Obamacare: What happened in America?



During the last days of the government shutdown, just before the default “that never was,” Americans were being told that they would be thrown into concentration camps by President Obama who was preparing to declare martial law.

They were told the stock markets were crashing and the world was coming to an end.

In fact, there were no concentration camps; the markets have been solid though the government spent $24 billion in fees to cover disrupted operations.

The truth about Obamacare
Almost nothing is manufactured in America. This is because healthcare costs under the “bankster monopoly” system of the neocons and Reaganites allowed costs to increase 1200% over 30 years.

At one point, one third of the cost of everything made in America went to insurance companies and unionized doctors. Pharmaceutical companies did their part too. A single aspirin tablet given to a patient in a hospital could cost $60.

Over the last decade, 40% of the families in the US who lost their homes or declared bankruptcy did so, not because of mortgage rates or lost jobs but because of medical bills that weren’t covered by insurance.

Healthcare robbery deindustrialized America and impoverished all but the wealthiest 20% of Americans.

In every instance, average wage-earning Americans will receive more care for less money than before. Those Americans earning below average will, for the first time for many families, actually have access to real health care.

Millions more Americans, denied any insurance because they are either already ill or have risks such as “genetic pre-disposition” to disease, who are denied access to care, those who need it most, will finally have some hope for a healthy and normal life.

The CNN/Trader Joe model
In a recent study done by CNN using the employees of Trader Joes, a popular “high end” food store, who are poorly paid, a comparison was made.

Typical part-time employees make $15,000 per year and pay an average of $169 per month for a medical discount program that is not actually insurance.

Under “Obamacare,” a “bronze” policy, equal to typical insurance for the military or unionized industrial workers, will be billed at $280 per month. However, under the program, Trader Joe employees will receive rebates which pay $220 per month of their premium.

Before Obamacare, they had “discounts” but not insurance for $169 per month. Now they have insurance for $60 per month.

Higher income families receive lower rebates but, typically, family costs are not just lower but half of current rates.

Several large health insurance companies pay back as little as 3% of the premiums they collect from policy holders. Those companies will now be sanctioned for their corrupt practices.

There is a long history in the US of state insurance commissions, the only existing oversight authority being controlled by former insurance company attorneys.

America’s healthcare myth
America is known to have the best healthcare in the world. Those who oppose the regulation of the insurance industry love stating this. What they don’t state, however, is that, though outstanding healthcare exists, few can afford it. That will now change.

GOP/Tea Party politicians continually state that anyone who can’t afford health care can simply show up at a hospital and demand care. This is true. You can show up, you can demand care.

However, hospitals aren’t obligated to cure diseases or even attempt to do so. Their legal obligation is to “stabilize” any immediate life-threatening conditions and release the patient.

A poor American will never get a transplant or expensive medicines. Poor Americans with cancer are four times more likely to die than those with health insurance that, prior to Obamacare, generally costs a family over $1400 per month average.

The average wage in Toledo, Ohio, where I live, is $10.50 per hour. Gross pay, before taxes, averages around $1700 per month. After taxes, net pay is around $1280 per month.

For a family with two adults working full time, comprehensive health care costs more than the entire net salary of one working family member.

The Walmart business model
Walmart is the largest employer in the United States. They pay $8.45 per hour and offer no benefits of any kind. Two million of their employees, because their total income for full-time employment is well below the “poverty level,” qualify for Medicaid, a federal program paid for by taxpayers.

This, Walmart, one of the richest and most profitable corporations in the world operates on a business model where their employees are subsidized by taxpayers.

Almost everything in Walmart, with the exception of food, is made in China.
Moreover, Walmart stores have put hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the US into bankruptcy by selling inferior products, using “slave labor” employees at below the cost of responsible small business owners.

Because of Walmart and hundreds of corporations like them, businesses that pay health insurance are bankrupted. Businesses that pay a decent wage are also bankrupted.

This business model has spread across America:
· Pay slave wages
· Sell inferior imported good only
· Subsidize employee wages with food stamps, Medicaid and welfare
· Bankrupt and destroy all competitors

Thus, using the Walmart model, those who shop at the world’s largest retail chain are rapidly eliminating all competition, sending millions of jobs overseas and guarantees generations of poverty to minimum wage workers while every member of the Walton family is a billionaire and more.

It gets better. Walmart believes they are paying too much at $8.45 per hour and spend millions each year supporting GOP/Tea Party politicians who want to roll back or totally eliminate the minimum wage.

Walmart’s other major expense is “Social security,” the government pension system put in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

During the recent government shutdown, one of the demands made was to cut back Social Security, which, since America’s pension systems collapse under Bush era corruption, is the only retirement income for over 70% of Americans over 65 years old.

Of course, millions of Americans now work into their 80s and now die on the job, often surviving on canned pet food.

Phony economics
Obamacare forces all businesses to offer insurance coverage. This ends the predatory cycle that has pushed manufacturing overseas and given huge advantages to chain stores that own factories in China where small children assemble consumer goods for pennies a day.

Where many phony “pundits” claim small businesses will suffer, Obamacare not only levels the playing field for them, in truth, many small business owners, themselves, were forced to give up their own health insurance.

The abandoned homes across America are not those owned by unemployed “African Americans” or “Muslim immigrants.” Small business owners, borrowing to keep their companies alive, lost millions of homes, including one I can see from my front door every time I go outside.

Gangster capitalism
During the 1990s, Americans were told to invest their money in large homes. They were told homes would always go up in value.

One writer at Veterans Today paid $450,000 for his home in 1996. He then finished more area on his home and spent thousands on improvements and landscaping. In 2008, he was told his home was worth $145,000. He owed $250,000 and his home had counted for his entire “net worth” of $200,000 in equity.

In 2008, that equity, his life savings became over $105,000 in debt. This is a typical situation.

The same person had a pension through General Motors, where he had worked as an engineer for 30 years. The money was invested in General Motors’ stocks. However, under the “Bush collapse,” General Motors went bankrupt and that pension earned over 30 years turned to air.

One friend, a local doctor, had saved $4 million dollars in a retirement 401k. After the Bush collapse, his retirement of ease disappeared. His $4 million became $800,000, less money than he owed on his home, which was now also nearly worthless.

Recently, Americans spent nearly $3.5 billion dollars buying guns, mostly assault weapons and ammunition. They did so because the National Rifle Association, a group tied to the GOP and Tea Party told them that the government was outlawing guns.

A typical AR15 rifle in .223 caliber began selling for $3000 dollars. Millions were bought at that price. Last week, now that the “Obama gun scare” is debunked, a friend bought the same rifle for $545.

At one point, 9mm pistol rounds sold for $2 each. People bought more than a billion of them, many burying them in their yards in special containers, believing the government would be searching their homes. Today, the same bullet costs 28 cents.

The arms industry and National Rifle Association reached into the pockets of millions of frightened Americans and stole over $3 billion.

We could go on and on, mortgage fraud, war profiteering, government complicity in drug smuggling or the day-to-day theft that makes Washington DC the most corrupt city on earth.

Were one to read the flurry of “scare tactic” emails or listen to Internet pundits, the defeat of the opponents of Obamacare must seem inexplicable.
Why would the American people support programs that lead to concentration camps, “death panels” and destruction of the economy?

Of course, there is the possibility that these scares, like so many others, were simply made up. Who would do a thing like that?



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