Hillary Clinton Assassination Teams Activated


By Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb

It now can be reported that Financial Terrorist Fundraiser for the Bush Clinton Romney Organized Crime Syndicate Nazi Zionist Jew George Soros is behind the FBI Division # 5 agent provocateurs that have disrupted Donald Trump rallies.

Note: Yesterday at the Nancy Reagan funeral Faggot George W. Bush Fraud and Lesbian Hillary Clinton (Rodenhurst not Rodham) had a secret meeting subject the use of Military Drones to assassinate their Political Enemies on U.S. Soil.

It has been reported that a George Soros foundation was indirectly
funding protesters for the riots in Ferguson, MO
Are these sudden “orchestrated” disruptive protesters
in Chicago and St Louis being paid????
I believe it was CNN that attempted last night to interview a young black girl
in Chicago asking why she was protesting the Trump rally
she stuttered and said she couldn’t give her reasons and walked away
perhaps because she had none, just being paid??

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