Israeli riddled FBI uses proxy information to blame Muslims for Boston terror

Israeli-riddled FBI uses proxy information to blame Muslims for Boston terror

By Gordon Duff

Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a hail of gunfire Thurs night. His wounded nineteen year old brother Dzhokhar eluded hundreds of police, FBI and ATF agents by hiding in a backyard boat all day while slowly bleeding to death.

When curfew was lifted and the homeowner went out to check on his beloved boat, he spotted blood on the ladder and a ‘body’ inside. What could have been the end of key part of this story with his death, may have found a new beginning.

We had been praying for a live capture to have some chance of learning what really happened and why there have been so many disturbing aspects to the whole tragedy. Not the least of these is how a major event like this with a fortune being spent on security could allow two kettle bombs to be walked in and planted.

Let us pick up the story from Thursday when the FBI finally released their main suspect photos. This produced an ID on them in seven hours. After seeing their faces on TV and the Internet it was time for the brothers to get out of town. The expected shoot out was inevitable and quite violent Thursday evening.

The owner of a carjacked Mercedes was miraculously released by the brothers thirty minutes afterward, and is the luckiest man to be alive in Boston today. Media reports claim the brothers told the owner they had done the bombing, but he mysteriously was absent from the airwaves today despite his story being an obvious huge audience draw. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?

The MIT police officer shot to death inside of his car was less fortunate. But could his death have been avoided through better police work? And I ask this not to be cruel, but for a good reason.

The internet media was flooded on Monday with the high resolution photos showing many among the finish line crowd wearing large backpacks which could have concealed kettle bombs. The Intel support community was expecting a request of the public to help identify the innocent backpackers to quickly narrow down the perpetrator target list for DHS to concentrate on.

Many felt that this could have shaved a day or two off identifying the brothers, catching them sooner and maybe having two live witnesses to help us dig down to the truth of what happened.

Witnesses monitoring the police radio traffic reported what was described as a Hollywood movie style car chase through Boston that ended up in the community of Watertown. Resident Andrew Kitzenberg reported seeing two men engaging police in ”constant gunfire” at a police SUV driving toward them, and then the throwing of a bomb that only went twenty yards.

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