Israel digging own grave its death very close

Israel digging own grave, its death very close


Watch my debate with yet another Zionist flack:


“If you build a country’s economy on nothing but the military, as Israel has, you are digging your own grave and those who live by the sword, die by the sword and Israel is very close to dying by the sword.”

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance from Wisconsin, to shed more light on Zionist settlers’ protests against the austerity measures implemented by the Tel Aviv regime.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, why does Israel…, it appears to have money when it comes to its sophisticated military but when it comes to social programs, Tel Aviv seems to have problems now, wanting to spend the money on the programs that the people are demanding?

Barrett: Well, I think that you have put your finger on it exactly. Israel has invested in the military industrial security complex. It has put all its chips in that basket, and there is a limit to how far you can build an economy by simply building weapons and technologies for killing and forcibly controlling people.

Now I think that our guest was absolutely right that Israel is indeed one of the most economically unequal societies on earth as reflected in all statistics. And I do not think that there is any disagreement about that. But he is absolutely wrong in denying that Israel is an apartheid state.

Even President Carter, a very middle of the road and moderate political figure, wrote a book called, Peace not Apartheid, pointing out that of course Israel is an apartheid state.

There are ‘Jews only’ roads, ‘Jews only’ neighborhoods; laws saying that, you know, Jews will be paid from all over the world to come to Israel whereas non-Jews have been ethnically cleansed and put in concentration camps.

The Gaza strip is the world’s largest concentration camp. There are concentration camps still in Lebanon, in Jordan, there are Palestinian refugees now numbering more than seven million around the world. These are rightful citizens of Israel-Palestine.

In the 1948, a brutal genocidal ethnic cleansing was perpetrated as the Israeli defense forces, at that time they were a terrorist groups, the Stern Gang and so on, went around murdering people, bayoneting men, women and children, killing thousands, many thousands of people; strafing the boats and caravan as people tried to flee.

This mass murder drove, some say, as many as a million people out of Palestine and those are rightful citizens of the state of Israel-Palestine, they have been ethnically cleansed.

If you are not a Jew in Palestine, or call it occupied Palestine AKA Israel, you are a second class citizen at best.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett you seem to have a comment on what our guest said in London.

Barrett: Well, in a sense he is right. Peace would greatly improve the economy and standards of living for everyone in occupied Palestine.

But the only way to have peace is to have at least a modicum of justice and that means undoing the 1948 genocide and certainly the 1967 war of aggression.

Every country in the world recognizes that the occupied territories do not belong to Israel and that Israel does not have the right to settle even one person on those territories and yet they have settled half a million people there.

So as long as that is going on, obviously there is going to be legitimate resistance. People, who are occupied, legally, under international law have the clear and inarguable right to resist occupation, militarily if necessary.

So yes, we need peace but the only way to peace is through justice.

Press TV: Ok Dr. Barrett sorry for interrupting you but I want to look at, again, this economic aspect of things.

The United States is giving Israel approximately 8.5 million dollars a day in military aid.

I want to talk about a population of just over 7.5 million, it would appear that with that aid and other aids, that that would be more than enough for this entity to sustain itself and not be experiencing this economic pressure.

Why do you think…, what is the bottom reason that you think that Israelis are, actually, now experiencing these austerity measures?

Barrett: Well, this is kind of a paradox, is it not?

As you said the US is giving seven million plus, a day to Israel. That is actually a low estimate. It does not count all kinds of hidden subsidies.

If you actually add up everything that US is spending on Israel, as a Christian Science Monitor article did several years ago, they found that the US taxpayer has subsidized Israel to a total of well over a trillion dollars, probably close to two trillion dollars.

The US is throwing tidal waves of money at this last settler colonial state in the world. The others: South Africa and French Algeria and British Rhodesia, have all been dismantled but we have got one last settler colonial state in the world, and US taxpayers propping it up. For the details on that go to:

So why can’t Israel manage to have a prosperous economy when it is being massively subsidized by the American taxpayers?

Well, I think it is again because they are focusing entirely on the military and security end of things and military spending kills economies.

There is a great website called: that shows that, actually, every dollar spent on the military is vastly worse for the economy than even just spending that dollar by having people dig holes and fill them up again would be, because military spending has a long list of negative economic effects.

So if you build a country’s economy on nothing but the military, as Israel has, you are digging your own grave. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword and Israel is very close to dying by the sword.

Press TV: What about that Dr. Barrett? Israel is no different from any other country in the world experiencing these economic downturns?

Barrett: Well, this is actually quite humorous to hear the guest saying that it is a two-way street, that the US is getting back something from Israel, though he cannot say what.

Well, yeah we are getting a lot of cheap Chinese artwork sold by Mossad agents, who come over here and pose as art students.

We know that before 9/11, 200 Mossad agents were over here tracking the alleged 19 hijackers’ every move. They were caught celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center. They were identified as Mossad agents, and sent back to Israel. They confessed on Israeli TV that they were sent to New York to “document the event”.

So yes, here in America we are getting something for that trillion plus dollars that we have given to Israel.

We are getting the World Trade Center blown up in order to create an Israeli-style security state here and to destroy our constitution, to be a basically an occupied country.

The US is an Israeli occupied territory right now post 9/11. September 11th was plotted by Project for the New American Century and the neo-conservatives to turn America to war against Israel’s enemies forever.

That is what we are getting for the trillion dollars we have handed to Israel: attacks on America.

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