secret U.S. history of the late 20th Century. "Quig used to be an investigator for the Assassinations Subcommittee," says Stew. "Then he ended up going after Keating and Singlaub.

General John Singlaub, who ran the Mena drug operation, was silently in charge. His office was right across the hall from Charles Keating. And the other guy (in the office) across the hall was Walter Bush, the nephew of George Bush. So Quig was over there digging in the trash and finding notes from the Secret Service being sent to Singlaub."

Criminal Cover-up at the Department of Justice

One of the most notorious albeit successful DoJ cover-up artists is Lee Radek, chief of the ironically named Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division. Radek’s adeptness at stalling Bush/Clinton Crime Family investigations is a matter of public record. His ability to hid government corruption has elevated the art of criminal cover-up to a science.

For instance, when the Landmark Legal Foundation asked for an inquiry into campaign corruption, Radek wrote this weaselly reply- "An inquiry into this matter is already underway within the Defense Department, to which Justice Department will defer until such time that a prosecutive opinion is sought concerning any potential criminal violation."

On Feb. 28, 1997, when U.S. District Judge Falcon Hawkins of South Carolina issued an 86 page order rebuking the Justice Department and the FBI for their phony sting operation, which destroyed the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus and led to the impeachment of former Federal Judge Alcee Hastings, Lee Redek was specifically singled out for censure for what was described as "a pattern of outrageous judicial misconduct" and "appalling and egregious prosecutorial misconduct."

Judge Hawkins called the DoJ corruption "repetitious, flagrant, and longstanding... amounting to a pattern of misconduct." Likewise, other permanent DOJ bureaucrats like John Keeney and Mark Richards have been instrumental in institutionalizing Doj crimes and cover-up. Coincidentally, Mark Richards has recently been reassigned overseas. In a Dec 21, 1997, article called "Public Integrity?" columnist William Safire called for an Independent Counsel to investigate Radek for covering up the Clinton campaign corruption scandals.

Radek even went to court to impede prosecution of high officials under investigation. "Specific information from credible sources- an Independent Counsel and a District Attorney-support a charge that Radek may have violated Section 1505 of the Criminal Code, ‘Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies and committees," wrote Safire. "Section 1505 makes it a felony to try to ‘influence, obstruct or impede the due and proper administration of the law...’"(The Department of) Justice cannot credibly investigate  itself.’"

In other cases of illegal campaign contributions in the 1992 and 1996 elections, the investigation of Jorge Castro Barredo was taken away from prosecutors in the Southern District of Florida by Lee Radek and the Public Integrity Section, so that the statute of limitations would expire. It did, and the case was effectively killed. More evidence of DoJ obstruction of justice includes the Charlie Trie fundraising scandal. According to a Sept. 29, 1999 Washington Time story, "Senate panel to probe FBI’s lost Trie notes" by Jerry Seper, "Justice Department lawyer Laura Ingersoll, who headed the campaign finance probe, blocked their bid for a search warrant to stop the destruction of evidence by Charlie Trie and his assistant. Miss Ingersoll and her boss Lee Redek, head of the department’s Public Integrity Section, refused for four months to allow agents to ask a magistrate for a search warrant after a ‘trash cover’ investigation showed financial business and travel records were being destroyed... Mr. Thompson said he believed Miss Ingersoll had been set up as a ‘fall person’. I don’t think a lot of this necessarily has to do with her. I think she was just doing what she was told by Mr. Radek.’"

Likewise, the investigation into the Buddhist Temple fundraiser, attended by Al Gore where illegal contributions were laundered, was halted when Lee Radek ordered California Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Mansfield to stop his inquiries. Mansfield was told that an independent counsel should handle it. The investigation stalled while the nuns destroyed evidence even while admitting that it was to protect Al Gore. Secrets of the DoJ "God Squad" When an IRS sting got to close to one of The Boys’ money laundering operations, M&L Business Machines in Denver, the DoJ’s Lee Radek reportedly made a secret settlement with Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Phill Winn, Norman Brownstein and others for a whopping one billion dollars, says Stew Webb. Lee Radek and the DoJ’s Public Integrity Section have so much power in obstructing justice and directing (or quashing) "investigations" that it’s referred to as "The God Squad."

Before the Bush Sr. presidency, there was no centralization of federal prosecution. In other words, before a federal case was filed, the FBI would do an investigation and if there was enough evidence, it was sent to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution. The Department of Justice had ten offices in the country with a Federal Racketeering Division, which dealt specifically with these types of cases. Not any more.

Today’s justice system works like this: Before a federal case is filed, the investigative reports go through the local U.S. Attorney’s office which forwards it to Lee Radek’s "God Squad," which then determines whether the case warrants prosecution or not. "Radek is responsible for steering certain investigations into a dead end and otherwise making secret deals with criminals to avoid prosecution," Webb contends.

"Lee Radek and the ‘God Squad’-the Public Integrity section of the Department of Justice-is supposed to be the watchdog." says Webb. "When Janet Reno talks about how she has confidence in the ‘Public Integrity’ Section, that they can handle any prosecution that needs to be done, she means the protection of the corruption in Justice." Of course, the highly publicized INSLAW affair must figure prominently. The DoJ theft of the PROMIS software, a highly advanced interactive database which could track cases and cross-reference them to prosecutors, defendants and attorneys must have been extremely useful in derailing "sensitive" cases. According to Webb, M&L Business Machines, a corporate shell money laundry front for the Denver Connection, had offshore trusts, REITS and other companies to disguise the origin of drug profits and other funds stolen from scams like ongoing HUD mortgage fraud.

MDC Holdings, Inc. which had around $12 billion in assets, was run by Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, and convicted HUD figure Phil Winn, former Ambassador to Switzerland appointed by George Bush Sr. Even CIA asset Eugene Hasenfus, whose plane crashed in Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra era, had paychecks from M&L. Other covert operations were run out of HUD, where financing, enforcement and regulation authority also provided the perfect cover for money laundering.

"Radek came out of the CIA counsel, I believe in 1977 or ’78," continues Webb. "His underling-the Assistant Inspector General was David Mann, who also laundered his bribes through M&L Business Machines. Mann, by the way was U.S. Attorney Mike Norton’s direct boss. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, inventor of the Warren Commission’s goofy Single Bullet Theory ("a single bullet went through President John F. Kennedy, then zigzagged into Texas Governor John Connally, got tired, decided to take a nap, then landed on JFK’s stretcher") has also been linked to these scandals and corrupt activities, says Webb.

"Specter was involved with Mizel and Millman in a company called International Signals and Controls in Scranton, Pennsylvania," he says. "There was a guy by the name of Jacobs& Gerwin, who went to prison because of their Iran-Contra activities. They were shipping missiles and
component parts to Iran and Iraq. And Specter never went to jail. Millman and Mizel had ownership of the company. Webb’s Quest for Justice
In a letter dated Nov 30, 1999, Whistleblower Stew Webb wrote Congressman Dan Burton offering to testify regarding the epidemic corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

This letter states that "on several occasions since 1998, Mr. Al Martin, Retired Lieutenant Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence, who was initially responsible for exposing Iran-Contra, and I talked to you and your aides. "Our conversation encompassed illegal importation of drugs, illegal shipment of military weapons, Whitewater, Kenneth Star and the corrupt FBI investigators. Our conversation involved the narcotics money laundering and manipulating the U.S. Department of Justice settlements with Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, CIA Counsel Norman Brownstein, Phillip Winn, Frederico Pena and others involving the Denver Connection.

"Since May 17, 1999 there has been a second request by me with U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch for a Grand Jury (Case Number 95-Y-107) filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, Criminal Division, originally filed Feb. 25 1995. This Grand Jury request states Oliver North, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, George Bush Jr., Hillary Clinton. George Bush Sr., Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, convicted HUD figure Phillip Winn and others stole over one trillion U.S. dollars from the U.S. Treasury and investors and established the guns for drugs network.

"I have proof of payoffs to federal judges, prosecutors and FBI agents in the Denver district. I have more than 200 key witnesses who are
CIA-Shadow government agents, federal whistleblowers, former prosecutors, former DEA and FBI agents and others who were framed and jailed by this ongoing CIA ‘Enterprise.’ A am being stonewalled by Judge Matsch. The purpose of this letter is to request hearings as to why requests are being ignored. I also have information about government knowledge in advance of the Oklahoma City bombing and the CIA involvement in the bombing.

Stewart Webb."

To date, he has not received a reply. Webb’s allegations are serious, and they require an accounting. Secret slush funds from cocaine profits, S&L scams and HUD financial fraud have been used to compromise judges, prosecutors and federal officials while the Government-Media Cartel has maintained total silence. World-Class Criminals Rule If the Bush Crime Family has infiltrated and subverted the federal government to this extent, then the legitimacy of the State itself falls into question. Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Russell S. Bowen in his book The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed (1991) wrote that "scandalous intrigues, outright deceptions and downright lying have been the continuing modus operandi of the Bush clan.

They have an unmatched and unprecedented history of self aggrandizement. They have dimmed the dream of their country. That will be their dubious legacy..." And now that George Bush Jr. is grasping for the ultimate prize, this "Super Program" of organized crime is positioned to move to the next phase. In essence, the Family That Preys Together Gets the White House. And more. Unchecked, unprosecuted and unconvicted-the rise of the Bush Crime Family marks the beginning of a New Age of Global Caesarism. This real-life criminal conspiracy is the consolidated piracy of the New World Order itself. Its prophet, George Herbert Walker Bush, declared the New World Order as a rational for his criminal military
action during the Persian Gulf War. None dare call it Global Fascism, but this overworld mega-corporation oligopoly working with underworld organized crime syndicates is the defacto Ruling Class of Planet Earth. It still remains the greatest threat to freedom.


Stew Webb

Federal Whistleblower (18 years of service to America)

PO Box 31052 Las Vegas, NV. 89173


S&L whistle-blower faces federal charges


Houston ChronicleSeptember 18, 1992

A man said to have been an instrumental source in unraveling the savings and loan crisis was in Harris County Jail Monday on federal charges of making threatening interstate telephone calls.

Stewart Anthony Webb 38, allegedly made calls to his former father-in-law, wealthy Denver businessman Leonard Millman. Webb contends the FBI unjustly acted because of pressure from Millman, but a spokesman for the agency’s Denver office denied any government impropriety.

Jonathan C, Beaty, a senior correspondent for Time magazine, wrote a letter in support of Webb. "The news articles that Mr. Webb contributed to exposed a pattern of illicit political influence in Denver and led to the indictments, and subsequent convictions, of several businessmen," said Beaty’s  letter placed in court records.

Webb, who had lived in Houston for a year before his recent arrest, is expected to be returned to Colorado for trial. H. Michael Sokolow, a public defender, wrote in an emergency appeal to reduce Webb’s $ 50,000 bond that Webb provided information to Congress pertaining to the late 1980’s influence peddling scandal in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Webb, a construction contractor by trade, also provided information to lawyers and investigators in the failure of Lincoln and Silverado savings and loans, Sokolow said. "Mr. Webb," he wrote, "is a political whistle-blower on fraud on  the highest levels of federal institutions." Webb claims tape-recorded conversations between him and Millman, on which the FBI based its charges, were made during a child custody dispute in the mid-1980s. An FBI affidavit said the conversations were made from Independence, Mo., to Denver from 1987 to 1991.

Political Prisoner Case number 92-C-R-356

False Warrant Sept. 18, 1990

False Arrested Sept. 16, 1992

Released July 20, 1993

Charges dismissed with prejudice Aug. 20, 1993

By Federal Judge Richard Matsch US District Court Denver, Colorado