Letter to Amanda Millman Feb. 2009 


Stewart Webb

Federal Whistleblower

P.O. Box 3061 Independence, MO. 64055





Jan. 11, 2004

Updated February 2009

Dear Amanda,

I am writing this letter to you, with the hope that we may talk and soon may possible see one another.

For 19 1/2 (now nearly 27) years I have loved you with all my heart, you are my only Child.

I know this letter probably comes as a shock and a surprise, it is the hardest letter I have ever written in my entire life, I did not find you until recently. 

Aug 11, 1984 your mother Kerre Millman-Webb disappeared with you, you were only 28 days old. 

I last saw you December 1984, to this day I carry the last picture I ever had of you, in my wallet. 

19 1/2 years ago (Aug 11, 1984) when you were taken from me my heart was cut out, diced, sliced, and stomped on, I never got it repaired.

I tried everything within my power to establish a relationship with you, I wanted to be your Father/Dad, your friend, bring you up, teach you, Love you, care for you, support you, bring you up in the Lord-Jesus and be there for you. 

Your mother Kerre tried to kill you and I, on Aug 10, 1984, the Carrollton, Texas Police and the Texas Child Welfare made an agreement with your mother Kerre Millman-Webb to do a Psychiatric Evaluation within 7 days or she would have been arrested for assault on me and attempted murder on you Amanda.  The next day she disappeared with you from Dallas, Texas and ran to Denver, Colorado to her Abusers Leonard and Elaine Millman who lied to Dallas County Sheriff's of your whereabouts.

I had already taken Kerre Millman Webb your mother to 3 Psychiatrists and Psychologist for her abusive and abnormal behavior during here pregnancy with you due her child abuse now adult syndrome as a result of her abuse she suffered from Leonard and Elaine Millman your Luciferan Worshiping Grandparents.

Your Mother Kerre's first Husband also took her to 3 shrinks because of her abnormal abusive behavior before he Divorced her after she threw a knife at him, she meet and dated him while she was attending College at Stephens in Columbia, Missouri Norm attended the University of Missouri.

As of August 2007 I have learned your mother now has been married 2 additional times since our illegal Divorce in 1985 this is 4 marriages Kerre Millman has destroyed due to he abnormal abusive behavior, each one ended in massive violence on Kerre Millman's part.

On August 12, 1984 a Mental Disturbance Warrant # 84-2107-MI By Judge Ashmore Room 101 Criminal Division Dallas, Texas was issued for your mothers arrest for disappearing from Carrollton, Texas with you after being ordered and agreed to the above psychiatric evaluation.

Six day after your disappearance I received Divorce papers with a first hearing in late August 1984.

Late August 1984 your mother Kerre Millman-Webb showed up at the Divorce hearing in which Dallas County Sheriffs with warrants for her arrest for her mental disturbance warrant. The Sheriffs were told by Criminal Dallas County Judge Linda Thomas that the warrants we dropped, when in fact they were not and the warrants did not expire for six months.

This was pure Obstruction Of Justice by Dallas County Judge Linda Thomas. 

A Illegal Termination of Parental Rights occurred in Dallas Divorce Court in July 1985 a default Judgment after your Grandfather Leonard Millman gave an illegal Loan to Dallas Judge Linda Thomas a known Lesbian the loan of $75,000.00 for her election campaign. In 2005 I found out she never repaid the loan to Millman Dallas Bank an illegal Bribe to terminate my Parental rights.

My attorney told me 1-2 months prior I would spend a Million Dollars and never have a relationship with you Amanda my only child and that I did not know who I was up against and that he was going to withdraw from the case for fear of his life.

I have so much evidence of Leonard Millman Bribing and Blackmailing Public Officials, Judges, Prosecutors, U.S. Attorneys, Federal Judges, Congressman and Senators. In 1997 under a Grand Jury Indictment and Secret settlement in Denver Federal Court you Grandfather Leonard Millman and his partners Larry Mizel, Norman Brownstein, Former Mayor Fredrico Pena and others agreed to a secret Justice Department settlement over Bribes and Payoff of Judges, U.S. Attorneys, FBI Agents, and Pena himself over his vote for the Denver International Airport Scandal. Fredrico Pena then Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton has to resign. The total fines were between $80-$100 Million involving M&L Business Machines Company of Denver that Failed in 1990-1991 which was an Iran-Contra Millman Narcotics Money Laundering tied to George H. W. Bush, Col. Oliver North, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the Mena, Arkansas Narcotics Importation into the USA i.e. Iran-Contra.

In 1991 after trying to find you for 7 years, I made contact with your mother Sept. 1991 and she admitted on a telephone taped recording to the attempted murder of you and the Obstruction Of Justice that occurred in Dallas Texas. This was the first time since Aug 1984 I was aware of your and her whereabouts I have a copy of that one hour recording for you. 

This is an exert from the full one hour tape in this is an admission of attempted murder.

Kerre Millman audio.wav

I also tried to talk with before your mother hung up the telephone you were only 7 years old just 10 minutes before your mothers above admission.

Amanda Melia Webb Sept 2 1991.wav

17 Days later an illegal Federal warrant for my arrest was issued by your Grandfathers Partner in Crime U.S. Attorney Mike Norton. 

M&L Business Machines USAttorney Mike Norton Partial Bribe.htm

The warrant was for harassing terrorist threatening telephone calls. Below are the full and complete tape recorded calls I made in August 1991 after 2 tires on my car were blown out at the same time on a interstate 435 in Kansas City, Missouri. 2 Days later a reporter with ABC news I was working with and exposing Millman and Bush, Danny Caserello was killed. I reported the attempted Murder on my self to the Kansas City FBI who did nothing.

Leonard Millman 24 S&Ls.wav

Leonard Millman Stole 1.2 Trillion.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 1 Aug 1 1991.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 2 Aug 15 1991.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 3 Aug 15 1991.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 4 Aug 19 1991.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 5 Aug 19 1991.wav

Leonard Y. Millman 6 Sept 3 1991.wav

Less than 2 years later an IRS Investigator and Whistleblower I was working with had the same thing happen to her car in the same location, she was exposing the Zero Quad accounts at your Grandfathers Leonard Millman's MDC/Silverado Savings and Loan were Neil Bush was a Director laundering Narcotics Money from Iran Contra and stealing from the U.S. Treasury through the F.D.I.C. 

I wanted to co-parent and get along with your mother Kerre for your sake. Your mother and Grandparents Leonard Millman and Elaine Millman would not allow this to occur. Leonard bought off a Texas divorce Judge (Bribed) to terminate my parental rights, then divorced me from your mother illegally a second time in Denver to insure I could never afford to open the cases.

It would have cost at least 1/2 a million dollars.

The Illegal second Divorce apparently occurred in 1994 in Denver, Colorado County Court that I was unaware of which is under Seal for Life.

I have learned it was Frauds upon the Courts, Perjury, Forgery of my signature, Obstruction of Justice and other illegal Criminal Acts by your mother and the Court. By keeping it under seal for life which I am not allowed to open with a permanent illegal lifetime restraining order against me from contacting you as an adult over 18. It further states I allowed your Mother Kerre Millman to change your name from Amanda Melia Webb to Amanda Melia Millman and stated they bought me off with one and a half million dollars to give you up for life which never happened and is all illegal.

I was in the Home Building and Remodeling Business, and could not afford to play the illegal game.

Shortly after marrying your Mother Kerre in September 1981 my Construction Loans from Banks were cut-off I did not know it was because of your Grandfather Leonard Millman one of the the 100  Knights Templar Bankers whom I never really knew during our marriage, your mother wanted nothing to do with her parents your Grandparents and this pattern happened each of the 4 times she has been married.

I began investigating the background of your Grandfather Leonard Millman, what I uncovered was the most notorious criminal acts in the history of the world, perpetrated by Leonard, George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Philip Winn, Norman Brownstein, Allen Karsh and others.

I went to the FBI for Justice in 1986 over the illegal bribes to keep me from being your father, and raising you.

Secret Document June 1986 SW FBI Report Millman.jpg

I found my self being falsely arrested, jailed, and beaten by the Police on numerous occasions. I spent $50,000 between 1986 and 1991 in defense attorneys, and I was never convicted of the false arrests and charges which Leonard Millman and George Bush Sr. ordered. By 1991 I had spent $52,000 in telephone bills alone, trying to locate you and investigate and jail Leonard for his crimes. And get him out of the way of you and I having a father/daughter relationship. Leonard’s Crimes of not only covering up the attempt upon your life and mine, but stealing from the public, the Government, Narcotics Money Laundering, Narcotics Importations, Iran/Contra, Crimes against Humanity, BCCI, Iraq/Gate, Robbing HUD creating the homeless in America, Blackmailing Congress & Senate, and many other notorious crimes, including murder, and molesting children.

In Sept. 1991 within 2 weeks after contacting your mother, and causing 4 Congressional Investigations and hearing, between 1988-1991, those being HUD 1989, Silverado Savings & Loan, Denver International Airport, and Keating 5 MDC 200 Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering, an illegal arrest warrant was issued by Leonard Millman for so called death threats. No threats were ever made. I have a copy recorded for you of that call, Leonard tried to have me killed 2 weeks prior, and I wanted to get him down on tape about the attempted murder. I hid from the FBI between 1991 and 1992, I came public and did radio Interviews as a guest, and then I was arrested and held for 10 1/2 months as a Political Prisoner and the charges were dismissed with prejudice Aug 1993. This was to silence me because Millman was on his was to Jail with George Bush, Neil Bush Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, Allen Karsh and others, for their crimes. This is the way the game they play worked to silence me, false arrest.

Stew Webb Savings & Loan Whistleblower faces federal charges.jpg

Secret Documents Order of Dismissal Aug 93 92 CR 356.jpg

Stew Webb Psychological Evaluation Mentally Competent May 1993.jpg

Since 1984 I have been illegally arrested over 30 times, they have tried to kill me 16 times to date. Three times this year alone.

I am being hit with Stone-R Technology by E-Systems a Military Contractor out of Mobile Alabama which destroys your immune system.

I have spent literally 1/2 million dollars since 1984.

Amanda, all I ever wanted was to be your father, help raise you, Love you, and be there for you, being your father.

Because of all this crap I am a marked man, there is a hit on me at the current time. 


The Lord almighty GOD-Jesus has keep me alive, for this day that I would make contact with you. I love you with all my heart, and I want to talk with you, see you, and both of us to get to know one another.

I know you most likely have been told by your Mother and Grandparents, that I am a Nut, a Bum, out to harm you and your mother, and all sorts of other lies they have feed you over the years.

I have heard from friends of mine in the CIA that worked with your grandfather what has been feed to you in the way of lies.

I cannot control those lies, but it is time that your know the truth.

Amanda, One thing I have learned in life that there are 2 sides to every story, and that in order to seek the truth, one has to analyze both sides of a story to get to the bottom of the facts and the truth.

I hope you will do this.

I have a website http://www.stewwebb.com on my site is a copy of my current Federal Grand Jury Demand filed in United States District Court Denver Colorado Case number 95-Y-107 filed April, 1995, it states in the filing under the Complaint what has occurred, your name is in the complaint.

Please go and read this on the front page, or go to the left column under Archives Federal Grand Jury Demands.

Grand Jury 95 Y 107 Page 1.jpg







Grand Jury Demand July 1 2003 .html

Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004.html

Also for your understanding, your mother was massively abused as a child by your grandparents Leonard and Elaine Millman.

On the front page of my website are Kerre’s own writings of abuse.

When you study abuse child syndrome now adult syndrome, you will see that the abused have a tendency to please the abusers, this is what your mother has done over and over again with Leonard and Elaine.


And this is why your mother has been married 4 times that I am aware of, she abuses her spouses, I pray she did not abuse you or that you were molested by your Satanist Worshiping Grandfather Leonard Millman the way he molested his 3 daughter and son and passed them around the Satanic Pre-Ritual parties Millman hosted at One Eudora Street in Denver, Colorado that the Bushes attended before going to the Kimball-Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado on the summer and winter Solstices.

Anthony Lavey Interview 08-04-2005 Bushes Satanists.mp3

Satanism Bush Kimball Human Sacrifices.html

This is part of the reason they keep me from you and you from me because of my belief in God and their Devil Worshipping. 

Your grandfather hated me, because I believe in GOD, and because they thought I keep your Mother Kerre from them, when we were married from 1981-1984 she wanted nothing to do with them because of the abuse, as soon as you were born here they came, then your mother freaked out.

There was always a Satanic Control Leonard had over your mother.

Amanda, you are my only child, I have spent 25 years of my life fighting this injustice, All I ever wanted was to be your father and be there for you.

I hope that you will seek my website, take some time to read what I have been through over all of this, and understand that I Love You, and always have and always will.

I desire to see you and get to know you and you get to know me.

Since you are of legal age, there is nothing anyone can do to stop us from knowing one another except illegally arrest me for violation of an illegal Denver County restraining order.

This is up to you.

I regret I married your mother Kerre Millman but I never have regretted giving you life, a Child is a gift from GOD in Heaven.

Your have Grandparents who were there when you were born and have desired to see you for 25 years..

You have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins you have never known who desire to know you.

Amanda I love you and will await your reply, please contact me through



Please forward your telephone number, if you would like me to call you.

I also am aware you were Married in June of 2008 to David I prayed GOD will touch both of your lives and I wish you both the best always.

I Love you

Your Dad

Stew Webb