Syrias failure to lose

Syria’s failure to lose


Syria has surprised everyone. They were supposed to have collapsed long ago. They didn’t, far from it. There is every indication that the Syrian government is winning what really isn’t a civil war.

Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and “others” have brought the dregs of the terrorist and criminal world into Syria and “delegitimized” moves against the government, which had once been based on real sectarian and political differences.

We now have Israeli artillery, one American nuclear “bunker-buster” and even Israeli vehicles as evidence that this is an aggression and not another “Arab Spring.”

Thus far, three Turkish F 16s and, we are told, one Israeli, have been shot down.

There is also undeniable proof, in the form of videos, that rebel forces include units involved in unspeakable acts against Syrian civilians.


As Syria has done more than simply “hold on,” Russia has become emboldened. In his recent Press TV article, Jim W. Dean outlines the “game changing aspect” of the re-emergence of Russia as a naval power in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What is important is that America has “taken its eye off the ball.” America’s hyper-focus on Iran and the Persian Gulf has led to a drawdown of American capabilities in the Mediterranean, once considered “an American lake.”

America has pulled back from the Mediterranean, chasing oil and power, chasing globalist dreams in the Indian Ocean. Its bases, Crete, the proposed fueling depot at Port Said, the secret airbase outside Mogadishu, all abandoned.
The “neocon nightmare,” Israel as America’s “aircraft carrier” in the Middle East, or America’s “junk-yard dog,” is a policy the Obama administration now openly admits is an utter failure. That policy allowed “the tail,” Israel, to “wag the dog,” the United States, pushing America into wars intent on empowering the Likudists as rulers of that “greater Israel” they dream of.

“Greater Israel” would be paid for by three trillion US taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives lost, hundreds of thousands damaged and a world facing economic ruin and world war.


The dream of “Greater Israel,” allowing “the tail” to “wag the dog,” has been fostered by a multi-faceted attack on every aspect of America. America has been “propagandized” into self-hatred, class warfare and sectarian strife.

America has been inundated with cultural meltdown, rampant unemployment, poverty, and broad acceptance of totalitarianism and injustice as a requirement for security.

The American people are now continually reminded of the threat through carefully orchestrated false flag terror attacks, now so blatant that none can miss the intended message.


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