Donald Trump vs Fake Fox News Megan Kelly


So the highly overrated anchor, , is allowed to constantly say bad things about me on her show, but I can’t fight back? Wrong!-Donald Trump



: Dont worry Trump, They are losing thousands of viewers and money. Roger Ailes will be telling Megyn to stop”

: The media is corrupt! We The People are fighting with you.”

Donald Trump everyone I know and Millions of my listeners and those who visit my website each month all support you Sir and are voting for you as U.S. President and we will fight in the streets if necessary to see you are elected. Clean this mess up when you get there. I know were $100 Trillion of the stole loot from investors and the US Treasury is buried in Real Estate and Corps that can be confiscated.  If the media had not been bought and controlled by this Bush Clinton Millman Mizel Organized Crime Syndicate we would have a fair and balanced reporting of news instead we have paid talking stooges for Organized Crime that need to be charged as con-conspirators for their actions. Megan Kelly is nothing more than an overpaid Bush Crime Family Talking Head Stooge she is not a Journalist.- Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower

Radio Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan 2016-03-20

Donald Trump Declared Threat to National Security by Obama!

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Stew Webb Whistle blower Grand Jury Demand against Hillary Clinton "Still Active" Where is the Justice Department, having Lesbo Demonic Sex with Hillary Clinton?

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The below picture of the attempted murder of Stew Webb October 25, 2010 by two of Hillary Clinton's Assassins. There were two more crashed and attempts one year later.
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Spot Dog is on the loose he loves to eat Illuminati, Zionist, Satanists and Lying Media Political Whores.
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Stew Webb Whistle blower Grand Jury Demand Still Active against Hillary Clinton aka "HildaBeast". Where is the Justice Department having Lesbo Demonic Sex with Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton aka "HildaBeast"

Is this what we want for a President?Is this what we want for a President?
Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton above Barking Like A Female Dog now Spot Dog wants to have hot sex with Hildabeast and HikdaDikes Lesbo Lover Huma Abedine we told the Spot dog his private part will fall off because HildaBeast is a Walking STD

Hillary Clinton Child Rapist
Hillary's America The Movie