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Uri in the Siani...1948, a year before I was born

Uri in the Sinai…1948, a year before I was born

[ Editors Note: Once again we bring long time ‘all things Israeli’ observer Uri Avnery to you for his thoughts on the major shift going on as the result of the Hassan Rouhani being Iran’s new president. If you missed it, the scaremongers had predicted that the leader would must certainly replace Ahmadinejad with a suitable scary hard liner. They were wrong, as they have been on so many things.

But I was surprised to see Uri pedaling below that old exposed canard that Ahmadinejad that threatened wanting to wipe Israel out. The purposeful mistranslation, a slick Intel psyops which exposed major media involvement when the accurate translation appeared.

It said,  “remove from the sands of time” the racist, apartheid, criminal Zionist regime itself, something that has widespread support around the work, including more that a few Jews, whatever they really are now.

We know through the new DNA work of geneticist like Dr. Eran Elhaik of John Hopkins. Jews are not a genetic group with an ancestral tie to Israel at all, yet most still claim ‘God gave us the land’, including all the atheists. That is one of my favorite historical jokes.

For a peacenick Uri also has a blind spot for Israeli WMD. With all of his insider historical knowledge he seems to regard it is a minor factor in the overall threat equation.  This has always surprise me as the Zios have used the outside bogeyman fear factor as a major control tool in their very fractious society that Uri has described so eloquently so many times.

He also has not had much to say about the long history of proven hype on Iran’s nuke threat, like multiple claims of  “we have to attack now because they are going to have the bomb within a year”. For a guy who gets so much, it mystifies me how he has missed the key roll this has played in defeating the peace he has so long sought.

But alas, we are not all perfect so Uri does not have to be either. He has contributed a great body of work, and we have learned much from it… Jim W. Dean ]


Senior Editor’s Note:  My own take questions Uri further.  He has his own victimization fantasies, his own adherences to half hearted phony “anti-Zionists.”  He is a great writer, one of the best.  However, his vision and personal courage are too close to the anti-war protesters of the 60s and 70′s who would chant at rallys between classes and scurry off untouched by reality.

The first lines of Uri’s article are not just divorced from reality but an attempt to join the old “new left” paradigm, a warm and friendly place for used up intelligence assets.

The stakes of the game have gone up and Uri’s voice has lessened.  You would think that, with age, he might catch that “I am too old to keep backing the same old lies…” attitude.  Gordon Duff


The Real Bomb    … by Uri Avnery


Uri Avnery - Israel's walking history book

Uri Avnery – Israel’s walking history book

YEARS AGO I disclosed one of the biggest secrets about Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was an agent of the Mossad.

Suddenly, all the curious details of his behavior made sense. His public fantasies about the disappearance of Israel. His denial of the Holocaust, which until then had been typical only of a lunatic fringe. His boasting about Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Cui bono? Who had an interest in all this nonsense? There is only one sensible answer: Israel.

His posturing depicted Iran as a state which was both ridiculous and sinister. It justified Israel’s refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention. It diverted attention from Israel’s refusal to discuss the occupation of the Palestinian territories or hold meaningful peace negotiations.

ANY DOUBT that I may have felt about this international scoop has evaporated now. Our political and military leaders almost openly bemoan the demise of Ahmadinejad. Obviously, the Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, decided that I was right and has quietly disposed of this clown.

Worse, he has reaffirmed his deadly enmity to the Zionist Entity by pushing forward a person like Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him.

An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!

Could you imagine anything worse? I AM not joking. This is deadly serious! Even before Rouhani could open his mouth after his election, he was condemned outright by Binyamin Netanyahu.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing! A real anti-Semite! A cheat out to deceive the whole world! A devious politician whose devilish aim is to drive a wedge between Israel and the naive Americans!

This is the real Iranian bomb, far more threatening than the nuclear one that will be built behind the smokescreen of Rouhani’s sweet talk! A nuclear bomb can be deterred by another nuclear bomb. But how do you deter a Rouhani?

Arafat and Uri

Arafat and Uri

Yuval Steinitz, our failed former Minister of Finance and at present responsible for our “strategic thinking” (yes, really!) exclaimed in despair that the world wants to be deceived by Iran. Binyamin Netanyahu called it a “honey trap”.

Commentators who are hand-fed by “official circles” (i.e. the Prime Minister’s Office) proclaim that he is an existential threat. All this before he had uttered a word.

WHEN ROUHANI at long last made his Grand Speech at the UN General Assembly, all the dire forebodings were confirmed.

Where Ahmadinejad had set off a stampede of delegates from the hall, Rouhani packed them in. Diplomats from all over the world were curious about the man. They could have read the speech a few minutes later, but they wanted to see and hear for themselves. Even the US sent officials to be present. No one left. No one, that is, except the Israelis.

The Israeli diplomats were instructed by Netanyahu to leave the hall demonstratively when the Iranian started to speak. That was a stupid gesture. As rational and as effective as a little boy’s tantrum when his favorite toy is taken away.

Stupid, because it painted Israel as a spoiler, at a time when the entire world is seized by an attack of optimism after the recent events in Damascus and Tehran. Stupid, because it proclaims the fact that Israel is at present totally isolated.

BY THE way, did anyone notice that Rouhani was constantly wiping his brow during his half-hour speech? The man was obviously suffering. Did another Mossad agent sneak into the UN maintenance room and shut down the air-conditioning? Or was it just the heavy robes?

I never became a priest, not only because I am an atheist (in common with many priests, I suspect) but also because of this obligation to wear the heavy clothes which all creeds demand. Same goes for diplomats. After all, priests and diplomats are human beings, too! (Many of them, at least.)

ONLY ONE Israeli cabinet member dared to criticize the Israeli exit openly. Ya’ir Lapid. What has come over him? Well, polls show that the rising star is not rising any more. As Minister of Finance he has been compelled to take very unpopular steps.

Since he does not speak about things like the occupation and peace, he is considered shallow. He has almost been pushed aside. His blunt criticism of Netanyahu may bring him back into the center.

Bibi bombs at the UN last year

Bibi bombs at the UN last year

However, he has put his finger on a central fact: that Netanyahu and his crew behave exactly as the Arab diplomats used to do a generation ago. Meaning, they are stuck in the past. They don’t live in the present.

Living in the present needs something politicians are loath to do: thinking again.

Things are changing. Slowly, very slowly, but perceptibly. It is far too early to say much about the Decline of the American Empire, but one does not need a seismograph to perceive some movement in that direction.

The Syrian affair was a good example. Vladimir Putin likes to be photographed in judo poses. In judo, one exploits the momentum of one’s opponent to bring him down. That is exactly what Putin did.

President Obama has painted himself into a corner. He mouthed belligerent threats and could not retreat, though the US public is in no belligerent mood. Putin released him from the dilemma. For a price.

I don’t know if Putin is such an agile player that he pounced on a side remark by John Kerry about Bashar Assad’s chance of relinquishing his chemical weapons. I rather suspect that it was all arranged in advance. Either way, Obama got off the hook and Putin was in the game again.

I have very mixed feelings about Putin. He has done to his Chechen citizens very much what Assad is doing to his Sunni citizens. His treatment of dissidents, such as the Pussy Riot band, is abominable.

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